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Our Trip to Nevada by originalbadgirl

My fiance surprised me with a vacation. He said he wanted to take me to Nevada to meet his friends. When we got to our destination, Tom said that he’d always wanted to see me fuck another man. In a strange way I was turned on by it, but I told him it wasn’t anything I wanted to really explore. He told me he had a lot of surprises for me and chuckled. It had been a long trip and I told him that I wanted to take a bath and freshen up. Tom smiled and told me to take my time.

I drew my bath and got into the steamy hot tub. As I lay there with my eyes closed, I thought about what he said. I found my hand had unconsciously gone to my throbbing pussy, my nipples got hard as I rubbed my clit. I fingered my pussy until I came. I got out and went to the bedroom. Tom was just hanging up the phone. He told me that he had some friends coming over, but they would be a while and he wanted to get a little before they got there. I smiled and got down on my knees and began to suck his cock. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock and down to his balls, then I sucked his hard cock until he came in my mouth. He laughed and threw me to the bed playfully. He started to finger my soaking wet pussy, realizing that I didn’t need the foreplay, he slid his solid 8 inches of meat into my hot pussy. As he was sliding in and out of me I heard a click and the door opened. I completely freaked out. Tom didn’t even seem to notice. “what the fuck is going on?” I yelled. “shhhh, it’s okay” Tom said, driving his cock deep into me. “I told you about my fantasies, and if you want to be my wife, I’ll expect you to honor them.”

I was scared and excited at the same time as I looked around the room and saw six strange men. They were all clean cut guys, not something you’d ever expect from this bunch. Tom was slamming my pussy now, I was coming so hard when he came inside of me. When he pulled out he said “Babe these are the guys I played ball with in college, Guys this is Angelina. Ang, this is not the first time the guys and I have done this and I’m sure it won’t be the last. We’ve all fucked each others fiances who have eventually either left us or become our wives. This is your test, if you pass it, we can go get married tomorrow, if you want.

I really love Tom and I figured fuck it, literally. His first friend carefully spread my legs and put his head between my legs, licking my cum soaked pussy. Another came to my face and placed his hard cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and began sucking his large cock. My hips began to buck against the tongue in my pussy and I sucked harder and faster. I could feel his cock slamming into the back of my throat almost gagging me as he fucked my face. I started to have an orgasm as the guys cum shot down my throat in large blasts. I could hear Tom laughing and telling them I was the best thing he’d ever been with. Another friend replaced the cock I had been sucking and the other guy was now fucking my pussy frantically. His cock was small but hell he knew how to use it. As he fucked me, I realized I was really enjoying this and it was something I think I had always secretly fantasized about but never ever thought it would happen.

As all this was happening Guy #3 was cumming all over, as was the guy in my insanely wet pussy. Billy, who was Tom’s best friend was next. He pinched my nipples, making me winch. Then he ran his hand over my stomach to my soaked pussy. He inserted a finger, then adding them one at a time, my body bucked against his hand and the exciting pain it brought. “she fucking likes it Tom. What a little hellcat. He wants the fist. Whaddya think?”

“Hey if she wants it, let her have it.” I couldn’t believe my fiance was saying this. I didn’t want it, but I did. I wanted him to do something I had never had before. I was scared and excited. I spread my legs open,then Tom and Greg were grabbing my thighs opening me up wide for Billy. As he worked his fingers into my pussy I could hear it slurp. I was so embarrassed. My pussy had always been tight and now I felt like I had a huge sloppy cunt. I tried to close my legs but they wouldn’t let me. Then, I felt a searing burn in my pussy, but I was coming at the same time. What the fuck was my body doing to me… betraying me. I was enjoying this pain. What was wrong with me? Billy’s entire fist was in my canal, moving up and down rhythmically fucking me. I came over and over again for 20 minutes, then he popped his had out. “now, your ready for my cock.” Billy had a monster cock. It was at least 11″ long by 2.5″ I could feel the huge head of his cock against my swollen pussy. “please stop, even for a little while” I begged them. “nah, don’t think so princess, not unless you, ah… don’t want to get married” Billy said pulling his cock away. “never mind” I said quietly. Billy told me to change positions to doggy style. I did as I was told. I could feel him probing my pussy. “Tom man, her cunt is hot, it almost went back to where it was before I fisted her. Fuck, I guess I’ll have to fix that.” They all laughed. In one long hard push he entered my bruised pussy. I came instantly. I was in my fucking glory. I bucked against his cock betraying myself to a room full of men. That I enjoyed all of it. I was admitting that I was a whore. Then Greg put his cock to my face and I opened my mouth accepting it. Wanting it. Deciding that if they wanted a whore, I’d give them one. I sucked his cock until he blew his load all over my face. They all took turns getting their dicks sucked and coming, some in my mouth, some not, all while Billy was slamming into my hot dripping pussy. When Billy came it was amazing, I could feel him bottoming out at my cervix. He laughed as he came. This followed by all of the guys taking turns fucking my pussy and my face. Tom said he wanted it cowgirl style. I obeyed and straddled him. The small guys name was Kyle. He had moved in behind me and said “ever had two cocks in your pussy at the same time?”

“no, actually until tonight, I had only fucked Tom and 1 other guy.”

“well, I guess your in for a new experience” as he gently pushed his way between my ass cheeks, sliding his way down and into my pussy with Tom’s cock. “stay still, we’ll move until you get the groove” They pumped me together. I came, and I started to move with them in time, moaning, until Greg put his cock to my lips. I gobbled his cock greedily. I wanted to be fucked and used. It felt good to have no inhibitions. I agreed to anything they wanted. Then I felt it… Kyle slid out of my pussy and toward my virgin asshole. I tried to cry out but Greg was in my mouth. Kyle probed my hole and without warning slid his cock into it. I, of course, came. When they had all come, I was passed over to Billy, Sam and Ron. Sam had a cock that was as round as Billy’s but not as long. I loved it as he pounded my pussy. Ron took bat at my ass. He was about Tom’s size not small by any means but not monster either. He eased himself in slowly at first, then he began to pump me. I felt him blow his hot spunk in my as spurt after spurt, and withdraw as Billy came down my throat. Sam came and rolled me onto my back. Telling Billy to finish it…He lifted my ankles up around his neck, lifting my pussy to his cock, he fucked me for what seemed like an eternity and blew his load all over my pussy lips and slit, I could feel it dripping down the crack of my ass. “Now, I’m gonna get some real pleasure princess. I liked your pussy, but it can’t hold the snake, your little asshole’s been primed up for Tom now and I can slap my balls against your cunt now.” Billy said. I begged him not to, and I struggled against him. Ron and Greg held me down as Tom stuck his cock in my mouth. Billy probed my ass and started to enter it. I screamed against Tom’s cock, but it was no use. Billy kept going. Tears were streaming down my face with the pain that accompanied. Suddenly, my ass contracted then allowed him in farther and farther. I could feel his balls against my skin and was amazed. He rhythmically fucked my ass as my fiance fucked my face. I came hard, the orgasms wouldn’t subside, I eventually passed out, being held down and fucked at both ends. I woke up to Tom washing me in the bathtub. My body was ravaged, my spirit was broken. Why would he want to marry me now, now that he knew I was a used up whore?! Why was he smiling at me?! “you’re beautiful baby” he said softly.


“I love you more now than ever, you proved that you loved me and would do anything for me”

“I love you Tom, but how can you want me now?”

“Because you are the only one that has passed that entire test for me. Will you still marry me?”

“I will. I love you with all my heart”

“Billy brought you a gift this morning while you were sleeping. He said you were the only one to ever take his entire cock.”

“Oh? What about his wife?”

“Let’s not go there. He bought your dress, let’s get you out of here and go take our vows” When we got married that afternoon, all the guys were there, along with their wives. We all exchanged knowing looks. And then we had our reception….

– The End –

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