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Park Action – Dirty Sex Tales

It was early evening Mark was walking through the local park when he saw Cindy who at 16 was a couple of years older than what he was, Mark knew Cindy was a tough loud mouthed bitch, she was with her 17 year old boy friend Steve who was a right thug and well feared, Mark knew if Steve saw him he would get a kicking because of him being a peeping tom, Mark moved towards the shelter of the trees from where he saw Steve and Cindy stop then start snogging, as he watched Mark saw Cindy put her hand inside Steve’s joggers then she pulled the front of Steve’s joggers down and Mark saw Steve’s hard dick appeared, then Steve raised Cindy’s skirt Mark looked on wide eyed as he saw Cindy’s bare bum, Mark watched the scene unfolding just a few yards away Cindy turned and stood back to Steve and when Steve pulled Cindy’s hoodie up and over her head then right off Mark could hardly believe his eyes Cindy was now topless her boobs on full view, Cindy bent forward and soon her boobs started swinging, Mark realised Steve was screwing her from behind, after about five minutes Cindy was still and up straight with Steve stood back from her he was tying his joggers up the pair snogged again then Steve walked off leaving Cindy on her own, after a minute Cindy  picked up her hoodie and walked towards Mark, Mark hid back behind a tree, Cindy stop a short distance from where Mark was looked towards him and said ” come out I know you been watching me getting my bum fucked so you may as well come out” Mark cautiously went out, Cindy dropped her hoodie on the ground giving Mark a clearer view of her naked boobs, she said” bet never thought you would see this” Mark smiled, Cindy then told Mark he likes to fuck my bum leaves me horny unzipped the side of her skirt let it drop to the ground she stood there naked, Mark could not believe his eyes and when Cindy said you want to fuck me, Mark thought he was dreaming, he looked at Cindy and said ” oh yes please” stepped forward and cupped Cindy’s boob gently rubbing them, Cindy lay on the ground spread her legs looked up at Mark and said ” come on then fuck me” Mark lowered his joggers Cindy saw Mark’s 8 inch erection said        ” fucking hell that is bigger than Steve’s” Mark knelt between Cindy’s legs bent forward and slid his throbbing dick into Cindy’s love tube and pushed in as deep as he could the started thrusting away after a few deep inward thrusts Cindy said ” oh yeah keep fucking me” after a couple of minutes Cindy groaned as she climaxed Mark carried on thrusting away, after 10 minutes Mark was squirting his cum over the grass. He stood watched Cindy dress he then walked home. Next day Mark was in his room when his mum came in and told him there was a girl to help him with his home work and Cindy pushed in saying hi, after Marks mum had left, Cindy removed her top stood with her bare boobs out as she undid her jeans she said ” it’s me that needs help.

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