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Part Time Job by Bobbie

My husband and I have been married for sixteen years and have two daughters, 15 & 13. Our sex life has gotten pretty stale and I am bored. I told my husband, Jim, that I was going to try and get a part-time job in an office to have a little spending money of my own and to get out every day and start to live.

I spent two weeks looking and interviewing for a job until I found the perfect fit. A representative for several large electronic companies needed a part-time secretary/clerk to help them in a four-man office. The four men were in their late thirties or early forties and I, at 38, fit right in. They mostly were out of the office all day visiting clients or taking men from the companies they represented around to various clients. I work from nine to three and get paid $15/hour, tax-free. I love the money and getting out every day.

One day two of the guys, Bob and Pete, won a big order and asked me to join them for their victory lunch. We started off with a magnum of champagne and in an hour had drunk another three. We were all feeling pretty good and being very loose-mouthed, began to moan about our mates shortcomings. When I told them that I needed “it” every day and only got “it” once every two weeks, they complained that their wives did the same thing to them. With that we all got up to drive back to the office. I got in the front seat between the two men and Pete, who was not driving leaned over and kissed me. When I responded by opening my mouth, he put his right hand on by boobs and kissed me for a long time. Meanwhile, Bob took all this in and started to rub my knees and quickly ran his hand up to my crotch. I tried to spread my legs for him and Pete joined him in helping get my panties off. I was wearing a garter-belt and stockings and so my panties were easy to get off. Before we got to the office, they had my bra off and tits out and they both were sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy. Of course, I had their cocks out of their pants and was fondling each of them. This was a first for me, two at a time, and I loved it!

When we got back to the office, the men took a nice chair we have in the waiting room where I work, and moved it into Pete’s office. They took off all of my clothes and I helped them get naked. They sat me in the comfortable chair with my legs on the chair arms and Pete buried his nice hard cock into my pussy while Bob put his fat, six inch cock into my mouth. It was heavenly! This bout lasted about three minutes as they both shot big loads of cum into my mouth and cunt. They both sat down in front of me and watched the cum oozing out of my pussy and on to the towel on the chair. They asked me to masturbate for them and after I got into it, I got really turned on as they watched and made lewd comments about my tits and pussy. Soon they were hard again and they changed places and I got another two loads of cum, this time taking about twenty minutes. I must have cum ten times during this exciting episode. After that, we called it a day and I went home. I wondered how it would be the next day at work.

When I got to work, the four had obviously been talking about what had happened because Jim and Marty, the other two, teased me about leaving them out of the action. I assured them that I was turned on thinking about the four of them having at me anytime they wanted. I was all for it.

The four took off my clothes and put me back in the chair with my legs spread. They all got naked and Bob sat in the chair and had me sit with his cock up my ass. Pete knelt and slid his dick into my pussy while Jim and Marty got on both sides of me so that I could double suck them as I got fucked and buggered. I tried to get both men to cum in my mouth at the same time. It almost worked but Jim came first and as I was busy getting all of his load down my throat, Marty let go with a big shot across my face before I could get his dick in my mouth.

The four of them fucked me in all of my three holes until none of them could get hard. I was a little sore, but my psyche felt great. They were all bouncing around knowing that they had a willing piece-of-ass anytime they wanted. I wondered how long I would be able to keep the pace up.

My routine at work is now I come in and remove my underclothing and get into a loose sweater and skirt during the winter and loose dress during the summer. All day long the guys fondle me anyway they want and each one cums in me at least once a day. Jim likes to come in and get a sloppy blow-job to start his day. Bob likes to get me standing at his desk. He gets behind me and lifts up my big breasts and pushes me forward onto the desk and slides his cock into my pussy from behind. He fucks me slowly while lightly pinching my nipples.

The other two like to take me together. I usually take them in my ass and cunt. They both like cumming in my mouth but I won’t suck on a cock that has just come out of my ass. So usually the one in my ass pulls out and runs to the bathroom to clean off while the other one puts his dick in my mouth. After he has shot a load in my mouth, the one who was cleaning his cock puts it in my mouth and quickly cums.

And that is just the start of my day. They all love to suck on my nipples and have noticed that the nipples are not only getting longer, but they stay that way. Each guy sucks my two nipples at least five minutes each so they are getting so big that I have to put a kleenix in my bra so that the bumps are pushed down a little. But I still get stares when I’m out in public by men and women.

I can’t begin to describe how good I feel about this arrangement. The only problem was that they started to want to stay in the office all day for some fucking and sucking instead of going out and getting business. I suggested that we base the love making they get with the orders they obtain. Since they all make about $1500 per month, I suggested a minimum of $5000 per week (or $20000 per month) would get the morning fuck or suck and each $5000 beyond that in a given week, earned them another fuck/suck. Now I already knew that they each averaged about $20000 per week so I felt that I would still get a fairly good workout each week and they would still bring in the business needed to survive.

We have been under that ground rule for a few months and no one is objecting. Of course, no one has been deprived of his sex either, and that makes me happy.

My husband remarks to the kids and friends that work really agrees with me, and that our love life has never been better. He’s right, but for the wrong reason. I am in a constant state of arousal and when he comes in at night I am ready for another fuck. I have blown him more since I started working than in all the previous years that we were married. I tell him that having money to spend has made me happy and thus increased my urge for lovemaking. Also, when I blow him I then have him lick my pussy and it gives me an added thrill knowing he is licking out other men’s cum from my hole while he is pleasing me.

The four men have also remarked that their love life at home has gone up. Apparently the men’s contented vibrations have given their wives a different view of their husbands and made the women more amorous. So everybody is gaining from our work plans.

The four men asked if I would like to help with the sales by giving sex to their special customers. That’s a whole nother story.

– The End –

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