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Party Weekend – Part One

The school had closed down for the annual six week summer holiday break all the classrooms were empty and it was quiet except for in the main hall where the sixteen year old students were eagerly waiting for their exam results, some students knew they had done badly and would probably not get into university others were guessing that they had done well, every time the door opened the students looked in the hope of seeing a teacher carrying a bundle of envelopes that would contain the exam results and when the teacher with the results final arrived the students fell silent and one by one collected their results as their names were called out and soon their were cheers of joy as well as disappointed looks as results were read. June the daughter of a rich landowner who lived in a twenty bedroom house announced there would be a party starting at her place at seven that evening and finishing when ever to celebrate exam results or drown your sorrows, June’s parents were away and all staff at the house had been given the weekend off. The students started arriving soon after seven and by nine the party was in full swing, Quite a few students were disappointed that Andy a flasher and peeping tom was at the party but he was happy to be there, June went into the wine cellar and saw Andy stood by the wall and said to him ” are you going to behave yourself ” and when he said ” no I am not” June smiled and said ” good boy the drinks are well spiked so that lot are going to be extremely horny for a very long time” then got a bottle of wine and left. Andy waited a few minutes then left the cellar and went to the top floor where he saw Tina a classmate standing in a dark corner he could see big pokies in her cotton top, he saw Sandra stood snogging with Mike who was fiddling with the zip on the back of her ball gown and smiled when the gown fell to the ground, Mike eased her panties right down revealing Sandra’s naked bum and when Mike got her wrist and took her to a bedroom Andy saw her love tube and boobs, Mike went towards the back stairs on his way he saw Sara sat on a chair her trousers on the floor and Tony kneeling licking her love tube, Andy saw Adam was naked with an eight inch erection Sally was also naked her nipples sticking out from her firm boobs, Andy then saw Karen on hands and knees being rammed from behind by Sean while she sucked Gary’s dick, Andy walked back and saw Tina still in the dark corner with her skirt up rubbing her love tube, Andy stood watching for a few minutes before going into a room and saw Sandra flat on her back with Mike thrusting in and out of her love tube, he then saw Laura the school racist bully girl who had beat him up a couple of times standing naked having her love tube licked by Jacob the Ugandan boy, after a few minutes Jacob stood and walked away, Andy moved over to Laura seeing her nipples were very erect it was obvious to Andy that Laura did not know where she was so he reached out and started to rub her boobs and after a couple of minutes guided her to the bed lay her on it and undid his trousers letting his nine inch dick spring out and after a minute was sliding it into Laura’s wet love tube and started to thrust in and out and seeing Sandra still being humped by Mike reached out rubbed her boobs while still thrusting in and out of Laura’s love tube after a few minutes Andy felt Laura cum then after a few mores pulled his dick out of her love tube as he did he saw Mike walking away from the bed with Sandra still on it and with in a couple of minutes he was thrusting in and out of Sandra’s love tube as he did he saw Jacob sliding his dick into Laura’s love tube, after half a hour Andy was walking round the house seeing piles of clothes on the floor and all those from the same year as he was at school naked having sex, Andy found June and said ” you asked if I was behaving” June took him into a room and pointed out a window, after looking out the window Andy said ” your very wicked” then looked back at all the kids who were four years younger than the party gang were and soon they were all naked and entering the house.

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