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Partying With the Band by Sister Golden Hair


This is the first time I’ve written a story for your site. It’s about the only time I’ve ever been gang banged.

I live in Seattle and every year we have an event called the folk life festival. It’s a three day event and there are all kinds of food stands, carnival games, arts and crafts, and a series of free outdoor concerts. My friends and I have been going to it since I was in 9th grade. Before that my parents thought my friends and I were too young to roam a big festival on our own. They were probably right to be concerned because there were a lot of older teen guys looking to party with girls their age or younger. I must have been hit on every 5 minutes. There was also a good supply of pot and I was invited to share a joint more times than I can count. I don’t do drugs so I refused.

The first two years I managed to stay out of trouble. The third year, I hooked up with a guy and had my first one night stand. I had lost my virginity a few weeks earlier, then gotten dumped by my boyfriend. Being pursued by and then having exciting sex with a cute college aged guy was a boost for my ego.

That was mild compared to my experience the fourth year. It was just before I started my senior year.

One of the outdoor concerts featured a band that seemed to specialize in Eagles tunes. Now I love the Eagles because my mom was always playing their songs, and one of my favorite songs is Sister Golden Hair Surprise. I’m an attractive blond with long, blond hair so when I was in my very early teens, I liked to imagine that the song was about me. By my later teens, I had outgrown that silliness, but I still loved the song. When the band started playing it, I had to get up and dance to it. The lead singer saw me right in front of the stage and he reached down and held his hand out to me. He was inviting me to join them on stage and dance to the music.

Like I said, I have long, silky, flowing blond hair that seems to get me instant attention. I know its bragging, but I have a pretty face and a hot body that get noticed as too. My eyes are big and blue, my nose is small and cute, and I have sensuous lips. Some people say I resemble Tara Reid. I’m 5 – 7 with beautiful long legs and a great 35B-25-33 inch figure. I was wearing low riding cutoffs and a short t-shirt that hit me about 5 inches above my belly button. I know I looked hot. People were cheering for me as I danced.

I returned to my friends and continued listening to the music. When the band took a break, they came over to talk to me and my friends. The singer, name Gary said he and his some of the other musicians were having a party and asked us if we wanted to drop by.

My two girl friends, Sue and Jeri and I gladly accepted. The musicians were staying at a hotel not far from the festival grounds. It was still early, not even 7-o clock so we figured we could go to the party and still get home before our midnight curfew.

We showed up at the hotel and the guys immediately started flirting with us. Both of my friends are really cute, and they both have slim, nice bodies. They, like me, were learning to really enjoy sex. Both got invitations from a cute guy to go somewhere private. I did too but I was looking for Bruce, the singer who had invited me.

I finally spotted him, and he hugged me and thanked me for coming. It wasn’t long before he took me to a suite he said his band was renting. He said getting one suite was cheaper than getting 5 rooms.

He and I started making out, and his hands were roaming all over me. He reached under my short cropped t-shirt and gently played with my breasts. I’m happy with my tits. They are a nice full C-cup size with light pink 50 cent piece sized circle surrounding my eraser sized nipples. He loved sucking my boobs. I stripped down to just a pair of thong panties. He stripped down to just his boxers. He took me into the bathroom and started the shower. We got in together and he let me soap and wash his penis. He said he wanted it to be clean and fresh just in case I might want to suck it. “Might want to suck it?” I said. I was under the impression that giving head was a required act of foreplay, especially if I wanted a guy to go down on me.

We finished out quick shower and gave each other some great oral sex.

Then he got on top of me and gently entered me. It was so nice. His penis was about 7 inches long which I think is pretty big. I’ve seen porn with guys that have 10 or 11 inches worth of dick, but I’d never had more than 7 1/2 inches.

I wrapped my long legs around him and concentrated on trying to milk him. He made me cum after about 10 minutes, then he had his orgasm. His cum felt so good as it sprayed against the interior of my pussy. We got into doggie style position and were really going at it when two of his band mates came in. You can imagine what happened next. Both guys were soon taking turns fucking me.

These two guys, Jim and Bart decided to double penetrate me. I have had anal sex and I don’t care for it. I asked them, almost begged them not to do that to me. So Jim asked if I wanted to try having two guys in my vagina at the same time. I said I would try and Bart had me get on top of him in what he told me was cowgirl style. I had done that position before, but didn’t know the name for it. Then Jim pushed his penis into me. It hurt, but not so much that I had to make him stop. I couldn’t believe that I was being filled up by two penises. Both were about 6 inches.

Next, Gary had Jim and me move toward the end of the bed so that Jim was in me in a backwards cowgirl position and he entered me missionary style. I was so amazed that this wss possible. I think the fact that all three of them had cum in me had made me slippery inside.

Right about then, some more guys showed up. I won’t go into all the details with each guy, but I let 14 guys fuck me that night. I was sore when it was over, but I felt like I had accomplished something.

After I cleaned up in the shower, I got dressed and went looking for Jeri and Sue. I found Sue first, and she looked a little guilty. I gave her a hug and asked if she had gotten laid. She said she had sex with three guys. I told her about my 14 guys and she just stared at me in disbelief. We found Sue, and she had been thoroughly fucked by 5 guys. So we all had been gang banged in varying degrees.

Luckily, none of us got any diseases since we all received multiple cream pies. None of us has been gang banged since although I’m not ruling it out in the future.

– The End –

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