Payback 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

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Poke was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had been given the nickname of Poke by his nan because as a young boy he was for ever poking things, Poke was now living in England and been doing so for two years but he did not living there he would rather be living back home in his own country where it was more friendly, he thought that England had lots of violent and racist people in it, he had been bullied a lot and had spent time in hospital after being beaten up by a gang of boys, then a week after being released from hospital the same gang of boys who had beat him up cornered him in the local park and stripped him naked in front of lots of people one girl who was four years younger than what he was had slapped his bum, the day after the incident Poke was on his own in the house when the girl was brought in by her mum the girl was crying and pleading with her mum not to, to his surprise the girls mum pulled her tracksuit trousers down, Poke looked at the girls love tube, the girls mum put her over the table and gave her bare bum six hard slaps after which the girl ran out after pulling her trousers up, a hour later he saw the girl in the derelict building on her own and when she begged him not to tell anyone what he had seen Poke told her he would tell all his mates, the girl started crying begging him not to, Poke smiled and said get totally naked and I wont and after a few minutes when the girl had stripped naked Poke admired her well developing boobs and love tube and laughed at the sight of her red bum, Poke smiled and rubbed her little boobs with one hand and her love tube with the other, the girl looked at him, Poke told her you want me to keep quiet it is going to cost you and started to suck her nipples then after a couple of minutes slid two fingers up her love tube and found it was moist when he stood up he noticed that her nipples were erect and that she was breathing heavy, Poke pulled his fingers out of the girls love tube and undid his trousers the girl looked down at pokes eight inch erection and when he started rubbing it over her love tube the girl started to speak but shut up when Poke said ” you want me to keep quiet” the girl stopped speaking but when she felt pokes dick push up her love tube she cried out, poke started to thrust in and out of the tight love tube and after five minutes felt the girl cum and after another ten minutes felt her cum again and not long after felt her cum again and after pulling his dick out and squirting his cum over the floor he looked at the girl and saw that her eyes were well glazed, poke smiled and walked away. A few days later poke was walking through the woods when he saw Sara who was in his class at school Sara was a known trouble maker and poke was bracing himself for abuse and was surprised when Sara said when you got stripped by the gang it was out of order we disagree with it it should not have happened some of us are going to try and put it right but you cant tell ok, poke said yeah ok and when Sara raised her jumper and her naked ample boobs fell into his view pokes eyes went wide and when Sara lowered her joggers showing her love tube then turned showing her bum poke thought he was dreaming, Sara turned and said we are even and walked away, poke walked over hardly believing what he had seen and went home, that evening as he walked to town he herd his name being called turned and saw sixteen year old July stood naked at her bedroom window her large boobs hanging down after watching for awhile July moved away from the window, Poke walked into town and after meeting a couple of mates for a couple of hours started walking home when he saw Amy and Carol who were two sixteen year old thugs the girlfriends of two of the boys who had stripped him both girls were in shorts and tee shirts, Amy said that girl you fucked in the old building is my little sister, poke jumped over the fence trying to run away as he did he caught his foot and fell to the ground, Poke rolled onto his back and saw Amy stood near by and smiled when he saw she was naked, Amy said ” what is good for my sister is good for me” then lay down parting her legs, he then saw Carol also naked and when she said ” what is good for my mate is good for me” poke smiled and undid his trousers, a hour later poke was walking down the road after making both girls cum twice. Two days later as he went through the old building he saw Amy’s sister on the upper floor and smiled as she stripped naked and after ten minutes was sliding his dick into her love tube and after making her cum four times squirted his cum over the floor, after the girl had left poke stood up and was about to go when he saw Sara standing with her jumper raised over her head her boobs on full show and watched her as she took her jeans and panties off and lay down on the floor poke walked over to her and knelt between her parted legs and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube and after half a hour had made her cum three times. That night poke thought England is not that bad might even be better than Bangladesh but not by a great deal.

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