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Peeper’s luck – Dirty Sex Tales

The owners of the housing estate on the edge of town had hit financial problems and were unable to pay bills, repairs were only being carried out if they were urgent, then the owners were declared bankrupt and no repairs were being carried out at all, the public power was the first to be cut off, which meant that the lifts were no longer working and there was no lighting in public areas, then the generators that supplied power to houses broke down so the majority of houses and flats had no power, lots of residents moved out and went to live with family or friends, soon there were only ten families left on the estate and they were relying on candles and oil lamps to see what they were doing. Tracy went and stayed with her best friend Tina out of desperate need, Tracy like many girls hated her friends brother Mark who was a peeping tom. On her first night at her friend’s house Tracy had a shower making sure that the bathroom door was locked before undressing and getting in the shower, she felt safer knowing Mark could not get in, Mark who at fourteen years of age was two years younger than Tracy was not bothered by a locked door he spied on Tracy through the key hole and admired her ample boobs and shaved love tube as she showered, Tracy had no idea that she was being watched and when she started to masturbate Mark could not believe his luck and thought cool when Tracy gushed and went back to his room before Tracy left the bathroom. The next night Mark was disappointed to find that the key hole had been blocked up. Two days later a couple of lads stripped Mark naked at school and tied him to railings Many photos were taken of of Mark and Tracy was shown some she was surprised by the size of his dick which at nine inches erect was bigger than her boyfriends. The morning after Mark was alone in the house when Tracy arrived home from school, after a hour Mark went to his room as he passed Tracy’s room he saw the door wide open and Tracy stood naked her nipples erect, Mark could not believe his eyes, Tracy told him to close the door, Mark smiled closed the door and went to his room, seconds after being in there Tracy appeared still naked and said “you were meant to come in my room and close the door that way your sister will not catch you fucking me” Tracy went back to her room, Mark followed her and when Tracy lay on her bed and parted her legs, Mark stripped got on the bed and after a few minutes was ramming his dick in and out of Tracy’s love tube making her groan loudly as he did, Mark felt Tracy climax as she did she cried out yes oh yes, Mark carried on ramming into Tracy’s love tube making her cum a second time before he pulled his dick from Tracy’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body then after ten minutes Mark returned to his room hardly believing his luck, Tracy lay on her bed thinking bigger cock than my boyfriend has and fucks better hope he is always that good.

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