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People Like Me by Bobjj123

People like me are certainly in the majority. We’re average looking, average intelligence, quiet, healthy and socially adjusted. We don’t stand out in a crowd. We dance but we’re not excellent dancers. We sing for our own amusement. We believe in God and a hereafter.

If we are to lead, we must first learn to follow and apply all our faculties to succeed. Yet, succeed we must or remain forever a ‘loser’ in the society where ‘winning’ is everything.

The list of qualifications for positions as elected officials, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member or manager seldom [practically never] specifies an Engineer, Scientist, biologist, architect, or any of the scientific specialties; rather. It seeks flamboyant, exceptionally well adjusted, handsome people who communicate well.

If we are to make our mark in the world we must excel at something! Since we’re not flamboyant, politics or public relations is out. We definitely must learn to communicate and have a product that sells itself to succeed in sales.

I had chosen a most unusual path for success when I left the university. One that had brought me to the point I was when I met Natasha.

As an engineer, I worked in a very advanced scientific field which was much in demand all over the world. The company I worked for was at the cutting edge of all the technology and used extraordinary means to remain in that position. It was in their interests to maintain a covert network of industrial spies, i.e., engineers and scientists who sought out other countries scientific advances; then steal them and get them on the market ahead of their competition. It was to a career in industrial spying that I gravitated.

It was in a large, third world country that I went posing as a sales representative for my company and it was there I sought out their company’s secrets and forwarded them to my company’s research department. For five years I received a handsome salary and enjoyed my wide range of experience in my field. It was there that I gleaned a few of the best secrets for myself.

Then, I was found out and exposed as a spy. My host country was quick to try me and charge me with spying and my company fired me for doing the very thing they had paid me well to do. I was denied a lawyer and the US Embassy had little interest in defending so obvious a criminal. Two years in the confines of a third world jail had left it’s mark and at thirty years old, I felt no allegiance to anyone. . . .

So, I sat in a small café in a small Polish village where I was unknown and where living was cheap and competed the last of my negotiations to market some of those concepts that I had gleaned years before when I was spying. At thirty I was assured of being a millionaire. . . .

Somehow, being a millionaire at thirty offered little consolation as I sat friendless and alone in one of the few places where I wasn’t recognized as a disgrace. I sat, thinking about my situation. . . .

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The warm, summer climate and the serenity of the countryside around the village where I was living seemed to have a soothing effect. The people here were poor in money or things; yet, rich in spirit and I had grown to like them.

Natasha, the rather comely woman, my age, who waited on me as I sat in the café held my interest too. Married, with two kids and a husband, she had a kind of sensual nature that quickened me each time I thought of her. . .often. It was; however, an impossible situation and I resolved not to become involved – at least not outside my fertile imagination!

After a few months in the village, I had become more conversant in their language and in the ways of the village and was slowly accepted into the small society. . . The people of the village became friends.

Meanwhile, my inventions were paying off and money was amassing in various tax free accounts. In the village I had little need for money except for a few personal items and food and shelter and the pleasures there were simple. I had no desire to leave.

I was thirty two years old and well situated in the village when it happened. I had just retired when I heard the shots ring out. . . many shots of different size and frequency! Not knowing just what to do, I chose to go into the bathroom, behind two thick walls in case there were any stray shots. Soon, I heard the sound of powerful vehicles outside and more shots; then, the sound of excited voices! After perhaps ten minutes all grew quiet. . . and I waited listening!

Half an hour later, I emerged from my hiding place and found people rushing into the street. Three of the village men lay dead and two more lay wounded and being tended by family. I was told there were more dead in the café.

Hearing this, I moved to the café, hoping to determine the nature and extent of the damage and on arrival I found windows shattered, electricity off and the interior a shambles. There I found Natasha, crying, as she held her dead husband and son.

“What has happened?” I asked one of the villagers and he told me of political unrest in southeast Poland that’s roots went back for centuries. The villagers here had chosen to remain neutral in all the civil unrest. . . . .”This is what it’s gotten us.” he said.

Suddenly, Natasha stood, grim faced, her tear streaked face hard and her eyes blazing. She turned and threw her arms around me in a tight embrace. “BASTARDS!” she shouted. Her grip tightened each time she repeated the scream, “BASTARDS! . . . BASTards! . .” Her anguish was that of a mad woman.

I held her and tried to offer comfort as she sobbed and continued to cry, “Bastards! . . . bastards!. . ., bastards!. . . bastards. . . , until she had expended her strength and collapsed in my arms.

I looked about for help as I held Natasha, limp and helpless. One of the women directed my way to her home where I took her up the narrow stairs to her bed and deposited her there. Then, as I turned to go she called out meekly, “Don’t go.”

As I returned she motioned me close and asked that I lie on the bed with her and in a moment she was spooned against me, seeking my comfort. Much as this situation might have appealed to me yesterday, I was now honor bound to save and protect her rather than take advantage. I did what I had to do.

I pulled the comforter over us and eventually Natasha slept. I lay wide awake. . . .honor bound and frustrated!

It was only five-thirty when Magda came to see in on Natasha and saw us in bed together – fully clothed. “It is good she has you,” she said.

With morning, I arranged a transfer of funds to cover hospital expenses for the wounded people of the village who could not have afforded it otherwise. It was paid out covertly by a government agency to the hospital and doctors who provided the treatment. . . . . I did not wish for the people of the village to know whence the money came.

Back with Natasha, morning brought some relief to the tormented woman. She had awakened while I was out making the financial arrangement and Magda was with her. They talked and as they talked, Natasha began to regain control of her life.

I busied myself with household chores as they talked and overheard some of the conversation from time to time. It was when Magda said, “He’s a fine man. . .cared for you . . . cares for our village. . . . :”, that I pieced together that they were talking about me.

After spending the day with Natasha and Magda, I returned early to my own house and retired for the night. Perhaps two hours later, I was awakened by sounds of someone in the house. I listened. The sound came towards my bed and I sensed a woman, Natasha, as she spoke, “Please, Can I sleep with you?” My reply was, :I’ve no clothes on.” There was more movement and a shifting of the bed as she climbed in. . . with only her barest of undergarment on.

She seemed calm and rational as she cuddled up to me in my boxers. Our bare skins’ touched Honor bound or not, this situation was bringing my lusty passions to new levels. I had to relieve the tension as I spoke, “I’m sorry, I’m a man; you’re a woman and I can only take so much before I lose control and take advantage of you. . .”

Natasha chuckled, the first evidence of her return to normality since the shooting, and spoke, “I was hoping you would. I remember how you used to look at me in the café and it made me feel good. My husband never looked at me that way.”

“Busted. I never meant for you to know.” I said and she replied again, “You’re a good man and I was flattered. Last night, I wanted you to take me and do me good. . . but, now I’m glad you didn’t.”

She moved close and kissed me. I lay inert as I tried to sort out my emotions and reacted to her most sensual lips. “What about your husband? Isn’t this rather soon?” I asked. Again she chuckled, “I grieve for my kids. My husband was a louse and a crook who probably was the one who brought this disaster on us. . . . ”

I had heard enough and moved to kiss her back. We toyed a bit with the lips. “What about the villagers? They’ll talk.” I said and she replied, “They already have. Yoiu see, I’m a widow and I need a man. You’re the only available man. We must either be together or leave the village.”

I kissed her again and this time our tongues met in a fiery dance. Her body snuggled closer to me and the heat increased my lust. I embraced her and felt the globes of her derriere as we snuggled together. “What if I were to leave tomorrow and never retur?” I asked.. Again she responded, “It wouldn’t matter as I’d simply have to leave the village but you won’t.”

“What makes you so sure?” I asked. “Ar you questioning my ability as a Polish woman?. I know I’m the very best.” She replied as she placed her hand on my thigh just an inch or two from my now aroused penis, “By tomorrow, you’ll be with me forever.”

Her kisses suddenly took on an urgency that I hadn’t felt before and her breasts seemed to demand attention as I proceeded to caress them and feel them – softer and smoother than anything I’d ever imagined. I bent to kiss them and lave them. . .

“You’ve got too many clothes on she said as she moved to remove my boxers and after they had cleared my feet she moved her face the few inches to allow her lips to caress my stiff cock. It was unexpected and I found myself driven to a new level of passion. She toyed and laved and suckled as I felt the sensations envelop me. . . .

After a time, it seemed like I ought to return this pleasure and I turned to draw her over me into a 69 position. When I applied my tongue to her cuny, a low moan escaped her lips. With my thumbs, I had parted her pubis and gotten complete access to the soft inner folds of her cunt, which, like the rest of her, was truly beautiful.

It was pleasant, bringing the moans and sighs from this contented woman as I laved her most intimate places. I drew pleasure for each of her many responses to my ministrations as well as from hers on my cock.

It would have been only minutes like this and I would have spent my load into her mouth and it was my desire to leave my seed in her belly. I moved to part us and turned so tha we were kissing, tasting ourselves in our mouths. “I want you in me.” she said.

It was time to do what I’d never allowed myself to even consider only yesterday. I moved over her and into position between her legs as she adjusted herself under me. We kissed again – more passionate than ever this time!

I moved to position myself for my entrance and felt her hand guiding my cock into the opening to her depths. As she made the final adjustment, I lowered myself and felt the velvety, smooth, warm walls of her lubricated and ready depths. .The penetration was slow as I sought every bit of sensual pleasure.

As we engaged I looked into Natasha’s eyes and the look of terror was gone. . . replaced by pure passion as heightened and inflamed as my own. Her moans were pure pleasure and served to heighten my own as we began to push and thrust as we became familiar together.

Soon, just as we had become fully accustomed to each other, I felt the semen rise up and I spoke a warning, “I’m coming!” To which she replied, “Give it to me!” and drove herself on to me. The end to the coitus came quickly. The afterglow remained as we cuddled and kissed and she asked the inevitable question, “Did you like it,” and I responded truthfully, “It was the best.’. We talked.

Natasha proceeded to tell me she had never experience cunnilingus before and how much she’d enjoyed it. We talked and soon we were asleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime later that night I felt Natasha’s body stiffen and she screamed as a nightmare overcame her. She rose up, sobbing, and I took her in my arms and held her until the moment had passed.

Awake now, I lay on my back waiting for sleep to return when I felt her hand on my cock and her breathing heavy. Natasha was seducing me! I was aroused in an instant and she moved over me to position herself directly over my cock. I waited as she moved and adjusted and, when all was ready, she lowered her cunt on to my waiting pole.

This was again filled with I raised my butt off the mattress to meet her downward thrust. We collided violently and brought an, “Unngh!” from her as she raised up and drove herself on to me again. Unlike the first time, we were now familiar and sought only pure pleasure. In a minute, perhaps two, Natasha screamed out her peak as her movements became disorganized or ceased. Only to return after the passing of her moment.

She rode hard and her peaks became frequent as her passions rose to new heights and mine simply couldn’t keep up. I lay relaxed in the throes of pleasure.

After a time, Natasha also began to tire from her exertions and suddenly she rolled, taking me with her until we were in the missionary position and I found myself driving us to new peaks of pleasure. Feeling my fresh energy she cried out, “Do me harder. . . .Give it to me!” and I found myself pushed to my very limit.

As I struggled to keep up the pace, the end came quickly as my seed gushed into her belly without warning. “I feel you coming in me. Keep doing. . .” she cried and we collapsed .together for the second time. Then, we lay still joined by my now flaccid tool in the after glow and silently drifted off to sleep.

Natasha was correct in her faith in her ability as a Polish woman. As morning approached I was completely smitten. Good things seem to happen to ordinary people like me!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Post script

That was written several years ago. Today, Natasha and I still live in the same little village; albeit, with a new water and sewer system, a cobblestone main street lined with big maple trees. Light industry has come to the village and there is full employment. The new school features a university educated teacher.

Natasha and I live together in our refurbished house with new bathroom and kitchen and natural gas stove and heating. We are comfortable together and happy as we enjoy days and our evening coitus together. We sleep soundly.

Only Natasha and I know where the villages new found prosperity had originated and it will remain our secret. It was necessary that we be married and she be told so that my will and papers might be properly drawn to include her in my life..

Sometimes things only get better for ordinary people like me!

– The End –

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