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Patty and I have been married for twenty five years. We are in our late fifties. At first, sex was great. Two sometimes three times a day. After a while it slowed down. We introduced vibrators and dildos. Patty was reluctant at first but, after some clitoral orgasms she was open to other toys. The dildos got bigger, even got a double one that stimulated her ass. After getting aroused by toys, Patty wants my cock in her cunt while she uses her vibrator. When she cums I can feel the contractions on my cock. After the first orgasm she asks if she can use it again and have another orgasm. I tell her to have six more if she wants. Patty usually has three or four orgasms per session. It feels so great when she pulsates and clamps down on my cock. Then it’s my turn. I pump my cock in deep. Patty is so wet and relaxed, my cock slides in effortlessly. I tell her, she feels really good like this. It doesn’t take long and I’m pumping my cum deep inside her willing cunt. These toys have revved up our sex life. I’m so lucky I have a willing wife that likes to get pleased and can please her man.

I have convinced Patty to talk dirty to me while we are having sex. At first it was just a few words. I ask her if she has any good sex stories from her past that she’d like to share. She says no but, I press her for just a little information. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed or make me think bad of her. I tell Patty it’s all good. Being together this long we, know each other pretty well. She can’t tell me anything that would change how I feel about her.

I press her for a story about her favorite cock and she says it’s my cock. Ok how about other than my cock. There had to have been others. She’s a college girl.

Patty made me promise not to get mad or jealous. This is going to enhance our love life even more as far as I’m concerned.

She says ok and tells me about one boyfriend who was well endowed and uncut. Come to find out her favorite kind of cock is uncut.

Patty goes on to tell me how she liked playing with the foreskin and even sucked it. Her most memorable experience with it was when it penetrated her cunt. It was a very filling feeling. She was always aroused for his cock and was wet in no time. He made her cum several times with his cock alone.

Now shes telling me this while we are having sex. She has already had three orgasms and I haven’t even penetrated her pussy yet. Patty is wet and horny for my cock and in it goes. Ten pumps and I’m shooting my load deep in her pussy. This is a sexual aid we use very often.

I asked her if she would like to try it again sometime. Tonight she says no but, I’m still working on her.

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