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Pool Party – Dirty Sex Tales

Sara was stood looking at all her mates who had turned up her house to celebrate her 16th birthday with a pool party all the girls were wearing skimpy bikinis and the boys tight fitting swimming trunks, Sara liked some of bulges she was seeing in the boys trunks, Sara’s parents were away from home on holiday for two weeks, and as the house was in secluded part of town Sara knew they would not have any problems from any of the neighbours who were to far away from her house to hear the music or any other noise so would not be complaining, Sara’s little brother Mark who was 12 years old was certainly not complaining he was looking out of his window admiring all the nearly naked 16 year old girls and texting his mate at the same time, One of the boys said ” what the fuck is that wailing noise” Sandy told everybody it was the old air raid siren and that it was only used to warn people of major trouble, when a police car passed the house with a recorded message telling people to stay indoors and keep windows and doors locked for their own safety Steve said ” they are having a joke taking the piss” Mark suddenly shouted out of his window ” zombies” pointing down the hill as he did, Sara looked up at him called him a little twerp and telling his to shut up, Pauline was stood back to the fence and screamed out loud as an almost skeleton arm reached through the boards of the fence grabbing her hair and another arm reached through and pulled her bikini top off  Steve yelled ” fuck he is right zombies run” everybody ran into the house leaving Pauline behind, Mark looked and smiled as Pauling had her bikini bottoms pulled off giving him a good view of her hairy pussy and naked boobs, the fence collapsed under the weight of the zombies who headed for the house smashing the windows as they got there, the teens inside all ran out of the house into the street and ran towards the town, Sara ran through the fields with Steve and Martin following, Martin tripped and fell a zombie near to him reached out grabbed his trunks and pulled ripping them clean off him both Sara and Steve ran back to help there mate, a zombie reached out and Steve lost his trunks Sara was fighting with a zombie and soon had her bikini ripped off, June a class mate of Mark’s was up a tree with her twin brother Colin June was admiring the two 16 year old naked boys who both had big dicks while Colin was staring at the naked Sara liking how her big boobs bounced about, the zombies staggered off in a drunk like walk, Martin ran in the opposite direction to Steve while Sara ran towards the beach as she ran Sara ran into the fishing nets and got tangled up in them and was unable to get free. Colin climbed down from the tree saw it was safe and went to Sara stood looking at her naked body then reached up and rubbed her boobs, Sara told him to piss off, Colin bunched three fingers up and pushed them into Sara’s love tube and started to finger her like his brother had taught him after a few minutes he felt Sara climax but carried on making her climax a second time before running off.. In town Mandy was trying to fight of zombies her bikini had been torn free of her body she felt her self fall forward as she was pulled and  ended up on the floor and screamed in horror as she felt a zombie dick enter her love tube and start to pound her best mate Karen was spread eagle on a bed being pounded by a zombie and just reaching her 7th orgasm her 17 year old boyfriend was laying next to her with a zombie pounding his bum, June was stood watching in awe as Steve stroked his 9 inch erection and when he erupted in 5 spurts she cheered saying ” nice one Steve” All over town zombies were stripping residents and having sex with them. A few days later the army had been called in and got rid of the zombies who had risen from the dead after a tanker carrying chemicals had crashed into a grave yard.  Sara was laying naked on her bed thinking life will never be the same as Colin fingered her to her 3rd orgasm.

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