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Posh Party – Dirty Sex Tales

The hotel was the most expensive and poshest hotel in London. only the very rich could afford to stay there, the hotel doormen were used to being tipped very large amounts to pen doors, Josh was a sixteen year old boy from Uganda who worked part time at the hotel as a room service boy and was working the night of the party to celebrate a girls sixteenth birthday, Josh saw a lot of the girls turn up at the hotel and noticed that most of them had low cut ballgowns on with designer splits up the leg some had the splits on both legs and right up to the hip, Josh thought they are stuck up bitches, the party lasted five hours before the girls started to leave some were booked into rooms for the night, Josh was taking drinks to a room when two girls entered the lift both were quite drunk, one girl looked at Josh and said to her friend ” watch these black bastards they like fucking white girls up the bum” the other told her mate to shut up and put her arm round her shoulder as she did Josh saw one of the mouthy girls nipples appear over the top of her gown, her mate said to Josh, ” sorry about her” Josh just smiled after the girls had left the lift Josh continued with his delivery on his way back down in the lift Josh saw a bracelet on the floor and when he handed it in was told it belonged to a girl in room twenty one and to take it to her Josh arrived at the room where he found the none mouthy girl from the lift who invited him in, once inside the girl asked Josh if it was right that black boys fucked white girls up the bum Josh said ” I am not allowed to talk about things like that” the girl reached behind her back and after a struggle her gown fell to the floor leaving her totally naked, Josh stared at the first pair of white boobs he had seen noticing the erect nipples the girl turned bent over the chair and said ” actions are better than words” wriggling her bum as she did, Josh looked at the girls cute bum then undid his trousers letting his ten inch erection spring out, the girl looked at it and said ” nice” Josh moved forward and after rubbing his dick over the girls bum slid it right in as he did the girl said ” yes nice fuck my bum” Josh started thrusting in and out hearing the girl moaning he reach round and cupped her boobs and started massaging them after five minutes the girl said no more, Josh stopped and pulled his dick out, the girl turned lay on the bed spread her legs and said now fuck my cunt, soon Josh was thrusting in and out of the girls love tube hearing her moan as she did and felt her cum twice before she said no more, Josh pulled his dick out and after ten minutes was walking down the corridor thinking they are not all stuck up. Josh was asked to work late and was in reception when the posh girls started to arrive for breakfast the girl from room twenty room was there with her dad, the dad said to his daughter go get your sister the girl asked Josh to help Josh went and was soon entering a room where he saw the mouthy girl from the night before in bed the other girl pulled the covers off the girl and Josh smiled when he saw that she was naked her legs slightly open, the other girl smiled and said      “I put her in bed last  night so know she was naked happy birthday” Josh said ” it is not my birthday” the girl replied ” wow if last night and this is what you get now wait till it is your birthday” have a hour later Josh was in the dining room serving food when he heard the dad of the girl from room twenty one say to her in two years time you can have a sixteenth birthday party like your sister has just had” Josh smiled at the girl and walked away thinking cool.

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