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Private Clinic – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Cindy had hurt her leg while playing football for her school team a few months ago and was now in the private clinic for physiotherapy,  she had just changed out of her pyjamas and was wearing just her gown laying on the table. the physiotherapy guy entered Cindy saw it was the middle aged Indian guy who was aged 45 years old who was gentle, Cindy also saw he had four Indian boys of about his age with him and was told they were students, After having a drink to help her relax that Cindy had had before she lay as the man started to massage her ankle moving up to her knee, two of the boys started to massage an arm each, Cindy was feeling extra relaxed and starting to feel aroused she felt her shoulders being massaged the hands on her knee had gone a bit higher hands were now massaging her boobs through her gown Cindy just relaxed she felt the tie strings on her gown being untied and her gown opened revealing her naked body, both her legs were now being massaged as were her shoulders and boobs  Cindy was feeling very aroused and just let it happen, Cindy was sat up and her gown lowered from her shoulders  Cindy lay back arched her back as the gown was removed, Cindy felt hands rubbing her shave slit but did not care and when fingers slid inside she just parted her legs a big enjoying the sensation, she looked around saw all the four students were naked and each had an erection, Cindy smiled felt herself  being slid down the table saw one of the boys standing at the base of the table smiling Cindy parted her legs and after a few seconds felt the boy slide his dick into her moist love tube and start to bang away after a few minutes a second of the boys was entering Cindy’s love tube a third was sucking her very erect nipples, after 20 minutes all four boys had taken turns on a willing Cindy who was now feeling very aroused, the boys dressed and left the room  Cindy was covered with a sheet and taken back to her room, where Cindy’s best friend was waiting and talking to a nurse, Cindy’s friend Amy told her that her boyfriend Steve had gone for a massage and that she was going for one soon Steve was laying on the table as a student about his age of 17 massaged his shoulders while a girl who was a few years younger than him watched Steve was enjoying the massage feeling very relaxed his dick was rock solid when the girl massaging him removed the sheet covering him Steve did not care that he was naked the girl watching smiled as she saw the white erect dick of about 9 inches another girl walked in Steve saw her looking at him and knew she was the 12 year daughter of the local shop owner where he lived, Steve was told to stand up and did so the 12 year old girl and the other girl who was 14 years old smiled as they watched the white boy being jerked and when he squirted his cum in 5 very long spurts  smiled ever broader, Amy was laying naked being pounded by an Indian boy a couple of years younger than herself while a couple of other boys his age were stood naked with full erections watching. In the office upstairs the owner had just finished counting the days takings finding they had taken nearly £10,000 in just 4 hours, thinking to himself how the Indian community love white teens.

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