Regrets 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

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The small country town had a very close tight knit community where everybody got on well with each other, but sixteen year old Tracy and her sister Amy who was four years younger than Tracy were not liked at all, their mum was an alcoholic who was hardly ever home, their dad had left home a few years ago, the sisters were known for swearing a lot showing no respect for anybody else causing no end of damage and trouble, Tracy was known for being violent, one morning there were a few upset elderly residents stood looking at the bowling green which had been their pride and joy and had won prizes, the green had been dug up and graffiti sprayed on it during the night, every knew who had done it but there was no evidence, later as Jarvis who was seventy five years old and from Nigeria stood on his doorstep nextdoor to where Tracy and Amy lived he saw Amy enter her garden he looked at her, Amy glared at him and said ” what you looking at you black bastard” and stuck two fingers up at him, Jarvis said ” come here and say that you foul mouthed little girl, Amy climbed over the fence went to Jarvis and said ” fuck off” Jarvis reached out grabbed a handfull of Amy’s hair and pulled her into his kitchen, Amy started screaming and kicking out telling Jarvis to fuck off, Jarvis dragged Amy to the table pushed her down on it then pulled her skirt up and ripped her panties off and started to slap her bare backside after a few slaps Amy was crying after a couple of minute Jarvis let Amy go, Amy ran crying from the house and ran to her own house where Tracy was sat and after telling her what had happened Amy watched as Tracy stormed round to Jarvis and started shouting and screaming at him, Jarvis landed a back hander across her face knocking her to the floor before Tracy could react Jarvis grabbed her by the hair dragged her to her feet then pushed her down on the table and after pulling her skirt and panties off started slapping her bare bum as hard as he could, Amy was stood at the door watching and could not believe what was happening to her sister who was now crying after a little while more Jarvis stopped slapping Tracy and let her fall to the floor looking at her love tube as she landed on the floor legs apart, Tracy got up and was soon back her own house with Amy both girls plotting revenge, later that night Tracy was in her joggers and sweat shirt waiting for Jarvis to return home and when he dis Tracy jumped him as he went through the door, to her big surprise Jarvis flung Tracy on the floor, Amy was waiting for Tracy to call and when she heard Tracy call out went running to Jarvis’s house and saw Tracy laying on the floor and very soon was also laying on the floor beside her sister, Jarvis looked down at the cowering girls and said ” you don’t learn do you” he then reached down grabbed Tracy by her joggers and pulled them down and off, Tracy covered her love tube with her hands, Jarvis grabbed her sweat shirt and after pulling hard had ripped it off leaving Tracy naked, he then looked at Amy who was whimpering and ripped her clothes off her, he then forced both girl into the lounge admiring their still red bums as they went in the lounge he made both girls stand against the wall with their hands behind their heads, he then stood admiring Tracy’s ample boobs and Amy’s developing boobs and the love tubes of both girls he then made Amy sit on a chair and tied her to it went to Tracy and started rubbing her boobs before making her lay on the floor then undoing his trousers both girls looked at his ten inch erection and when he slid it into Tracy’s love tube she cried out, Jarvis started to thrust in and out of Tracy’s love tube and after five minutes felt her cum and after half a hour had felt her cum three more times before stopping then taking her upstairs and tying her spread eagled to a bed and after a few minutes had tied Amy spread eagled to a bed, In the morning Amy woke from a disturbed sleep to find Amos who was two years older than her and who she called a black scab standing naked with a seven inch erection Amos smiled and after a few minutes was thrusting in and out of her love tube, Jarvis was thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube making her cum five times before he was finished. during the following two days there was a steady stream of young, teen and older black males visiting Jarvis and leaving happy, after a week Amy said to Tracy my bum is no longer sore and the taste of spunk has gone, Tracy agreed with her. The local town residents noticed a change in the behaviour of the girls. At a old age pensioners party when he was asked what he did in the army Jarvis smiled and said “I was special services for five years.

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