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Road Trip Ch 1 – Dirty Sex Tales

Jessica huffs and puffs as she plants herself in the passenger seat of her boyfriend Mike’s 2017 BMW i8 and slams the door shut, “Can you not?”Mike said “Can you not?” Jessica replied as she rolled her eyes. The couple had been fighting all morning about Mike’s cheating. This was the 3rd time she caught him cheating. Mike said “Listen this is going to be a long trip and I don’t want to deal with this bullshit for the entire way. I told you I’m sorry”. Jessica instantly regretted that she didn’t drive herself to his house this time. It was hard enough being in a long distance relationship and living 200 miles away from each other and now he has the nerve to cheat? She thought deeply while she watched the trees roll by as Mike sped onto the highway. He was purposely driving recklessly trying to get a response out of her so that she would stop giving him the silent treatment. “Slow down” Jessica said and Mike replied “NO” and begins to drive faster. Jessica closes her eyes scared as Mike speeds down the highway. As Mike goes faster, Jessica begins to feel her pussy starting to pulsate as she began to get wet she really wished that she remembered to wear panties that day. As the car vibrated she had to hold back her moans. Mike was done tolerating Jessica’s silent treatment so he took an exit and pulled off the highway on to a dark road. He got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side and said “Jess whats up with you? Are you really going to end us over some chick who means nothing?” Jessica replied “Fuck you” Mike looked at the woman he was madly in love with trying to figure out how he could make things right. Her smart ass mouth was sexy as hell and she left the house without a bra again. He was always telling her not to do that shit but as always she never listens. Mike looked down to find that his dick was hard and glanced over at Jessica who was trying her best not to notice his hard dick. “Please Babe tell me what I have to do to get you to forgive me, I’ll do anything” Jessica replied “I want you to fuck me… fuck me like you fucked that bitch” and starts hitting him. Mike picks her up and lays her on the hood of his i8 and begins lifting her shirt and kissing and licking her nipples as she moaned in pleasure while Mike lifted her skirt to play with her pussy only to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties “Oh you wet for daddy huh? You just wanted this dick” Jessica is so turned on that she can only moan as he starts rubbing his dick all over her pussy while she yells out “Please fuck me”. Mike forced his dick in her as she screamed he increased his speed and started to fuck her harder. As headlights flicker in the distance and a car slowly creeps down the street Mike shouts “Oh shit there’s a car coming down the road” Jessica replies “No, I don’t care… please don’t stop” against his better judgement Mike kept fucking her. Just as she screamed “I’m coming I’m coming” the mysterious car pulled up alongside them…to be continued.

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