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Sam puts her dick in my bum

I was late getting to Sam’s apartment because of a delay at work. When she greeted me at the door I said “Sorry Sam it was work”. “That’s ok honey” she replied as she kissed my cheek. Sam was wearing a gold top and black leggings. “Shall we have drinks in the bedroom?” Asked Sam. I smiled and said “That would be nice”. She led me into the bedroom and I sat on the bed as Sam went for the drinks. When she came into the bedroom with the drinks she sat next to me and kissed my cheek again.

As we sipped Sam said “Did you consider me putting my dick in you honey?”. “I doubt it would fit Sam” I replied. She laughed and said “It would with lube. Anyway it doesn’t all have to go in”. I looked at her and said “We can try it but slowly”. She kissed me on the lips and said “I wouldn’t hurt you honey”. We finished our drinks then we both undressed. Sam put her arms around me and pulled me tight to her. Her huge dick pushed against mine as she kissed my chest and neck. I stroked her back then moved down to her bum cheeks and squeezed them together. I could feel her dick getting hard as was mine. Sam stood back slightly and took her arms away from me. She took hold of my dick and began to masturbate it. I took hold of hers and did the same. It felt good masturbating each other.

When we were both fully erect Sam took a condom out of the drawer and rolled it onto her. Then she took out a tube of lube and spread it all over her dick. “Get on all fours honey and I’ll put some lube in your bum and stretch it with my finger”. When I was in position I felt her finger next to my bum hole then she pushed the cold lube into it. It felt tight with only her finger so how would her dick go in I thought to myself? She pushed the lube in then rotated her finger in my bum hole. It felt nice so I let out a moan. After doing this for a while she said “I shall put my dick in now”.

I felt the tip of her willy against my bum hole then she began to insert it. Sam held my hips as she tried a couple of times but the tip wouldn’t slide in. She pulled back out then pushed in slightly firmer. My bum hole stretched around the tip then it slid in. “Ouch” I said as it hurt. “Sorry honey that was the thickest part of my dick”. Sam then eased the shaft in slowly inch by inch. My bum felt so full as it went in. She seemed to keep going and my bum hole was in pain. Sam stopped and said “It’s fully inside you honey”. She then began to slowly move it in and out. It felt like she only pulled half way out before pushing back in. Each thrust hurt but I enjoyed it. Sam was moaning as was I. My willy was still hard but I thought I should keep both hands on the bed instead of masturbating. Sam was thrusting somewhat faster now and I could feel her balls slapping against me. The pain had lessened now and I could feel sensations around my bum and groin like static electricity. Sam seemed to push in deeper now making me moan then she called out “I’m coming honey”. I heard her moan loudly then I felt her dick jolt inside my bum as she came. She held my hips tight as she did. When she finished she gently pulled her softening dick out then layed down on the bed next to me. I went to lay down but my bum hurt when I tried so I layed on my side looking at Sam. “Did you like that?” She asked. “I did Sam even though it hurt” I replied. “You’ll enjoy it more next time” said Sam. As she took her condom off and wiped her dick she saw I was still hard. “Let me make you come honey” said Sam.

She took a condom out and rolled it on my dick. I still couldn’t lay on my back so Sam moved down the bed then put her mouth around the tip of my dick and started to suck. She thrust her mouth up and down quickly. She took hold of my balls and stroked them between her fingers and she kept sucking. Watching her head bob up and down was exciting. My balls soon tightened as I was already very horny and I moaned loudly as I came. She kept sucking until I had finished then she removed the condom and wiped me clean. Moving up the bed again she turned on her side and faced me. She put her hand on my side and said “I’m falling in love with you honey”. “I feel the same about you” I replied. She smiled then leant over and kissed me on the lips. I put my arm around her and she said “You could stay the night?” “Thanks Sam I’d like that” I replied. She stroked my side as I fell asleep.

I shall continue the story next time.

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