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Schools Evacuated – Dirty Sex Tales

A paper shredder in the office of the timber yard developed a fault and caught fire while the office was empty when the clerk returned the wooden cabin that served as an office was half on fire despite efforts by the timber yard workers to put the fire out the whole of the cabin was on fire the fire spread to gas cylinders stored outside which soon exploded by the time the fire brigade arrived parts of the yard it self was on fire the fire spread quickly and the whole of the yard was engulfed causing the evacuation of near by property including the school which made the students very happy Steve was a sixteen year old pervert who was hated for flashing and being a peeping tom he was walking through the derelict scrap yard happy to be out of school when he saw a classmate Laura who was a loud mouthed thug who was well feared and not liked by many people, Steve had been beaten up by Laura for flashing her sister Amy who was four years younger than he was, Steve watched Laura as she walked , as she was walking Steve was trying to decide if he should flash her or not as he was thinking Laura suddenly raised the back of her skirt and scratched her bum Steve’s eyes went wide she had no panties on and he could see her bare bum,  Laura turned looked at Steve and said have a good look did you , Steve stood still scared he was going to get another kicking Laura smiled and yelled out Amy come here, Steve saw Amy appear and walk towards them, Laura said to Amy ” he just saw my bum” Amy smiled both girls turned their backs to Steve then to his surprise both girls raised their skirts and bunched them round their waists  Steve smiled neither girl had panties on and he could see their bums, the girls dropped their skirts and walked off, Steve slowly followed them as he went round a bend he saw both girls stood with their skirts raised at the front their legs apart he could see both of their love tubes the girls lowered their skirts and walked off again Steve followed and got to the old office and saw Amy standing naked by the door her developing nipples had erect nipples then Laura appeared also naked her ample boobs had erect nipples, Steve undid his trousers letting his nine inch erection out both girls started to rub their love tubes then slid their fingers inside and started to masturbate, Steve started to jerk his dick after a few minutes he saw Amy gush not long after Laura gushed as well then Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, the girls went back in the office  after cleaning his dick and putting it away Steve went to the office the girls were not there they had gone out through the back, a few days later Steve was in scrap yard and saw Amy but there was no sign of Laura, Amy went to Steve and said to him ” this flashing game is fun you got us addicted” and lifted her tee shirt Steve looked at her budding boobs and watched her walk away, Steve followed her to the old office where he pulled his dick out and to his surprise Amy knelt and started to suck his dick and after five minutes when he was close to coming said so, Amy carried on sucking and when Steve squirted his cum into Amy’s mouth she swallowed it all, when Steve stood back Amy said” that is the first time I have sucked a cock and tasted spunk it tastes OK but don’t tell Laura” Steve said that he would not tell anyone, Amy said ” next time I will let you fuck me” and walked away. Steve left hardly believing what had happened but was thinking next time hurry up and get here and a few days later when he went to the scrap yard Steve saw Amy and after five minutes Amy was laying naked on the floor groaning as Steve thrust in and out of her love tube and made her cum twice before he squirted his cum onto the floor, Twenty minutes later as Amy walked away she said ” one of my class mates wants to meet you” Steve thought bring her along any time you want I will look after all her needs.

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