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Sex with a stranger – Dirty Sex Tales

Hello Old Friends! Your favorite writer (I guess) is back with another of her sex episode with a stranger guy Samaksh, whom I met in a bar. I thank you all wholeheartedly for appreciating my Stories so much. It is because of you guys that I keep coming back to this platform to share more stories.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Surbhi from Chandigarh, I have been blessed with 36 sized melons and a 28 inches waist carved on a base of 35 inches with a glowing milk tone.

I will let your imagination take over from here. Without wasting any more time, let me get you all to my story and how I experienced one of the most fantastic sex escapades of my life. Stay glued…

I am having an amazing sexual life even though I’m not married yet. I am going to tell you about a guy, with whom I met in a club in Chandigarh and had an amazing session with him.

It was a Friday, and after office hours I decided to go out for a party. I decided to go to playboy club in Chandigarh, so I booked a cab and headed towards my destination. I was wearing a pink colour backless slip dress and was looking smoking hot. I got inside the club an ordered myself a corona pint. While standing at the counter, I was just noticing the crowd. Suddenly a guy approached me and said hi.

I looked back at him and reverted him by saying hi.

He: Your backless dress is just amazing

Me: Thanks a lot, but it would be better if we start by exchanging names, and I laughed.

He: I am Samaksh and you?

Me: I am Surbhi and just smiled

Him: I usually don’t try to talk to strangers in pubs, but you look amazingly hot. Can I buy you a drink?

Me: Sure!! I don’t mind. Let me finish this pint then you can buy me another one.

Samaksh: He laughed and said alright.

Then we stood there at the counter and started having a conversation. While talking, I could see him trying to get close to me and also touching me occasionally. I understood his intentions and asked him straight away, if he is interested in sleeping with me?

Samaksh: Who will say no to such an amazing beauty!!!

I finished my second pint and told him I’m going to the washroom then we can book a room at a hotel and see where it goes. He said ok. As I walked towards the female washroom, he held my arm from behind and said, I can’t control and took me to male washroom with him and locked us inside a cabinet.

Me: Are you serious? You wanna try it here?

He just put his lips on mine and gave me a hard kiss. It was an amazing kiss. Then he told me to remove my panty and I did as he said.

He then bends me on the commode and starting fucking me from behind the washroom. He kept fucking me in doggie style there in the gent’s toilet and cummed inside me. After that we both came out of the washroom and headed towards the hotel.

Meanwhile he booked a room at Hyatt and we both did check in there.

We went inside the room and spoke about each other and stuff. I told him to order some alcohol for night, and something to eat.

After ordering, he came near me and we started talking again. The A.C in the room was making my nipples perky. I’m not wearing any bra, I said. As I noticed he was checking out my big juicy boobs. He just said sorry and I busted into the laughter.

Me: can we try it inside the bathtub?

He was kind of lost and was not sure what to say. He just nodded his head and said whatever you say, I’ll do.

I went into the shower and started filling the bathtub. I told him to join me. He walked up to the edge of the bathtub and removed all his clothes. I was looking at his 7 inches dick and complimented him for the size.

Then the bell of our room rang and the waiter asked me would that be all? I looked at him and said, leave the corona pints at the table and you can leave. He did so and left.

Me: You have kept yourself well maintained, pointing at his semi erect dick.

Samaksh: glad you noticed.

Me: Well, that big dick cannot go unnoticed.

We then picked our pints and starting to drink beer again. We both were sitting next to each other in the bathtub. Before I could say anything, Samaksh pulled me closer and started to kiss me. It was an amazing kiss and I loved every bit of it.

I was so lost in the kiss that I started to move my hands on his chest, while he started to fondle my tits. Ahhhhhhhmmmmmm!!! It feels so amazing Sam!! I said.

I kept my hands on his 7 inches dick and said I’ll eat every bit of it.

Samaksh: 100% baby, it’s all yours tonight.

I started to kiss his lips and was moving my hands on his chest. He then started fondling my big Boobs. With one hand I started stocking his dick and the other was on his chest while we were kissing passionately. He then started to rub my pussy and tried to push one finger inside it. He complimented me for having my pussy waxed.

I was moving in ecstasy. I was controlling me and I started shouting his name, saying Samaksh don’t you stop, I am gonna cum. Oooo Samaksh yeah!!! He stopped and pulled me up and put me on the edge and I started to lick my pussy. You taste so amazing, He said.

I was moaning very heavily Ahhhhaaaaaa fuck baby, yeahhhhh lick it, lick my pussy. He was licking my pussy like an animal. His tongue was licking each and every part of my pussy and I was nearing to another orgasm. He pushed his head into my pussy and said cum on me Surbhi.

I said, I wanna cum hard. He then starting fingering me even faster and harder. I reached my orgasm and complimented him saying I never had such an amazing orgasm in a while.

He smiled at me and said the party has just begun Surbhi. Then got up and slipped back into the water.

Samaksh: Time to return the favor?

I nodded my head, as I really wanted to suck his cock.

He stepped up and removed his shorts. I was staring at 7 inches big monster. Before I could say anything he held me by my hair and inserted it inside my mouth.

Me: I love sucking cocks, make me your Randi tonight, I said.

I knew I was gonna get fucked very hard tonight. I kept sucking is his dick and also licked his balls. He was moaning along, he asked me to suck it hard and he was holding my hair and pushing my mouth onto his huge dick. I loved his dick and suck it hard. I better cum, he said. Like this I surely won’t last long, he said and exploded a big cum shot in my mouth.

I swallowed all his cum and kept sucking his dick and then he pushed my head back and got a little rough. Gonna give this randi a hard pounding, he said and picked me up and put me on the edge of the bathtub. He then, started to suck my boobs very hardly and bite them. He was getting very rough and I loved it. He then bit me on my boobs and left his marks over there.

Don’t leave marks please, I said. But he didn’t stop and slapped me hard on my face. I said, I want more, then he bit my boobs more hardly and kept slapping me, on my face and ears. He stood up and pulled my legs apart and stuck his dick into my pussy. Ahhhhaaaaaa fuck, it’s huge, I moaned. I need rough sex I said. Ahhhhaaaaaa fuck!!! I love it, he said.

He started thrusting me hard, with every thrust I was reaching my orgasm. I was going crazy and said I never had a big dick of this sort inside me. Then he bent forward and started to suck my boobs once again.

Then he started to fuck me harder and said you will be fucked by me whenever I want and will be my fuck toy till I demand, or I will stop.

Me: No please don’t stop, I will do anything for this dick. Fuck me harder. I will be you’re fuck toy. You can fuck me anytime. I will be your slut. I am a randi, Fuck me hard Samaksh.

He started to push his dick deeper and faster.

Samaksh: You watch what I’m gonna do to you. I will turn you into a cheap slut and keep pounding me for half an hour.

He then turned me around and started to fuck me from behind. He kept slapping me on my face and kept calling me slut.

He kept fucking me. He was fucking me like anything, and I was enjoying riding his dick. He was sucking my boobs and said, I will use this slut properly. I kissed his lips, while he was fucking me.

He then gave a final thrust and shot load after load in my pussy and we both came together. After a few minutes, he took his dick out of my pussy and got up. Then he took his beer pint and said, you are an awesome Randi. I just smiled and went into the shower.

I cleaned up and walked out of the shower. I was going toward the bed, but he held me from behind and starting fondling my boobs from the back.

Me: Haven’t you had enough of me?

Samaksh: No and he pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. Tonight you’re my slut and I am gonna fuck you like anything. Saying this he pulled me closer and pushed his dick back into my pussy. He started fucking me hard again and was fondling my big boobs.

I loved it and I wanted him to keep fucking me hard.

Me: I’m your slut, please fuck me hard tonight.

I was getting fucked by him very roughly. He fucked for another 10 minutes and we switched to the reverse cowgirl position. He kept pressing boobs, while his dick was inside me.

Then he held my hips and said I am gonna cum, ride me harder bitch and he exploded inside my pussy and laid next to me.

We fell asleep naked. When I woke up, I got dressed and said goodbye to him.

After that, he gave me his number and we are still in contact and fuck each other on weekends.

Hope you loved my story. Share your feedback or comment.

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