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Sex with Leanne 30 – Dirty Sex Tales

Leanne and I had decided that when her parents’ shop was closed for building work we would go on holiday. France was where we had decided. We wanted nice beaches for sunbathing, restaurants and historical sites to visit. We hadn’t booked it yet. As we were eating dinner Leanne said “Mikey. You know our holiday? Would you mind if Susan and Stanley came too?” I thought for a minute and said “You know I care a lot for Susan and I like Stanley but this was to be our first holiday together. We could make love on the beach and you could be naked in the apartment if you liked”. Leanne smiled and said “We can still do those things Mikey. Susan and Stanley haven’t been on holiday since her ex left so it would be nice for them”. “If it makes you happy and them happy then it’s ok with me” I replied. “Thanks Mikey” she said as she leant over and kissed me on the lips.

After we finished dinner I did the dishes while Leanne went and showered. I was disappointed that it wouldn’t be Leanne and I only on the holiday but I liked Susan and her son. Would Leanne and I get time alone though? I finished the washing up and went to sit down. I was about to turn the TV on when Leanne walked in wearing just her panties and looked stunning. She had finished showering and came and sat next to me. I looked at her and she kissed me passionately on the lips. My willy was already stiffening as she pulled off my t-shirt and kissed my chest.

I put a hand on her left boob and squeezed it softly and felt her nipple between my fingers so I pulled it softly. She climbed onto my lap so I leant forward and started to lick her boobs and flick my tongue over her nipples making her moan. Leanne feeling my hard willy rubbed her groin against it. I put my hands on her bum cheeks as she did this and massaged them through her panties. “Let’s go to bed” she said. Leanne climbed off of me and led me by my hand to the bedroom. As we stood by the bed I pulled down her panties and she stepped out of them. She pulled down my joggers and boxers leaning over as she did to kiss the tip of my willy. I stepped out of them and then put my arms around her. My willy pushed against her stomach as we kissed. Leanne put her tongue in my mouth and it touched against my tongue.

“Lay on your front” I said so Leanne layed on the bed with her bum in the air. I parted her legs wide and knelt between them. Leaning over I kissed every inch of her bum cheeks and licked in-between them. I looked at her cute bum hole and below her pussy that was glistening. I put my tongue against her pussy and began to flick my tongue over her swollen lips. She moaned as I did this especially when I slid my tongue between them. Not wanting to leave her bum hole out I moved upwards and kissed it softly before poking my tongue in making Leanne gasp. I licked around her bum hole making her writhe on the bed with pleasure. While doing this I worked my middle finger into her pussy and pushed it in and out. Leanne was moaning with every thrust of my finger into her pussy and with every lick of her bum hole.

She soon began to shake and before she had a chance to speak she moaned extremely loudly and came to a shaking orgasm. Leanne’s was trying to get her breath back as I layed down beside her on my side. I put my hand on her back and she turned to face me. She gave me a big smile when her breathing steadied. As I stroked her back she said “That was incredible Mikey” and I smiled at her. When she had recovered she pushed me gently onto my back and she sat on top of me. My willy was twitching with excitement as she gyrated her pussy against the shaft before she took hold of it, rested her pussy against the tip then slid down until it was all inside her. She then leant forward and began to thrust up and down. I looked at her boobs swaying back and forth with the momentum. I moved my hands onto them and took hold of her hard as pebbles nipples and began to pull them. Leanne moaned softly as I did this. She was thrusting quicker now and her wet pussy made a lovely sound as it slid over my willy.

I was squeezing her boobs now and could feel my balls beginning to tingle. Leanne was moaning almost constantly. She sat back and kept thrusting. I couldn’t reach her boobs now but I watched them wobble. I looked down at her mound and saw my willy disappearing each time into her pussy. Suddenly she began to shake again and this time she managed to say “I’m coming Mikey” before she put her head back and moaned loudly as she came to another shaking orgasm.

As I felt her come spray my willy that sent me to orgasm. I let out a moan as my willy erupted inside her pussy as I came hard. We were both breathless as Leanne leant far forward and I put my arms around her. I kissed her on the top of her head then she looked at me and smiled. After easing herself off of my willy she layed down beside me. “That was lovely Mikey” she said. “You were amazing” I replied. I took some tissues and wiped us both clean then I pulled the duvet over us. Leanne turned onto her side and put her arm around me then she fell asleep as did I soon after.

I shall continue the story next time.

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