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Sex With My Ex In Her Flat

This incident happened between my ex and myself during the first anniversary of our relationship which happened exactly 2 years back. It was an awful moment during our relationship.

Hi everyone this is Hert from Chennai currently working in a down south. Am about 6ft with an average muscled guy and many girls say am an above average looking guy.

Now coming into the story, this incident happened between my ex and me during our first anniversary of our relationships. My ex is a beautiful one with 5ft4inches and her stats are 34-32-34 which make men to have her so hard. Since it was our first anniversary we planned to celebrate by bunking the college. And the day arrived, we went to a movie, had lunch and bought a cake to celebrate. We planned to go to her flat as there will be no one so that we can have our privacy at its peak. then we went to her flat by 1. Then we cut the cake, first I gave her a piece then it was her turn. Then I took a part of cream and kept in her neck and kissed and licked it. She was shocked by the move I made, then all of a sudden she had a huge smile and applied the cream all over my face and started licking it and finally, we saw each other into our eyes, it was all love with in us and slowly smooched each other. We ate each others lips bottom and top slowly and played a tongue fight between each other. During the time I sucked her tongue and creamy saliva which was awesome. She to did the same. Then I removed her tops and applied the cream on back of her neck, then licked it all over her neck which turned her on more.

Then I removed her bra and pushed her on the bean bag. Now I applied the cream on her beautiful melons and by pressing the one I sucked the another one. Then I moved to her navel and licked her all over. Now it was all cream and saliva all over body. Then I removed her jeans and panties at a go. Then I kissed and licked from her foot and thighs. Her thighs are so soft and it was awesome licking it. Then I moved near her pussy and kissed her pussy which provided a shiver in her body. Then inserted a finger in her pussy and finger fucked her by kissing her well trimmed pussy. Then I applied some more cream in her pussy and licked her pussy and tongue fucked her. After few minutes she started to vibrate and I realized that she is going to cum, so I fingered and licked her pussy very fast and she released a huge load of her cum in my face and mouth. Then she came upon me by having a naughty smile and said I am not gonna leave at any cause and removed my t-shirt. I replied that I am going nowhere and I am ready baby. She licked my neck vigorously and as she likes my ear a lot she kissed my ears and bit it, which made me turn on more too. As I used to trim my chest regularly it was easy for her and she kissed and licked it very well.

But she was more into my neck and ears which made me shiver at some moment. Then she removed my jeans and boxer at a go took some cream applied on my much erected tool and sucked it all over she even gave bite to my balls which pained a little but turned me more again then she licked my tool and started sucking vigorously, had deep throat where she couldn’t breathe but she continued by sucking very fast and after few minutes we went on the floor and had 69 position where I licked deep inside her pussy which made her turn more and she moaned by giving sounds like ahh, ahhhh, ahhh, more baby, ahh, don’t stop, and she again continued sucking my tool vigorously. Then after few minutes I said I am gonna cum, where she stroked even faster and I released a huge load into her mouth and after few minutes she too cummed again on my face. Then again we kissed each other and within few minutes my dick got erected. Then I kept my dick on her entry area and teased her by rubbing her pussy. Then she said that I can’t wait anymore, while delivering this message I inserted my dick with full force where she gave a loud ah and then scolded me. Then I slowly moved front and back where she was moaning ah, ahh, ahh, ahh, fuck me, ahh, a lot. Then we went for doggy position where she caught the top of bean bag and I went deep inside her by to and fro. And the chap chap chap sound where heard all over the room with her moaning sound.

It was pleasure to watch her melons hanging and dancing in this position. Then we went for cow girl position where she rode me. She was going up and down and I was having her tits in my hand and was sucking it. Then again we went for missionary and she was moaning a lot started shivering and said that baby am gonna cum, where I increased my speed and she cummed again with lot more cum. Then after some time I said I am gonna cum and asked her where to cum. She came up and started stroking my dick fast and was giving a blowjob. Then I said I am cumming baby, ah aha aha ha ah, aha ah ah, and released all the cum on her face. Now she her face was facialled with my cum. We saw the time it was 4 then we went for shower and had some oral sex there and then at 5 I left with some smooches. Now we broke up 1year ago.

Your feedback and comments are most welcome and can contact me through the below mail id.

[email protected]

Thank you.

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