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Sharing my lover with her girlfriend Part 2 Pride and Joy in the grips of my lover’s girlfriend

Kayha parked on the circle driveway facing the Fountain super boat. The pain was over whelming I scanned that boat over and over a sexy boat. A boat like this would normally give me an erection or at least a little bit of a tingle. Lynn taps my shoulder and whispers the question does it still hurt? I thought about her question. I did not want to come across like a wimp. So I told her it Hurts but I can Take It! Well, can you stand up and be social? Lynn asked. I tried to get up but a strong surge of pain from my groin area made my knees go out. I felt like I was going to pass out I told Lynn give me a few more minutes I will wait here in the car and when I am good I will come inside. Lynn said, NO no then something in Spanish to Kayha. Kayha did not respond she just sat there looking forward. Lynn said something in Spanish then ended it in English, “Kayha you need to do something, this is your fault” “Sean am going to reach into your shorts and gently touch your balls. Make sure both of your balls are in there” she sat on the middle console on the parking brake and reached for my balls! Kayha says, “I said I was sorry I don’t know what to do. I don’t know anything about balls.” Lynn replies “well you better figure it out get your phone out and google it” “I got one ball in my hand does it hurt at all? No it does not hurt” she reached her hand for the other ball and the moment her finger just rubbed against it a strong pulse of groin pain went into my stomach I suddenly felt nauseous I did not vomit but I felt horrible I thought I was going to pass out everything was spinning. Every time Lynn’s finger applied pressure or touch the pain was out of this world. I never experienced any kind of pain like this before. I tried to tell her that I was going to pass out or vomit but I was unable to talk. I grit my teeth as Lynn got a better hold of the ball that hurt. She got a hold of it between her finger and thumb I thought I was going to surely pass out. She held it between her finger and thumb with a little pressure not much and suddenly the nausea and dizzy went away. The sick stomach feeling was gone the pain was still bad but not as bad. She moved it around with her finger I could tell it was not ruptured, Lynn says, am gonna put a little more pressure on it, she presses her finger and thumb on it a little harder and holds it for a moment before she released the pressure. It started to feel even better. I told her it was feeling much better like it was subsiding a little bit. I think if I put an ice pack on it for a few minutes I’ll be ok. Kayha you go ahead and let them know I will be back am going to run to the drug store with Sean and get him an ice pack. Am going to get his busted ball well and we will be back in 30 minutes. Kayha says NO, That is something I can do. I need to do something it’s my fault you go inside and let them know we will be back. Kayha gets out of the driver’s seat so Lynn can get out. Lynn gives me a kiss and lets go of my injured ball. The moment she let go of it the pain started to come back. I mentioned it so Lynn grabs a hold of it again and the pain was not as bad. Lynn tells Kayha that we will all go. Kayha tells her she got this go on and I will take care of Mr. Sean. I conform with Kayha and I tell Lynn to go on I’ll be fine. She takes her hand out of my pants and exits the car. I felt like Kayha worked Lynn out of the car. She wanted to get rid of her so she could do something. I was not sure what but I was a little nervous until Kayha started the motor and looked at me while giving it a couple revs. She said “am truly sorry for kicking you in the nuts.” She revved it a couple more times and began driving. When she came to a stop she started to put her hand into my pants causing me to flinch. She says “Am suppose to hold onto that ball that is hurt so it will feel better. I got to hold it remember? Are you nervous” She looked at me and said your all mine now! Don’t worry I got you. She had gently rest her hand on my lap. I’ll make that little ball in your nut sack all better. Alright am ready she puts her hand inside my open pants and grabs a hold of both balls. I have to admit I was really nervous. My heart was pounding. She manipulates my balls grabs one and ask is this the one, I shake my head no, she grabs the other one she is not as gentle as Lynn was but she held it in her hand and it was feeling better. She say’s I’ll make this all better for you. If not I will just pop the damn thing and be done with it. She revs the engine really hard. She was joking but I got scared. I thought about it, She kicked me in the nuts and now she has the nut that hurts in her grips between her thumb and finger. Kayha says “can you shift gears for me the light is green” Yes I can, I grab the gear shifter while she begins to accelerate when she pushes the clutch in I shift the gear. She says hey bud, am just kidding before I won’t pop your ball I am not going to hurt you. I thought about how she held my nut in her hand between her fingers and how careful she was even while driving it felt like she was lightly massaging it. We stopped at a red light she looks at me and says wanna have some fun? Yes whats up? Kayha says well when it turns green lets see if we can bark second gear while I hold your ball without hurting you and you shifting for me. Ok, lets do this. The light turns green and she pushes the motor to the red-line and I start to put it into 2nd the moment she pushed the clutch in timing was perfect, the tires bark into second gear really hard squealing the tires for a moment.

She drives rather aggressively a few more blocks to the drug store. She parks the car and mentions that we are a good team together. How does that nut feel? She asked, as she let it go. It feels much better! Thank you for helping me and I forgive you for kicking me in the balls! She gets out and grabs her sneakers she asked me if I thought they were hot. Pink and white Nike air max, “yes those are hot”, I told her. You can watch me drive with them on you can lay your head on my lap. Am going to take you on a detour before we head to the house. We are going to take a quick cruise and have some fun with your car! She slips her shoes on with no socks and sits back in the driver’s seat. She presses the gas pedal with the Air Max on and revs the engine really hard, looking at me the whole time. She made my heart race. She turns up the a/c to high, jumps out and says, “be right back”. She went into the drug store a few minutes passed and she comes out with a small bag in her hand. She got in the car backed out and parked at the end of the parking lot. She gets out of the car opens the hatch back and pulls out a fold out chair, she opens my door. And puts the fold out chair right there so she can sit next to me, she tells me she is gonna lay my seat back and I need to take my shorts off. She pulls the leaver and puts her hand on my chest and pushes the seat back. I start taking my shorts off but she grabs them and pulls them down to my ankles. She is rather strong I thought to myself. She sits in the fold out chair and I notice her legs are thick but more muscle than fat, she reached between my legs and grabs my balls she was not as gentle as Lynn was but she fondled them in her hand and it hurt but not as bad as it was hurting. Is this the one she secured one ball in her hand and it hurt. Yes that is the one. She already opened the ice pack and she started to place it onto the sore ball. I tried to stop her she looked at me and said let me do this I am going to take the ice pack and place it right on that sore ball and hold it on it for 1 minute. She does exactly that I sat there and it was really cold the pain increased a little bit with the cold ice pack on it. Her finger was holding it against the ice pack. I looked at her and felt an interesting feeling of being completely dominated by her. She had me in a peculiar situation, holding the ice pack on one of my nuts with her finger holding it firmly. She took the ice off of it and used her finger and thumb to fondle it around. It was numb I did not feel any pain until she applied pressure with her fingers. She put the ice pack back on it holding it a bit longer this time. She took her pinky finger and flicks my soft penis and laughs. She rubbed her pinky finger along the bottom side of my dick. She let go of my balls She took that hand and with two finger and her thumb she pulled my dick up and rubbed her thumb on the shaft of my dick. It did not respond to her touch. In the back of my head I was also scared that she had permanently fucked up my nut when she kicked it and I thought for a moment I would never get a hard on again. Here is the woman that has destroyed my man hood. I would have to serve her for the rest of my life. I would do it I privately concluded to myself. I would not have any other choice. Oh my God I thought to myself for a moment my dick is fucked my sex drive has been kicked out. I felt Kayha grab a hold of my ball after she removed the ice pack for the 3rd time she squeezed it just enough but my balls had a strange sensation a tingle that went through it. I can’t explain just different. My penis started to become erect just a little. Kayha saw it getting hard. She grabbed a hold of it in her hand and squeezed it really hard. It got semi hard she squeezed it again for a few seconds then she cups her hand around my nut sack. Should I squeeze it really hard. I froze I did not respond. Yes or No you better say something bud, I responded with NO please don’t. She laughs and says another second I was going to squeeze it really hard. I start pulling my shorts up and she say’s hold on a second. She pokes her finger into my ball sac gently, and says I think I fixed it. I got your nut well. Your dick is trying to get hard. Kayha closes my door and slips around into the driver’s seat. She starts revving the engine and says I like the way these Nike airs feel on my feet. Lets see how much damage they can do, shall we. She pulls out of Pompano barrier Island and goes into Lauderdale. She is on a side road and begins revving the engine up, it was limited at 4500 RPM Kayha says she hates rev limiters. She puts the car in first gear and pulls forward a little bit and then pushes the clutch in and when she presses the gas pedal the engine made a thunder of a sound as it revved passed the rev limit all the way to the red-line. She revved it over and over to the red-line each time. I was afraid the motor was going to blow. She continued revving it and then she launched the car just below the red-line and when the car took off the tires had no traction and she did an amazing burnout shifting it into 2nd gear she roasted the tires all the way to the redline and 3rd gear. I leaned over to look at her Nike’s pressing on the gas pedal. She was hauling ass and she was rev matching and ripping and burning it the whole time. I tried to lay my head on her lap but it would block the gear shifter. I could see her toes moving around inside the Air Max when she floored it. She stopped the car and reached her hand over the gear shifter and into my lap. She rubbed her hand on my pants and my dick was hard like a rock. I was so excited I did not even realize it was hard. I layed my head back in the seat and closed my eyes. She rubbed her hand on it from the outside of my pants and it felt good. She says Lynn will be very happy that I took care of you. Sean, go ahead and pull it out I’ll take it for a test drive to make sure its functional. I respond with, “right here now?” “Yes while am driving this car I will work your gear shifter between shifts, come on Pants down now!” I pull my pants and underwear down and Kayha grabs my semi hard dick and squeezes it tight in her right hand. The engine revolutions per minute are raised up high as she drives. She needs to shift gears but she is holding onto my dick with her right hand tightly. She finally released my dick and grabbed the gear shifter and shifted into 4th gear. She quickly let go of the gear shifter and grabbed my stick. The moment she grabbed it she floored the accelerator. She was pumping her hand like crazy on me. She asked me to shift it into 5th gear for her. The moment I touched the gear shifter she pushed the clutch all the way in and I shifted it into 5th and she took her foot off the clutch. I looked at Kayha as she was jerking off my dick while she was driving. I thought about how Kayha kicked me earlier it was a brutal kick. I felt her big toe drive right into my ball sack the pain was on another level. Kayha is a true hard core female dominatrix. I felt a little bit of a nervous chill pass through my body, thinking about Kayha suddenly driving her fist into my balls. I started to get the amazing feeling that I was about to cum. Kayha was pushing the car’s engine very close to the redline. We were doing about 110 mph. I told Kayha, I was about to cum. She did not respond verbally. She just squeezed my dick really hard near the base of the shaft. She squeezed it very tight in her hand and pulled it back and Forth or up and down I started to cum. Kayha was pumping me so hard it made me cum really hard. Cum went on the dash and glove box. I was done cumming and Kayha continued pumping me then she stopped and said she was not going to ruin every one of my orgasms. She shifted it into 6th gear and tells me we are looking at an E T A in about 15 minutes. Hey bud how does the plumbing feel down there? It felt good but after I was done cumming that one nut had a strange feeling to it. It was like it had been squeezed while I was cumming. I feel great though thank you for fixing me. Kayha laughs well I certainly will try not to do that again. I can’t make any promises but I will try my best. Sean you want to see my bare-feet again? I am going to take my shoes off and drive the rest of the way barefoot. Yes that would be fantastic. I lean over to Kayha resting my head on her right shoulder. She already took the Nike’s off and was operating the pedals with her bare feet. Her feet are big but they are sexy to me because of the way she aggressively attacks the gas pedal with her right foot! Even though they are big her toes are perfect she has a nice arch her Nails polished in light pink one of my favorite colors. Her right foot is working the gas pedal hard she pushes it to the floor every time she touches the pedal. I love watching her barefoot push that gas pedal down it is just eye candy to me. Her foot dominates the gas pedal. She just revved the engine really hard going under an over pass. The sound of the engine echoing was pretty cool. Kayha has extra meat on her body so she is thick and her shoulder feels good to lean up against. She is really pounding that gas pedal hard with her foot every chance she gets. She is working the engine very hard revving it when she is downshifting and stopped. She is flooring it pedal to the metal when she is accelerating. I love watching Kayha pedal pump she has to be the one with the most aggressive right foot of all the women I have had the pleasure of riding shot gun with. Your feet are amazing powerful and sexy! I love the way you work that gas pedal! You work that clutch with precision shifting gears like you are slicing butter. The arch of your foot is very sexy to me! Your feet are big but super sexy to me I could lay my head here and watch them all day long.

Kayha revs the motor rather hard while she waits at a controlled traffic light hey bud we are almost there we are close. Can I pull over and get you to rub my feet am in need of a foot massage. I never got one before you were the first guy to rub my feet. I love you for that am so sorry I kicked you in the nuts I don’t know what I was thinking well it is a long story. She parked the car in a secluded location that was Private. I start massaging her feet I start by pulling and rubbing each toe then I work the arch the sole of the foot with my knuckles and fingers. Kahya enjoys the foot massage she tells me when we get back don’t spend every minute with Lynn or am going to be pissed. You know what I can do when I become upset. I do things without thinking. I do things that turn out to be painful for long stretches of time not just a few minutes or an hour. You got that buddy? Yes Mistress Goddess I got that.

I feel something poke right into my ball sac through my shorts. It was Kayha’s big toe she poked it right into my balls without hurting me. Kayha says don’t ever call me Mistress or Goddess in front of anyone especially Lynn!! She taps her toe on my ball sac a couple times and then she says listen here is the game plan. When we get back its Megan and Marlene. Megan is the blonde and Marlene is the platinum blonde. I continue massaging Kayha’s feet while she is talking to me. Kayha continues “I have a plan and everything is going to work out great. When we pull in your going to be Lovie Dovie with Lynn for about 30 minutes or until Lynn tells you that Megan needs your help today. If Lynn does not remember to tell you I will bring it up. Megan is shy at first so she won’t ask you on your own. You are going to have so much fun today you are going to be kissing on my feet tonight. Megan owns that huge boat on the driveway and she needs you to help her move it to the boat ramps get it in the water. The two of you are going to ride it up to their other house. Sean that boat is a racing boat do you understand what I am telling you.” I thought about what Kayha was telling me but I had butterflies in my stomach. That Fountain Lightning is a cruiser super boat with two inboard 1300 HP turbo big block v8 engines. I respond to Kayha “That boat is my dream boat just to let you know” Kayha adds “Sean that boat is every man wet dream” Megan is beautiful I promise you are going to have so much fun with her today. You are going to learn a lot about boats and she loves to teach be respectful to her. She is going to let you drive that boat and if you just be cool you may end up making a forever friend with her. She is awesome her girlfriend Marlene is five years older than her and be sure to chat with her a little bit. Lynn, Marlene and I the three of us are going to take the other boat out that is on the boat dock in the back of that house. We are going to catch crabs for the crab claw only and release the crab. We will more than likely be gone until sunset. When you and Megan get to the other house she is going to secure the boat on the lift. She is going to wash the boat put the cover on it just follow her instructions do not assume that you know anything because she is set in her ways. Got it. In the garage they have two cars the Mercedes Cl500 and Megan’s Porsche its a two-seater the Cayman S and you are going to love riding with her she is a lead foot like me but she got around 450 horsepower and a really pretty foot its a size 6 or 7 the kind of foot that you love your gonna fall in love with her if you don’t keep your guard up. She is very sexy. Its gonna be like night and day. You going from my large foot that you hate to Megan’s perfect little foot that you will love it will be on top of that Porsche gas pedal flooring it all 400 horses. All of a sudden I feel a tickle in my balls. Am holding Kayha’s left foot in my hands massaging the arch Her leg lays on my knee because I have it up so she can relax her leg. I look down and Kayha’s right foot is pointing right into my balls. Her big toe is actually poking into my shorts and making contact with my balls. She is wiggling her big toe and I can feel it touching one of my balls each time. Very light touch. I froze Kayha had me at the mercy of her toe. I could not just jump back I had her leg on me giving her a foot massage. Her feet are big and her leg is heavy. I look at her she has this grin on her face at the same time I feel her big toe touching one of my balls and she began to apply steady pressure to it from her toe. Kayha says Hey Bud, how do you like me now, I feel her toe the big toe on her right foot press more pressure on one of my jewels. How do you like me now, Buddy. I like you a lot I cannot complain. In fact I have to give you some bonus points. You have me scheduled to go out on my dream boat with a beautiful woman that owns it. More points on the way back you have me riding shot gun in her Porsche Cayman S. Wow I am so happy right now. You say she has a heavy foot like you driving it pedal to the metal!! Well I cannot wait to see how that works out with 400 horsepower I got fire flies in my stomach right now just thinking about it. I will keep it 100 professional around the Lady I will do everything she ask of me and I will not let you down. Thank you Kayha.

Alright well thank you for the foot massage. Ok lets get this day going. Kayha moved her legs back into driving position and started the car she gave it a nice rev and then she added, “Sean one more thing, I don’t know how you guys’ brain really work so am gonna say this, whatever you do please do not offer Megan any foot massage or massage period.” “I know this lady for a long time if she wants anything personal from you she will ask you.” Alright you got it bud? Yes I do I will follow your instructions. Kayha responds with “Yeah You better” Her face went into serious mode and she stomped her foot down on the gas pedal hard. For the next 5 minutes she drove my car like she stole it! She put the hammer down every time and raised my engine R P M to the redline. Kayha and I were walking up to the front door and Marlene was waiting there to let us in. Kayha introduced me to Marlene and then Megan. Marlene reminded me of the typical Pompano Beach Florida resident I had friends that lived on the barrier Island. She looked like she was in the finance industry as an upper-level director or wholesale lender. She reached her hand out for a handshake wow a real solid handshake and a look in the eye it was a truly sanctified moment. Megan gave me a little hand wave and an almost silent whisper Hello.

Marlene asked me how I was feeling, down there, Lynn mentioned it. Megan stood back and seemed concerned waiting to hear my answer. I told Marlene I was 100%, I felt fantastic. Just one of those things that seem worse than it is and only the passing of time resolves it. Megan said, Good deal, Sean am going to get your drink, You have a choice Mimosa or Bellini. I respond to Megan with “I will take the Bellini thank you!” Megan says “Awesome choice, we are on the same path you and I!” As she walks into the Kitchen. Marlene still standing in front of me, she pokes her finger into my lower stomach strange but when she did this my dick flexed and I felt it tingle. Still poking her finger in my stomach she whispers you need to be careful, removes her finger and in regular tone says, “So you are the boyfriend” I respond with “well I am the boyfriend she has been saying Yes I am” Marlene adds “You and Lynn just came in yesterday”, she peaks over her shoulder and whispers, “You have not been here a complete day and you almost lost one of your balls?” Megan walked up at the end of Marlene’s sentence and says “Stop that”. Marlene continues “no I won’t he has to be warned.” And then whispers to my ear “we will talk later you and I” Megan says, “Marlene go get the Girl Friend”. “Hey Sean don’t worry about Marlene I will fill you in on everything later ok. Are you going to help me out with the boat?” Yes Megan responds with awesome and hands me my Bellini, I ask Megan the question what did you mean we are on the same path. She responds with we made Mimosa and Bellini everyone else jumped at the Mimosa you and I were the only two that went with the Bellini. Call me weird strange superstitious whatever you want but I believe it means, you and I are on the same astral path it may just be for the drinks or today but its a great start! I notice Megan has her drink in her hand I propose a toast to US you and I and our astral path lets make this a great day! Salute Megan says, I take a nice sip of my Billini and immediately I get this fantastic rush that slips through my body! I felt comfortable so fucking comfortable like I was at home. Megan is a heart throb or better yet a true Bombshell. Well physically speaking the woman I have been looking for my whole life, I silently thought for a moment. I quickly corrected my thinking error and told myself stop it. Keep it simple stupid I need to help her move a boat and am going to be hanging out with her all day.

I heard the rear door open and I heard Kayha speaking with her deep voice. She was detailing how she held my and applied the cold pack to it for one minute, three times with a break in between. I also solved his other problem as well. I took him for a test drive and everything appears to be working. Am so sorry Lynn we also made up he forgave me and I promised to do my best not to let anything like that happen again. I feel like the whole thing has been helpful to my healing process. She started whispering I could not understand what they were saying but a few moments later Lynn came up to me and greeted me with a strong hug. She asked me “Did Kayha already ask you if you would help Megan today.” Yes and I already spoke to Megan about it and I told her anything she needs me to do she has me all day. Lynn continues, “That Boat is bad ass it is real fast ain’t it Megan? Did you tell him about the boat,” Megan says “well yes but he is already informed on the boat.” I add “that boat is actually my dream boat I have always wanted to ride on a Fountain superboat Longer than 45 foot.” Lynn ask Megan “Will you be flooring that boat today I mean pushing the throttle to the maximum whatever they call that on a boat, you know what I mean” Megan responds “oh yeah Lynn am going to open it up, you know I have to show your boyfriend what a real boat is all about, I sure do hope he can take it. Sean you know that the Merc powered inboards are turbo charged pushing 1300 HP each. Lynn don’t worry your boyfriend will be fine I will open the boat up but I won’t push it past 110 MPH.” Lynn replies, “good, Sean you are safe with Megan she is a very smart lady and has been around boats her whole life she used to race boats with her Dad she was the Driver her dad was the throttle man. Sean 110 is fucking fast on the water ain’t it Megan.” Megan responds “its very fast on the water the best part is the acceleration once its on plane. It has some awesome acceleration. Sometimes the power gets to my head and I change course, Lynn a quick run to the Bahamas for a drink with your boyfriend and maybe we will grab lunch and then shoot back to the other house. We could probably do that before ya’ll even get to crabbing.” Lynn says “What your going to Bahamas?” Megan says “Well I will let my boat decide what it wants to do if it goes in the direction of the Bahamas we will just go Bahamas come back or we may just stay the night and come back tomorrow. I let my boat make decisions once it is on the water.” Lynn looked a little bit confused like she had too much to deal with for one day and now she cannot compute what Megan was doing just joking with her. I told Lynn to chill out she is just kidding. “Yeah Lynn am just fucking with you babe”, Megan responds. Lynn says “I thought you were. I never know with you Megan I would not put it past you to go on a mini vacation with my boyfriend he probably wishes he could so he could get away from Kayha and maybe me for a little bit.” I cut Lynn off and said no I love being around Kayha and You my love. I love every minute of it even if I am sitting in the backseat I find happiness everywhere. Lynn says “YES you do, he does Megan he is a great guy and Megan I love the color of your toe nails very pretty! Thank you” Megan responds. Lynn continues “One more thing if you catch Sean checking out your feet a little bit its all good he has a foot fetish. Megan looks at me and her eyes open up wide” Megan says, “oh he has a foot fetish interesting. I don’t care he can look at my feet all he wants.” Lynn adds “he gives muh mmmmm perfecto foot massages” Megan says “I love to get my feet rubbed when I am on the water but I will make sure he keeps his hands off cause they are probably only for your feet.” Lynn says, “no I want him to give you a foot massage if you wish for it. I want you to enjoy everything he can do for you.” Megan looks at me and smiles. I felt an amazing rush of wow pass through my body Megan is a Bombshell and my girlfriend has just opened up everything for me, she has pulled out all the stops. I give Lynn another hug a strong one she loves strong hugs. Lynn says “she is going to go help Marlene and Kayha load up the boat.” Megan says “we are going to prep the boat and we are out of here. Sean is going to drive the truck back and I will pick him up off our dock with the boat. Maybe we will see you.” Lynn gives me a kiss and goes outside. Megan goes out the door to the garage and opens it, in front of the boat in the garage is the truck a nice truck. Megan hands me the keys to the boat and the truck she ask me if I know how to connect the water hose and start it. Yes I do, go ahead and do that the water hose is on the side of the garage I’ll be right back I got to handle something real quick. I open the engine compartment I open the fuel lines and I turn the key on and then push the start for engine 1 but it does not start I knew it was not going to start. I had experience with this before as the fuel line was not primed. I prime the fuel line per the instructions printed on the engine compartment. I start up the first engine and then the 2nd engine they start right up. The two mercury V8 engines are massive I let it run until they reach operating temperature I start the truck up back it up hook up the trailer, connect the wire harness. I go in the truck and scan the trailer mate module for any errors everything is good. I go back into the boat and resist the urge to rev the engines up. I shut them down because they were good to go. I turn off the water and disconnect the hose and roll it back up on the side of the garage. I go back into the boat and shut the fuel off but the lines are primed. I shut the engine doors. I take the boat key out and just as I get off the boat. Megan comes out she has a bag its got my stuff in it that Lynn packed. I hand Megan the boat Key. Megan asks me a bunch of questions. Did I shut the fuel off? Did I review the trailer mate for any errors? She looks over the trailer and the tie downs after a few minutes she says “Looks good get in the driver seat and follow my instructions”. I get in the driver’s seat and Megan gets in the passenger seat. I mention “its a big boat” she instructs me on backing out after we back out and pull up to the first stop she instructs me to review the trailer mate for any issues. I look at it everything is good. Soon we are on A 1 A and am driving it I feel so awesome its ridiculous. I stop at a Red traffic light just before the boat ramp. I glance over at Megan I work my way up from her feet in black flip flops her toes and feet were tanned matching her body tan, her toe nails a dark red. Her shorts were jean shorts and they were short, way up past the midpoint of her thighs, she had a Tan collar short sleeve shirt with three buttons on the front and some kind of golf emblem on the breast., A bikini under it, it was her baseball cap and her sunglasses that was on the cap the polarized lens It was her blonde hair in a pony tail coming out of the baseball cap. Maybe it was a combination of it all but she looked so fine to me. I took a second peak at her feet and she wiggled her toes I was caught but she was cool, she mentions something about it being easy and she will tell me when to cut it hard and then go all the way around the parking area and then pull up at the first set of parking spaces in front of the boat ramp it was empty nobody was around. I parked it and she says “Awesome”.

End of Part Two

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