Sharing my Mother and Aunty. (Kim joins our fun)

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Tim couldn’t believe his luck. He lay there his mothers pussy as his lips. He felt Kim slid off his cock. He felt his mothers hands lift his shrinking penis to her mouth. She licked and sucked his knob her hand around his shaft. He felt her mouth slid down his shaft. She moaned as she sucked his cum and sisters pussy juices off him.

She took it out. Kim sat her arse on his groin and lay back over his legs her arms stretched behind her. Andrea circled her tongue around Kim’s clit. He looked down at his cum oozing from between his aunty’s labias. Then been hidden by his mothers chin as her tongue licked up his semen. Her fingers pushing into his aunty’s swollen pussy. Cum oozing out from between her fingers and vagina hole.

” Oh yes sis. ” Kim said moaning as Andrea licked her pussy finger fucking her cum filled hole licking it clean.

Kim then stood up. Andrea got off and stood next to Kim looking down at the naked 17 yr old on the bed, he looked up at his 47 yr old mother and 45 yr old aunty. He admired both sets of breasts, both pussies.

” Come to my room. ” Kim said to her son.

They went to the shower and showered. Kim and Andrea washing his body soaping up his cock and arse and chest. Andrea stood in front of him hugging him their soapy bodies together he felt her soapy breasts rub against his chest.

Kim hugged him from behind her soapy breasts against his back. Her arm around both him and his mothers waist as both women hugged him rubbing their breasts over him using them as sponges over his body.

He kissed his mother french kissing her as Kim kissed his back and neck kissing down his spine kneeling down kissing his buttocks sliding her hand between his open legs feeling his balls and cock.

He moaned as she kissed his arse rubbing his cock.

They then got out of the shower and dried off. They all got into bed. Tim in the middle. Both women at his sides they lay into him their legs bent up on each of hid thighs.

Kim rubbed his chest, she circled her finger around his nipple. ” Nothing like a afternoon fuck ” she said looking up kissing his chin.

” I know ” Andrea said ” I often wish I could have a afternoon fuck. I get horny during the day in class. ”

” What in class? ” Tim said.

” Oh yes baby. ” She said rubbing his chest. ” I often get horny. Seeing you who I teach, and fuck. I often sit and fantasize about you banging me over my desk. ” Andrea said.

” Fuck really mum? ” He said.

” Oh yes, even at home I wish I could fuck you. ” She said.

” Yes Tim. For your mother its the whole, wanting to but not been able to. Like at school with all the students around. With your father and sister at home. ” Kim said.

” Ummmm that’s why I enjoy it so much when we do. ” Andrea said smiling at him.

” Mum, how long has Kim known about us ? ” He asked.

” A month. ” Andrea said.

” So you both planned this? ” He said.

” Aghhhh yes baby. ” Andrea replied looking over at Kim.

Tim looked at both at them. Two beautiful older women at his side. His naked mother and Aunty.

” To be honest, your mother and I are both bi sexual. We have been secretly fucking for about 10 years. ” Kim said.

” Ten years, do… Dose Dad… ”

” …. No darling your father dose not know, neither dose Kim’s. We decided we wanted a guy to join us, not our husbands. We couldn’t find a stranger we both liked so we thought of you. Keep it in the family. When I found out and caught you peering at me in my room. Then walked in on you masturbating. Then looking at my underwear and your sisters underwear. I thought why not. I mentioned it to Kim and she agreed. ” Andrea said.

” So these last few months have been like a interview seeing if I’m up to it? ” He said.

” Well no not really, more like me enjoying sex with you, not some strange guy. Taking your virginity was nice too. ” Andrea said.

” Fuck, and dad dose not know, or Kim’s husband. ” Tim asked.

” Shit no. They do not have a clue. So this has to stay secret ok? ” Kim said. ” There is no way they can find out about this little affair ok. ”

” No, no way. I wont say a thing. ” Tim said.

” Good boy. ” Kim said leaning up kissing his lips. ” So what do you like? ” Kim asked sliding her hand to his groin feeling his hard cock.

” Um. I don’t know. ” He said.

” He likes dressing in his sisters underwear and bra’s and masturbating over my naked body as I play with myself. ” Andrea said.

” Yeh you like dressing in women’s underwear? ” Kim asked.

” Yeh I do. ” He said.

” That’s made me really horny. ” Kim said sliding her hand up his erect shaft. ” So you like fucking your mother? ” Kim asked.

” Yes. ” He said.

” He calls me Timmy’s little slut. ” Andrea said.

” Oh nice. She is a little slut. ” Kim said. ” Lets make mummy our little bitch. ” Kim added.

” Yeh. ” Tim said.

” Umm yes. ” Kim replied pushing the sheet down exposing his cock. She kissed down his chest circling his knob with her tongue. Andrea leant over kissing his lips.

” Your first threesome baby. ” Andrea said smiling at him.

” With your mother and aunty. ” Kim said looking up from his cock. She slid her mouth back down his shaft sucking his cock. Kim looked over at her sisters pussy. She slid her hand over rubbing her pussy as she sucked his cock.

She circled Andrea’s clit and opened her labias, she pushed her finger inside Andrea’s horny pussy.

Andrea’s hand on her sons chin as they passionately kissed, their tongues exploring each others mouths. He fondled her breasts, he pushed his mother to her back cupping her bosom, he kissed down her neck to her chest groping her breast squeezing it kissing over her nipple. He sucked her nipples as Kim sucked his cock and finger fucked Andrea.

” Ogghhhhh fuck yes. ” Andrea moaned. Three of
Kim’s fingers inside her open vagina. Kim moved over to Andrea’s pussy. Tim looked down as he watched his Aunty’s tongue lick his mothers clit circling it as she finger fucked her.

” Give my your cock baby. ” Andrea said.

Tim got up presenting it to his mother, she leant over grabbing it bringing it to her mouth. She slid her mouth down her sons cock sucking it as she wanked it. Tim looking down loving watching Kim working around his mothers pussy.

He held Andrea’s head as she sucked. ” That’s it mummy, suck little Timmy’s cock. ” He said.

” Ummmm. ” Andrea moaned responding.

” Timmy’s little bitch. ” He said.

Kim kissed up Andrea’s body to her breasts, her fingers still in her vagina, she knelt over her sister leaning in sucking her nipples as she fondled Andrea’s breasts with her other hand.

” Suck it little bitch. ” Kim said looking at her sister. ” Suck your sons fuckin cock. ” She said.

Kim knelt next to Tim. She pulled her fingers from Andrea’s pussy.

” Open your mouth baby. ” Kim said. He opened as he fondled Kim’s breast, both looking down at Andrea holding his cock sucking it. She put her fingers in Tim’s mouth. ” Suck mummy’s juices of my fingers. ” Kim said.

Tim closed his mouth over Kim’s fingers sucking then. He could taste her juices on them as he licked and sucked her fingers.

” Taste nice, do the little sluts pussy juices taste nice on my fingers? ” She asked.

” Ummmmm. ” Tim moaned licking them. Kim and Tim kissed. Kim slid her hand to Andrea. She grabbed his cock taking it out of Andrea’s mouth. She slapped it on Andrea’s cheek. Kim leant down spitting on his cock wanking it. The mix of both women’s saliva and Tim’s pre cum on his shaft.

Kim put it back in Andrea’s mouth holding her head. She held the back of her head pushing it down his cock. Andrea deep throated gagging on his cock.

For ten seconds Kim held her head, his cock deep in her throat. She pulled her off. Andrea gagging. Kim knelt down as Tim stood on the bed. Both women sharing his cock licking and sucking his shaft.

Andrea then got onto her hands and knees. Kim knelt at her side leaning over her arse. Andrea opening her legs as she sucked her sons cock. Kim reached under Andrea’s hips rubbing her pussy. She leant over kissing her buttocks. She rubbed her fingers up over her anus rubbing her hole.

” Come around and fuck her. ” Kim said. Tim got off the bed and stood behind his mother. He admired her arsehole and pussy. He watched Kim rub his mothers pussy and anus. She grabbed his cock rubbing it over her clit and pussy. ” Push it in. ” Kim said.

Tim pushed his cock deep in her. He slowly thrust her as Kim rubbed Andrea’s anus. Kim watching son fucking mother. Kim stood up and went to her room. She came back with lube. She squirted some on Andrea’s anus. She rubbed over her arsehole and pushed a finger into her arse. She slowly pushed it in and out as Tim fucked her pussy.

” Oggghhhhhhh fuuck. ” Andrea moaned. ” Fuck Fuck. ” She said. Tim sped up thrusting faster as Kim fingered her sisters arse faster.

” Ohhhhh fuck. ” Tim moaned holding his mothers buttocks open watching his cock thrust her pussy.

” Finger her arsehole as you fuck her. ” Kim said pulling her finger out. She lay down under Andrea in a 69. Both women playing with and sucking each others nipples. Tim poured more lube on his mothers arse. He pushed his finger in. He fucked her pussy as he fingered her arsehole. Andrea moaning as Kim squeezed her breasts and sucked her sisters nipples. She slid a finger to Andreas pussy rubbing her clit, she felt Tim’s shaft sliding in and out of his mothers labias and pussy.

Andrea moaning loudly as both holes were pleasured. Her clit been rubbed, her breasts been sucked.

Andrea slid a finger to Kim’s pussy rubbing her. Tim fucked faster. ” Going to cum. ” He said.

” Oh yes, cum baby. ” Kim said. ” Cum for aunty Kim. He sped up.

” FUCK FUCK. ” Andrea yelled loudly feeling her sons body slapping against her arse his cock deep in her, his finger deep in her arse as Kim rubbed her clit faster. Her body shuddered. ” Ohhhh ssshiittt. ” She said. Tim gave her one last thrust holding her arse with one hand, his other finger plugging his mothers anus, he cum. He filled his mothers pussy with semen.

” Ohhhh fuck. ” He said feeling himself again empty into his mothers pussy. ” Ooohhh shhhitt. ” He said looking at the ceiling. Kim slowly rubbed his balls wrapping her fingers over them.

” That’s it, fill the fuckin sluts pussy up. ” Kim said. She slid up the bed now under Andrea’s pussy. She lifted her head kissing Andrea’s clit. Tim pulled his finger from his mothers arsehole. His cock softened and slipped out of his mother. Cum dripped onto Kim’s face. Andrea lay forward leaning in opening Kim’s legs opening Kim’s labias licking inside her pussy. Tim watched as Kim did the same licking cum from Andrea’s pussy. She grabbed his cock sucking the cum off him.

” Fuck that was good. ” Tim said.

” You fucked us both. ” Kim said.

” Yeh. ” He said smiling almost proud of himself.

Andrea rolled off Kim onto the bed on her back. Kim rolled to her side still in a 69. Both women playing with each others pussies. Tim standing watching playing with his cock as Kim rubbed cum over his mothers pussy then licking it off. He smiled as he admired both naked bodies. His father would be so jealous he was fucking his mother.

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