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Shopping 3 – Dirty Sex Tales

It was a quiet warm evening, the shops in the small English town were all locked up for the evening except for the small Indian corner shop owned by sixty eight year old pal who had been given the nickname pal by local residents because he called everyone pal, his two sons had been nicknamed friend and chum by local residents, the family were well liked and respected by local residents, but there were a few people who were racist and did not like the family but they still went in the shop to buy stuff, sixteen year old Sharon was one of the racists, she was well known for being a bully and racist, not many people in the town liked or trusted Sharon and stayed clear of her if they could. Sharon was in the corner shop where chum who was four years younger than what Sharon was was watching her because he knew she was a shoplifter his brother friend six years younger than Sharon was also watching Sharon and when she slipped a bottle of cider into her bag the boys told their dad who stopped Sharon as she tried to leave the shop with out paying for the bottle of cider, Pal took Sharon into the back room of the shop where after getting the cider back pal gave her the option of taking his punishment or he would call the police, Sharon knew if pal called the police she would end up in youth detention for three years so agreed to take pals punishment, pal produced a cane and told Sharon to bend over the table, Sharon looked at the cane thought of the detention centre which she knew would be hell then bent over the table as she did her short crop top rode up a bit both boys smiled when they saw Sharon’s underboobs and when she moved forward a bit more under boob showed, pal said ” kneel on the chair instead, Sharon knelt on the chair and when she bent forward her boobs hung out of her crop top the boys stared in awe at Sharon’s boobs, pal stepped forward and raised Sharon’s then to Sharon’s horror pal pulled her panties down, chum said ” her tits are hanging out we can see them, Pal said ” yes and I can see her bum ” Sharon got off the chair saying ” you fucking perverts ” and bent to pull her panties up as she did pal held her by the back of her neck so that she could not stand up he then forced Sharon round and pinned her on the table by her head then undid his trousers, Sharon felt pal’s dick slide up her love tube and shouted no don’t as pal thrust in and out of Sharon’s love tube his two sons were watching Sharon’s boobs as they swung to and fro, chum moved forward and started to massage Sharon’s boobs and was soon joined by friend, Sharon was screaming out stop get off, chum knelt and started to lick Sharon’s nipples while his brother carried on rubbing the other, Sharon suddenly went quiet and started breathing heavy, and after a few more minutes with out intending to climaxed. Not long after pal was squirting his cum over the floor, ten minutes later pal stripped Sharon naked and put her in the small cellar of the shop where she stayed for a week, nobody missed Sharon during that week but she was not lonely as many of the Indian boys teens and men made regular visits to her leaving happy and content.

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