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Slave to Women – Dirty Sex Tales

Hi, I am Abhi 23 years old from Mumbai with an average dick size. I am a slave from inside, so I posted an Ad on locanto and I got a message from a dominant woman. We started chatting. Then she told me how she wishes to dominate me and how well can I serve her.

I told her that I will do anything she wants me to do. Then we decided to meet at her house when she is alone. I had not seen her until now. She was staying in a posh locality of south Mumbai.

When I reached her place I rang the bell and she opened the door. I entered and she closed the door. I sat on the sofa and she came and sat beside me. She was looking hot in a black nightgown and didn’t look like she is 40 years old and mother of 2 children.

Then she put her hand on my thighs and kept it like that for some time. There was awkward silence then out of nowhere came the first blow she slapped me right across my face and said that are you here to serve me or be my guest.

Then I said “Sorry”. Then came another tight slap this time even harder “Who will say mam”, she said. Then I said “Sorry mam”. Then she cooled down a bit and she ordered me to kneel in front of her. I did it immediately without annoying her more. Then she put her leg in my mouth and as soon as she put her leg, I started licking it and she kept pushing her feet deep in my mouth and choked me. I licked and sucked her feet for almost 15-20 minutes.

Then she wiped her feet with my clothes. Then she ordered me to sit like a dog and remove my clothes. I exactly did as she ordered. Then as soon as I removed all my clothes, she spanked my ass hard and started increasing her force of spanks. Then she ordered me to lie across her lap and then spanked harder. By now my ass was dark red.

After that, she threw me down and asked me to follow her like a dog. I followed her to her bedroom. There she lied on the bed and asked me to pull her nightie up and started licking her ass. I did as she said. I started licking her ass slowly and steadily. Then inserted my tongue inside her ass as deep as I could and started doing inside out like fucking her ass and licked as fast as possible. I licked her ass for around 30 minutes. Then she ordered me to finger fuck her pussy. I started inserting one finger at a time.

Then after a while, I was fucking her with three fingers deep in her pussy that she came within 15 minutes. As ordered by her,I completely swallowed her cum, after that, she ordered me to massage her body. I removed her nightie totally and she wasn’t wearing any bra. So her boobs were there right in front of my eyes they were so stiff and perfect.

Then I started massaging her body and suddenly she asked me to massage her right boob. I started massaging it gently and then she ordered me to lick her nipple I did as I was told.

Then she ordered me to lie down on the bed. I did and then she sat on my face with her ass on my mouth and ordered me to lick her ass. I did lick her ass as fast and deep as I can. While licking, my tool had got erected and she got angry seeing that. She slapped my balls and dick as hard as possible.

Then after a while, she got down and ordered me to lick her pussy, I licked her pussy as fast and deep as she wanted. She was pushing my head deep in her pussy and she released a huge load of straight in my mouth and I drank the entire load without wasting a drop.

Then I licked her pussy clean. Then she asked me to follow her to the washroom.

There she asked me to kneel and to beg her to piss on my face, I did as she asked. I begged her like a dog to make her piss on my face. Then she made an angle and started pissing on my face and I loved it when she pissed on my face. Then after her pissing, I licked clean her pussy with my tongue.

Then she ordered me to clean myself and wash her toilet pot and her lingerie. I cleaned the pot and lingerie properly as she was standing there keeping a check on the work done by me, she looked happy with my work.

Then I crawled out of the washroom. She asked me to follow her to the dining room, there she started eating bread butter as she was hungry after a session. All the while I was near her feet like a dog. Then she threw half-eaten bread on the floor and asked me to eat it as a dog and I did as she ordered.

Then she put a bowl of water down and asked me to drink water like a dog which I did. Then she asked me to kneel in front of her and she started slapping me left right and center. Then she started playing with my dick and warned me if I released my load.

She was bringing me to the edge and leaving it, but after 30 minutes of her playing, I could not control and released my cum. She got very angry due to that and started slapping me even harder. Then she made me lick my entire cum from the floor.

I will tell what happened next in my next sex story. If you liked my story, please do share your review and contact me on [email protected]

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