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Slave to Women – Part 2

Hello friends thank you for such a great response to the part one of this story if you have not yet read it please do read Slave to Women.

Hi I am Abhi the slave from Mumbai and the dominant of this story is Reshma, 40 years old and mother of 2 children but she looks much younger than her age and doesn’t look like a mother at all, her stats are 38-32-36.

After that she asked me to clean up and leave for the day. Then from that day onwards we chatted regularly. She always used to abuse me while chatting and gave orders and made me send her photo of that to her to prove that I did as she ordered. I had to give her details of what I am doing the entire day and she used to ask for snapchat any moment to check whether I am telling the truth or not.

She ordered me to wear an adult diaper to work and send her snap from office washroom, asked me to go to gym without any underwear and I had to prove it when she asked for snap during the workout, she ordered me to slap myself very hard while recording a video of me slapping myself and she should hear the sound of slap and made me do it again and again unless she was satisfied, lick my cum after masturbating and many more.

After 15 days she asked me to come to her house without any underwear and I did as she said. When I reached there she was in nightie which was almost see through and I could see her red satin lingerie, I took the dogs position as soon as I entered the house and removed my shirt and jeans and was fully naked in front of her as she had asked me not to wear underwear when I come (as I know that its not good to annoy her, in case she gets annoyed she will beat me black and blue). I followed her like a dog to the sofa where she sat and me near her feet. She was happy with my obedience so she pulled my cheeks in a loving manner and said “this is how I wanted my slave dog to be”.

Then she went in her room, I was scared as I didn’t know whats gonna happen now, she came after 5 mins with a dog belt and some box which I didn’t recognize, she came and sat on the sofa and put the belt around my neck and her smile was very wicked, then she pulled the belt and made me turn and I had my ass facing her, I thought she might spank me, but she removed something like a white cotton piece with string (which I later came to know that it was tampon that female use during periods) and inserted in my ass, it was soft but very uncomfortable.

Then she again pulled the belt and asked me to get on her knees, I knew what was coming, as soon as I lain on her knees she started spanking me with her hand, due to her long fingers it hurts badly and as hard she hit the more tampon was going deeper causing more and more pain.

After that she asked me to get down, by the time I got down my butts were burning very badly. Then she made me have a dog walk by her pulling me in the house, she used to pull so hard that I fell many times, the moment I fell she used to slap me hard and spit on my face, this happened every time I fell and my neck got cut due to the pull.

Then she took me in her toilet and tied me like a dog near the pot and asked me to remove her panty, then while she was shitting she asked me to put my face near her vagina so that I can smell her shit and she can piss on me, once she was done she asked me to clean her with my tongue, as I took few seconds she started pushing my face inside the pot, then without delay I started by licking her pussy clean and then cleaned her dirty ass with my tongue, then she pushed me and got up and asked me to enjoy the taste of her shit and not clean my mouth, then she ordered me to remove her clothes, then she asked me to flush the pot and give her a bath, she released me from the belt to give her a bath, she stood in the bathing area and I soaped her full body from head to toe, during that she was playing with my penis and crushing my balls, then when I started pouring water on her she kicked my penis hard as the water was a little hot for her, then I corrected the temperature and washed her body. Then I took a towel and dried her and made her wear only bathrobe. Then she asked me to get her worn bra and panty to her room, as soon as I got it she ordered me to wear her bra and panty, I did as she said. Due to the soft satin panty my penis was getting erect and coming out of the panty, watching this she got angry and started slapping me hard, kicking my balls. Then she forced her feet inside my mouth and put it deep till I got choked then she removed it and made me suck her toe while she fingered her pussy, then she removed the toe from my mouth and inserted her fingers in my mouth and I sucked it then she again put fingers in pussy then in my mouth, then she pulled me by the belt towards her pussy and I started licking it like a mad dog, she started scratching my back with her nails. I licked her pussy till she cummed 3-4 times and drank all her secretion without wasting a drop.

Then she made me lie on the floor and sat on my face and asked to lick her ass, I didn’t even have place to breathe, she made me lick her for 5 mins but they were no less than an hour as I couldn’t breathe.

Then she took me towards the dining table and started eating then she threw the half chewed food on the floor and asked me to eat, as I was hesitant she got angry and got a belan from kitchen and started spanking my ass as I was in doggy position and kept on spanking unless I finished the food on the floor, she even spat on the floor and asked me to lick it and as punishment she asked me to kneel and she put one leg on my shoulder, I started licking her pussy but she said “just open your mouth fucker” and started pissing in my mouth and I drank every drop and then licked her pussy clean.

Then she made me clean her and myself and asked me to go as it was time for her kids to get back home.

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