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Small Town Girl Meets Big City Guys by Arianna

I’m a country girl attending my first year of college in a big city. It’s been an adjustment going from a town of less than 500 people to a city with over 1 million people. My dorm mates have been great at helping me adjust. They’ve also introduced me to internet sex sites. I was cruising the web when I found your story sites. I see that you invite people to submit their own stories so I’m going to share an experience with you.

It was my first one night stand. This happened two years ago. It was summer and the previous spring I ran in and won the election for student council vice president. There is a camp for school leaders and I was one of 2 students from my school who got to go. That in itself was an adjustment. My entire school only had about 120 kids. There were about 250 delegates at this camp from all over the state.

The point of this camp was to teach us about leadership techiques, effective communications, rules of order etc. But it was a camp full of kids in their late teens, which is to say there was bound to be some sex going on.

Not all the guys were handsome and not all the girls were cute. But people who run for school office are usually popular, confident people. Since attractive people tend to be more popular, the camp had its share of male and female hotties. The guys were drooling over the girls and vice versa.

I didn’t go there expecting to get laid. I wasn’t a virgin, but I wasn’t all that experienced either. I’d had two boyfriends by that time in my life, and I also made love with both of them. I had also made love with a couple of close guy friends. But I had never been with a guy I barely knew.

I’m a nice looking brunette. I have pretty green eyes, a cute, lightly freckled nose, and a pretty smile. I’m not very tall at 5 foot 2, but I’m relatively long legged and my thighs and calves are nicely curved and athletic looking. I noticed a lot of guys at this camp admiring my legs as I walked around in cut offs. When we went swimming I wore a bikini that showed off my slim figure. My measurements are 33A-24-31 so even though I wasn’t as voluptuous or curvaceous as some of the other girls, I got my share of admirers. A lot of guys flirted with me.

Two days into camp, we had a square dance. I met a cute guy named Jerry. He and I hit it off, and we left the dance to go for a walk. I had recently broken up with my boy friend and getting attention from a good guy was nice.

I was wearing a denim mini skirt and a short t-shirt that showed off my flat tummy and slim waist and I know Jerry was really attracted to me. We walked down to the beach area and discovered that the boat house was unlocked. We went in closing and latching the door behind us. I knew we were going to make out but I wasn’t sure how far I would let him go. We had left the lights off to avoid attracting attention. There was a full moon and the direct moon light was intensified by the reflection coming off the lake. All that light came through the window and lit the corner of the boat house we were in so that we could see each other clearly.

We didn’t spend much time getting to know each other. He gently put his arms around my waist and kissed me. Soon we were sprawled on a pile of floating seat pads making out. His hand was under my t-shirt caressing my tummy. Soon he was had pushed my bikini top aside and he was gently playing with my breasts.

My breasts aren’t big but I’m happy with them. They are snowy white with tiny pink nipples. The shape is nice. They are evenly matched, nice and round, and perky. They looked so white in the moonlight. I loved feeling his warm mouth surrounding my nipples.

He started caressing my thighs and my ass. He asked me if I knew how beautiful my legs are. My panties were soon down around my knees and he was gently finger fucking me. I took my panties all the way off and spread my legs to let him get a good look at my vagina.

I have a small, pretty pussy. For some reason, I’ve never grown much hair over it. My pubic patch is made up of really fine hair that’s more wavy than curly. It sort of sweeps inward to form a soft crest. He loved looking at it, and at my actual pussy. He commented on how small and delicate the lips are. He took his pants off and showed me a nicely shaped penis. It wasn’t big, maybe 5 and 1/2 inches, but none of my previous partners was very big either.

I sucked it and he moaned softly and said I did that so good.

He stopped me and asked me to take my skirt off so that I was completely naked. Then he gently entered me. I had lost my virginity the summer after 8th grade, but I had known each guy that had ever been inside of me for years. This guy had only been an acquaintance for a couple of hours.

It felt so good being fucked that night. It didn’t take long for him to cum. He said the fact that my vagina is so warm and soft and tight made holding back almost impossible. It didn’t matter because he was stiff right away and we had sex in several positions. He came two more times inside of me and I had at least 5 orgasms.

That was my first one night stand. I hooked up with a new guys on each of the next 4 nights of camp. On the last night I let 4 guys fuck me in a row. It wasn’t what I would call a classic gang bang, I would say it was more of a train. Before that week of camp, I had only spread my long pretty legs for a total of 4 different guys. I had 8 different sex partners in less than a week. Obviously, those big city guys were a bad influence on a small town girl like me.

– The End –

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