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Spanked And More – Dirty Sex Tales

The small Bengali owned grocery shop had stood in the middle of the rough and run down council housing estate for many years it suffered from a few shop lifters mainly teens who stole cheap booze, sixteen year old timber was the owners son and was working late, he was just putting a notice up that said I am called timber because as a little boy I kept shouting timber so my gran nicknamed me timber, he thought that will stop people asking why I am called timber, out of the corner of his eye timber saw sixteen year old Tina stuffing booze into her bag, he turned and challenged her just as her aunt walked in, Tina’s aunt asked what  was going on, so timber told her, Tina’s aunt checked the bag and after finding the booze told Tina that she was in shit adding that her mum had left her in charge and that she was now going to get a damn good spanking, she then looked at timber and said” can I use your back room to give her a bare ass spanking which you may witness” the thought of seeing the bare bum of the best good looking blonde haired girl on the estate prompted timber to quickly say yes, and after locking the door took the pair into the back room and waited expecting to see Tina lower her jeans but when Tina’s aunt said ” right get those clothes off” timber could hardly believe his ears but watched as Tina lowered the zip on her hoody and took it off, timber thought very nice when he saw Tina had no bra on and her could see her ample boobs and after a couple of minutes when she was stood naked and he could see her cute bum and love tube he thought very nice indeed and watched as Tina bent over the table and her aunt gave her six hard slaps on her bare bum, timber could feel his eight inch hard dick pushing against his joggers and saw Tina look down at the tent in his joggers, Tina got dressed and left, Tina’s aunt told timber that if Tina stole from the shop again to let her know and left, just as timber was locking up Tina walked back into the shop and asked timber not to tell anyone what had happened, timber smiled and said ” depends what it is worth” and when Tina asked what he wanted to keep quiet, timber replied your tits look great, and smiled when Tina lowered her zip, timber looked in awe at Tina’s naked boobs and felt his dick go solid he saw Tina look at the tent in his joggers and saw her nipples go erect he stepped forward and reached out Tina stopped him saying not here in the back, timber quickly locked up and went out the back where Tina had already gone, as he went into the back room timber smiled as he saw Tina laying naked on the table with her legs hanging over the end and open, timber walked over to her and started massaging Tina’s boobs, after a couple of minutes Tina said ” come on fuck me” timber lowered his joggers and Tina looked at the brown dick and smiled, timber moved between Tina’s legs and was soon pushing his dick into her love tube making her groan as he did. timber started to thrust in and out of the white girls love tube licking her nipples as he did and after ten minutes felt her cum but carried on thrusting away and felt her cum a second time before he squirted his cum over her body some of which hit Tina in the face, half a hour later timber was locking the shop as Tina met her aunt on the corner near the shop and said to her ” what a way to get fucked” her aunt smiled then Tina added and it stung when you slapped my fucking bum, the pair laughed as they walked down the road together with Tina saying at least I will not have to go through all that again just to get fucked again.

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