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Teri pimps out her lover Janey

Teri pimps out her lover Janey

My lover and friend Janey is a submissive slut for hire. That’s her profession, and she does it very well. Janey is 36, with mouthwatering curves and mounds and a taste for kinky sex that comes from experience. Men and women pay her for what they can’t get at home, and they always come back for more.

Yesterday, she visited a gentleman outside of town. He paid for the room and she got there first and removed her clothing. He wanted her naked when he arrived. She had corresponded for a couple of months with him before this first meeting, and he’d made it clear that he was into a lot of prolonged and hard thrusting anal, and he wanted a woman who could give him all he wanted. Janey knew her ass was in for a workout and couldn’t wait. She used a small butt-plug prior to his arrival, just to loosen things up.

Janey is always nervous beforehand – I think that’s what gives her, her edge – so when she heard his knock, she nearly jumped out of her skin. It was a little cool in the room, and her naked nipples were stiff and jutting out. She reached between her legs and pulled out the plug, then stuffed it into a drawer and answered the door.

Because she was naked, she had to pull it open from behind. He stepped in and slammed it behind him. He was handsome – blue eyes, tanned, about her age or maybe a few years older. He grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissing her hard while reaching around to maul her ass. She pulled away and reminded him that he had to take care of business first, and he paid her in cash.

No sooner had she tucked the money away when he was all over her again. His hands crushed her large, firm tits and pulled on her taut nipples. He kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue down her throat while his hands explored her naked body.

He grabbed a handful of her cunt-hair and pulled it up hard, forcing her up on her tiptoes. He slapped her ass hard enough to leave a red welt. She was totally in his power. This was one very sexy guy!

As they kissed, she began to undress him, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off him without her lips unlocking. She turned her back to him and wiggled her butt against his crotch, feeling his stiff dick through his slacks as she groped for his belt buckle. Finally, his zipper was undone and his pants slid down. She worked her ass back against him as she pulled on the waistband of his jockeys.

While she was doing this, he reached around to grab her tits. They’re big and heavy, and he could dig his
fingers into the flesh and slap her white mounds together while she rubbed her ass against his crotch.

At one point, his undershorts got stuck on his stiff cock and she couldn’t get them farther down. She struggled with them until his dick finally popped free, then threw herself back against him. His cock slid between her legs. Janey’s pussy was wet and the head of his dick parted her legs and rubbed against her stiff clit, sending an electric shock through her. She moaned uncontrollably.

He walked her over to the bed and threw her down on it, face first. She pleaded with him not to rape her ass (part of her pre-agreed fantasy), but he wrestled her into a helpless position. Then he mounted her, straddling her ass and drawing his cock along the crack of her ass. Janey reached behind to push him away, but he caught her hands up behind her, pinning them to the small of her back. Then he took his cock in hand and guided it to her asshole. As he took his first thrust into Janey, she began to wish she had used a larger plug.

His cock was thick and at least 10 inches. It took considerable pressure to force the head into her tight little hole. When it finally popped in, he held back for a minute, giving her a chance to catch her breath, before thrusting it all the way in, mercilessly, causing her to squeal in shock and pain! His cock was much longer than she imagined it might be (everybody says theirs is big!)

She began to wonder if she hadn’t bit off more than she could chew. He didn’t give her too long to think about this, though, before he started thrusting forcefully. Janey gasped and tried to control her breathing. He spanked her ass as he butt-fucked her. Every ounce of her being was focused on relaxing her asshole, but it was difficult, with her face buried in a pillow, her hands bound up behind her back in his iron grip and her ass-cheeks stinging from his relentless assault.

Without removing his cock from her rectum, he ordered her onto her feet. Janey scrambled to her knees gingerly as he pressed his cock deep inside her. Once standing, he forced her to walk with his cock up her ass until she was in front of a full length mirror, mounted on the wall at the far side of the room. Once there, he turned her to face it, then ordered her to put her hands on her head and bend over.

He grabbed her hips and began to jackhammer his cock up her ass. Janey arched her back and looked into the mirror to see her tits swinging wildly, slapping together and bouncing with every thrust. He reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back further, while keeping one hand in the small of her back.

The pain had subsided and she began to feel the intense arousal that only anal sex can provide. Her jiggling tits only made her hornier, as she wished she could reach between her legs and rub her swollen clit. Janey knew he was close too, and she prayed he would blow his wad up her ass while she came – but it wasn’t to be.

Just as she felt the surge of heat spreading out from her poor little abused asshole, he abruptly withdrew his cock and ordered her on her knees. Without a thought for her sensibilities, he thrust his filthy butt-fucking cock into her mouth and shoved it deep down her throat. It wasn’t pleasant, but it’s part of the job and she worked hard to make her mouth a fuckable hole for him to enjoy (and for her).

He face-fucked her gleefully, removing his sticky cock from time to time to slap her face with it, before forcing it back down her throat.

Janey dutifully sucked and relaxed her throat, working hard to control her gag reflex so he could get a good thrust with every stroke.

At one point, she thought he was going to cum down her throat – and she wouldn’t have minded at all. There’s nothing she finds more satisfying than a load of hot cream exploding against her tonsils. But this guy was into butt-fucking, and he hadn’t had his fill yet. He pulled her back up to her feet and brought her back to the bed.

This time, he lay back. (He needed a bit of a break, having done most of the work so far.) He motioned for her to mount him, and she clambered over him, crouching and lowering her swollen and bruised little butthole onto the head of his cock. He took her hips to set the pace and forced her down on his cock.

Her rectum was looser, having been fucked open, but was sore and raw from the earlier butt-fucking she’d endured. It was a trade-off. Still, he’d paid for an hour’s worth of butt-fucking and she had taken the money. If she wanted his business again, she’d better give him his money’s worth.

Before long, she was bouncing on the bed, jumping up and down on his steely cock. He grabbed her nipples and pulled them hard, causing her pain with every motion. He asked her if it hurt and she told him that it did. She begged him not to hurt her nipples, and this only excited him more. He began to twist them and pinch them harder. her tits were definitely not having a good day!

Finally, he told her to lay back on her back and put her legs up in the air. He grabbed her legs and pulled them up and over to the side, presenting her defenseless ass to his still stiff penis. He penetrated her once again, taking advantage of this position to drive exceptionally deep inside her, as he slammed his belly against her cheeks.

Janey reached up and grabbed the bedstead above her, causing her tits to pitch and bounce wildly with every thrust. He loved this, loved watching her tits bounce and dance wildly as he fucked her. He began to fuck her harder, slamming into her for all he was worth.

Then Janey knew he was going to cum. She felt his cock heat up and grow even stiffer in her asshole. His eyes rolled back in his head and a gutteral groan ignited in his throat. She bore down, clamping his cock in with her anal muscles. He thrust more deliberately, and she knew he was going to blow his load. her whole belly felt like one big sex muscle, but still, she wasn’t close to cumming. Janey was focused on his pleasure, on milking his cock for all it was worth.

Then he exploded. So hard, she felt the first wad hit and ricochet off the wall of her rectal cavity. As he continued to thrust, she felt her anus getting slippery with his sperm, and she felt his goo dripping down the crack of her ass. He came and came, until he emptied his balls up her belly. Janey squeezed her rectal muscles, nursing him for more, holding him inside her. He stayed inside her for a long time, before slipping out.

They laid together on the bed. He was half asleep, and she could feel her poor little asshole throbbing, the hot cum dribbling out of it.

After a while, she moved down and sucked his cock clean. To her surprise, it stiffened a little!

They still had a little time left, but she didn’t want to put too much pressure on him, so she began licking all around his belly, where his pubic hair was sticky with her cunt juice and the cum that had spurted out of her ass. He was very quiet, and he didn’t seem to object, so she continued her efforts by licking down to his balls, circling them with her tongue and sucking them into her mouth. Finally, she started to lick under and behind his scrotum – this is Janey’s specialty!

He spread his legs and let her get into position. They had never discussed her invading his ass, so she wasn’t sure how he would feel about it. Slowly, she licked her way down, lower and lower, toward his forbidden zone. For his part, he gave her access, spreading his legs and eventually raising them up to his belly. Finally, her tongue moved across his hairy puckered hole. Janey looked up to find him looking down, watching her lick his ass. She could tell by the look on his face that he liked it, and she continued.

Snaking her tongue all the way down the crack of his ass, she licked her way back up, stopping to flick it over his sensitive puckered hole.

He reached down and pulled his ass-cheeks apart, signaling her to french him as deep as she could. Janey thrusted her tongue into his tight hole, without much success, but he seemed to enjoy the feeling of having her hot, wet lips pressed against his sphincter as her tongue massaged the opening to his asshole.

They went on like this for a long time, her rimming him and pleasuring him in the most forbidden way. She could tell he loved it because his cock was getting hard again, and he was playing with it as she licked and kissed his raunchy, hairy asshole.

Finally, he motioned her to lay on her back and place her hand between her legs. She didn’t need to be told twice! She started thrusting two fingers into her dripping cunt while rubbing her clit with the other hand. He crouched over her face, presenting his butthole to her for more oral attention. While she masturbated and french-kissed his asshole, he pulled on her nipples and slapped her tits around.
But what really turned her on was the way he talked to her. He said some incredibly foul things (which i dare not repeat here) about what he’d like to do to her! Her pussy was on fire, and she felt a hot nucleus forming deep in her cunt. His dirty words put her over the edge.

She love being talked to like a dirty hot whore!

Suddenly, the dark little sphere exploded, sending a shockwave of heat throughout her body. She groaned, but her orgasmic cries were muffled by the crack of his ass, which he forced over her face just as she exploded, suffocating her.

Janey gasped for breath, but he smothered her! Just when she thought she would never take another breath of fresh air, he raised up and aimed his cock at her lips and let go with a thick, hot load of cum. it spurted all over her face, taking her by surprise. She opened her mouth and let him deposit the rest of his load down her throat, swallowing to keep from drowning. His load was hot and thick, but not as large as his first one.

Janey licked what she could off her lips and chin, then sucked his softening cock into her mouth to nurse the last few precious drops of cum.

Needless to say, he was one happy customer! Janey thoroughly enjoyed it too, and she look forward to the kinky things they might do in the future, including her friend Teri, some toys and other goodies

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