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Thank You – Part 2

It was a few days after the incident at work in which John had received a visit from Sara and got the very welcome but unexpected blow job the girl. John was sitting in his flat on his own watching his telly when he heard his door bell ring, John went to the door looked through the security spy hole and saw young Sara standing out side, John opened the door and after greeting Sara let her in, Sara followed John to his lounge where John switched his telly off and offered Sara a cup of tea or coffee, Sara asked for tea, John went into the kitchen to make the tea, after making the tea he returned to the lounge gave Sara her tea after drinking her tea, Sara told John her mum was now fully recovered from the accident but was still not driving, John joked saying perhaps she has flooded the engine, Sara laughed told John that the family were well grateful for what he had done and that they owed him big time and if he wanted anything at all he had to do was ask, John smiled told Sara he had really enjoyed the blow job the other night, Sara asked him if he wanted another one and could have one if he wanted one and stood up, John smiled Sara stood up looked straight at John and said ” do you want me to suck your cock like I did the other day or would you like to fuck me” John looked at Sara smiled and said ” I would love to fuck you” Sara said ” ok you can here or in the bedroom” John stood and walked into the bedroom with Sara following him, John watched as Sara started to undress and once she was naked John admired her shapely boobs and shaved love tube, John started undressing and when naked climbed on to the bed beside Sara and started to rub her boobs before sliding his hand down between her legs and rubbing her love tube with Sara parting her legs as he did, after ten minutes John knelt between Sara’s legs bent forward and slid his throbbing dick into Sara’s love tube feeling it was moist, John started thrusting in and out, Sara started breathing heavy as John pounded in to her and after awhile Sara climaxed, John pounded away for another minute or two before pulling his dick out and squirting his cum over Sara’s body, they lay side by side for a few minutes before John showed Sara where the bathroom was and going to make tea while Sara washed, John was sat in his lounge when Sara returned still naked, John admired her cute bum and told Sara she had a cute bum and was surprised when Sara asked him if he wanted to fuck her up the bum and that he could if he wanted, John told her he would love to, Sara told him he could, after John told her he was spent, Sara promised he could on her next visit, after Sara had dressed and left John thought roll on next visit.

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