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The Beach 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

The sandy beach was a well known place where illegal immigrants tried to enter England from the channel, there were regular patrols from the coast guards along the beach keeping an eye open for the small boats that brought the immigrants ashore often the boats were well over loaded and almost sinking, there were often groups of English anti immigrants out trying to catch the immigrants while at the same time there were those who supported the immigrants out trying to help them, Steve was a sixteen year old thug who hated immigrants and was out on his own looking for the immigrants, he had been out boozing with his mates and was now on the beach very late, it was quiet and Steve could see anybody no coast guards patrols or other people and also no immigrants which he thought was good, nine year old Pao was a Bengali immigrant who had got separated from her family and saw Steve heading towards her and quickly hid behind a burnt out car watching Steve as she had been taught before making the crossing, Steve was not far from Pao when he stopped and started to undo his jeans and when he pulled his nine inch dick out Pao thought wow the white boys have got big willies after having a wee Steve stood there thinking of the stripper they had seen at the pub and his dick slowly grew till it was fully erect standing up at nine inches which he then started to stroke, Pao was watching wide eyed and after a few minutes saw Steve’s knees buckle and four long spurts of cum shoot from Steve’s dick, after a few minutes Steve had put his dick away and was walking away, Pao was thinking wow I been told white boys do that a lot but never thought I would see it done. Tina was also sixteen years old and an immigrant supporter and was out on her dads fishing boat  looking for immigrants but was not seeing any but suddenly saw a small blob in the water and on getting closer saw it was a small dinghy with a small boy in it, Tina gave him food and water then stood up and took her jumper off revealing her naked boobs then Tina lay down on the deck  partly over the edge the boy looked at Tina’s ample boobs and smiled he then reached up and rubbed the nice white boobs after a few minutes Tina stood and took her jeans off the boy in the dinghy looked at the naked girl and when she sat with her legs overhanging the boat he very quickly started to rub her love tube and pushed two fingers inside, after a few minutes Tina stopped the boy stood up and dressed  before moving further down the channel. After a couple of hours Tina went back to the docks where the coast guards searched her boat and after finding nothing started to leave, Tina asked them if they had caught anybody and was told only a young Turkish lad who was a lot younger than her and mumbling something about a welcoming lady. Tina thought poor kid he got caught at least I made him happy, a few nights later Tina was out again with her dads boat but despite a very good look was unable to find any immigrants at all.

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