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The Bees – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy was a loud mouthed troublesome 16 year old girl who lots of people were scared of, her school tried helping her by putting her in charge of the school voluntary gardening club where she seemed to do well but was still loud mouthed and caused trouble, Cindy had suggested the school kept bees to produce honey, the school teachers agreed with her idea even the school board supported it and bees were introduced to the school, the bees were donated to the school by a factory who had bred them but their bee keeper got sacked after sexually pestering females who worked at the factory that produced medicines it was joked that the beekeeper got to close to the sex enhancing drugs. Two days after the bees arrived at the school Cindy was near the hives when a bee stung her, after being checked by the school nurse and having the sting removed Cindy went back to the gardens and was in the potting shed where Abdul was working, Abdul was a couple of years younger than Cindy and often took verbal abuse from her, Abdul saw Cindy working on some plants when she stopped and put her hand inside  her tight fitting blouse from the bottom slide it up to her boobs after a short while she slid her hand behind her back then back to the front slid her other hand up inside her blouse then pulled them both out with her bra in her hands which she dropped on the floor, Abdul saw the pokies in Cindy’s blouse then watched as Cindy slid both hands back up her blouse and start rubbing her boobs, Amy who was Cindy’s sister and a couple of years younger than Abdul came in saying she had been stung and was off to see the nurse before heading to the school, Abdul saw Cindy undo a couple of the top buttons on her blouse before putting a hand inside then undoing another button on her blouse as she did Abdul saw the side of her large boobs after a few more minutes Cindy undid all the buttons on her blouse, Abdul gasped as he saw Cindy’s naked boobs with very erect nipples, Cindy carried on rubbing them then took her blouse off looked at Abdul and said to him ” want to fuck me” as she unzipped  her skirt letting it drop to the floor and removing her panties, Abdul looked at the naked Cindy admiring her large boobs and shaved clit as she lay on the floor, Abdul undid his trousers knelt between Cindy’s parted legs and was soon sliding his 6 inch erection into Cindy’s wet love tube then start to thrust away as hard as he could after a few minutes he pulled his dick out squirted his cum on the floor stood up and saw Tony the school 16 year old dork watching and was soon watching as Tony was humping away into Cindy, he saw Amy returning from the school nurse and go into the green house Abdul spoke to his class mates Mike and Gary told them about Cindy and watched as they headed towards the potting shed before going to the green house where he saw Amy naked being pounded by 16 year old Mark who was known as a perv, Abdul’s attention was drawn to a swarm of about one hundred bees heading to the school and going inside, Steve walked past him Abdul looked at Amy saw she had cum on her belly and was fingering her self, Abdul undid his trousers pulled his erect dick out walked to Amy who looked at him smiled stopped fingering herself and said ” come on fuck me” Abdul did as was requested humping into Amy as she moaned after a few minutes he squirted his cum up Amy’s body stepped back and as he was putting his dick away saw Amy start fingering herself again, Abdul left the green house as he did he took a Viagra and looked in the potting shed to see Cindy leaning over a chair her big boobs swing as a boy banged her behind, Abdul headed towards the school phoning his mate as he did when the phone was answered Abdul told his mate to come down to the school paused awhile then said to his mate” I just fucked Cindy and her sister Amy” Inside the school 10 year old July was watching as a couple of older boys stripped naked and start to jerk their erect dicks, July had heard about what boys did to their dicks but never seen one doing it. In the caretakers office 17 year old Justin the assistant  caretaker stood in watching in disbelieve as the fifty year old school caretaker banged away at a very naked 16 year old Sally who was saying ” yes go on fuck me harder” Justin moved closer started to gently rub Sally’s boobs before sucking her erect nipples then saying to the caretaker ” come on jack hurry up I want to fuck the bitch as well” before turning when he heard a noise and saw Tina the head prefect standing naked her nipples erect and fingering her self, Justin moved over to her and started to rub her lovely boobs and when Tina rubbed his crutch and said ” fuck me you bastard fuck me” he did not need a send invite instead he lowered Tina onto the work bench took his overalls off lowered his jeans and was soon pushing his 9 inch erection into Tina’s wet love tube, smiling as Tina moaned and said ” yes fuck me oh fuck me” in the main hall 16 year old Sandy was kneeling down on her hands and knees and knees sucking the dick of her naked boyfriend while his best mate pounded into her from behind while a boy who had only just started the big school was laying on the floor licking her boobs, Cindy was laying on the floor in the potting shed exhausted after 15 different boys had been up her, she felt another sting from a bee and after a few minutes got up still naked walked outside saw Abdul’s mate and was soon laying on the floor moaning as he thrust away into her while his six mates waited their turn. A few days after the incident 8 bee hives from the same company who had donated the hives to the school were donated to the town.

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