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The Big Clean Up – Dirty Sex Tales

The school on the edge of the town was over one hundred years old and crumbling, a new section of the school was built and the old section was closed down and had stood boarded up for five years with the only visitors being students going there to have a cigarette or bit of fun with their young lover, then it was announced that the building was going to be renovated and reopened as a school but first all junk inside had to be cleared out and those that would be clearing the junk up would be those in detention, there were lots of protests from students but when parents agreed to the plans saying it would give the students an idea of what work was the teachers were very surprised but happy, then one day after school the six students in detention gathered outside the old building where they were given rubbish sacks and protective gloves and after being paired of were sent to work one pair on each floor, sixteen year old Tina was not happy she had been teamed up with Steve who was her age in her class and  known as a pervert who spied on the girls as they went up stairs or tried seeing them in the showers, Tina and Steve were working on the top floor and had filled three bags with rubbish between themselves when Steve said he was going for a piss, Tina said well I am not shaking your cock for you, Steve walked behind a hardboard wall, Tina sat on a wooden box and through a section of the broken wall saw Steve undoing his trousers and was about to shout when she saw Steve’s dick come into view, Tina could not believe what she was seeing she was looking at a ten inch soft dick and thought that is massive she realised it was bigger than her boyfriends when he had an erection, Tina watched as Steve had a pee and started to wonder what size it was when it was erect, after a few minutes Steve returned, Tina said ” I saw your cock through that hole it is fucking massive how you get such a massive thing” Steve smiled said ” I been using a penis developer for the last four years” Tina said ” get it out again I want to see it properly” Steve could see small pokies in Tina’s jumper” and undid his trousers letting his dick out” Tina said ” fucking hell get a hard on” Steve smiled and said ” get your tits out and I will” Tina got up walked over and closed the door then said ” you don’t tell anybody anything” Steve agreed not to and watched as Tina lifted her jumper over her head and off then removed her bra, Steve stood looking at Tina’s well developed firm boobs and felt his dick swelling, Tina watched in awe as Steve got a full erection and stood looking at his twelve inch erection and said ” fucking hell that is a massive cock” Steve saw that Tina now had very erect nipples, Tina moved closer to Steve and held his dick in her hand saying ” yeah that is fucking hard” Steve reached out and cupped Tina’s boobs and after getting no rejection started to massage them, Tina started to stroke Steve’s dick, Steve started to gently squeeze Tina’s nipples and could soon hear her breathing heavy, he stopped squeezing Tina’s nipples as he did he heard a teacher shout, both teens quickly adjusted their dress, the teacher appeared said time to go, Tina replied saying I will carry on I want to finish my time and when Steve said ” me to” the teacher gave Tina a key telling her to lock up when they were finished, Tina went down to the main entrance and after the others had left she locked the door when she went back upstairs she saw Steve naked his dick solid she said ” you better not tell anyone” and was soon naked, Steve smiled looking at her love tube and boobs that had very erect nipples he went to Tina took her by the arm and guided her to his clothes that he had spread out on the floor to act as a blanket and gently lay her down, Tina parted her legs, Steve knelt between them and bent forward then gently slid his dick into Tina’s love tube and pushed in deep as he did Tina let out a deep moan, Steve started to thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube hearing her moan in deep pleasure and after a couple of minutes Tina climaxed, Steve carried on thrusting in and out and soon felt Tina cum again he continued thrusting in and out of her love tube and after twenty minutes had felt Tina cum six times he then pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over the floor before laying on the floor beside Tina, after twenty minutes Tina stood and went to her clothes as she walked Steve admired her cute bum thinking I wish I could fuck that as well, Two days later Steve was working on the top floor of the old school on his own when Tina’s best mate Sara walked in after looking at Steve she said ” Tina told all about your cock and how good you were in fucking in” Steve did not say anything he just looked at Sara who said ” I want to sample that cock” and lifted her skirt, Steve saw she had no panties on and looked straight at her smooth love tube and started to undo his trousers while Sara lay on the floor and after a couple of minutes Sara groaned out as Steve slid his dick into her love tube and after ten minutes Sara had climaxed three times and by the time Steve squirted his cum over the floor Sara had climaxed four more times. Over the next couple of weeks Steve was dealing with both girls at the time each night, Mark was sat in the park talking with his best mate Gary and when he said to him ” Tina must be going off me she don’t let me fuck her anymore” Gary replied ” same with Sara she is always tired”

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