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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 8

(Mulder is enjoying the comforts of home with Melanie and her mom Terry when their expected visitors arrive)

Terry checked the spyhole, then opened the door, keeping behind it to hide her nakedness from public view, and the Yamamoto family entered, casually dressed in a variety of skirts and tops. All shared the fine features of Japanese beauty – porcelain skin, glossy jet black hair, slender bodies, high cheekbones, oriental eyes. Rika, 44, smaller than all her daughters, slender, elegant as a geisha, Mayu 18, Karina 16 and Mika 14. Each removed her shoes, and then continued removing until she was completely naked, then Terry led them all into the lounge, where they showed no surprise at all at the sight of Mulder, naked, sitting on the couch, with Melanie, also naked, lying with her head in his lap.  She broke off from sucking Mulder’s cock to smile a greeting.

 “You must be Agent Mulder “, Rika greeted him with a little bow.   “I am Rika,  allow me to present my daughters, Mayu, Karina, and Mika. ”  Each girl bowed as Rika spoke her name.  “Greg has told us a lot about you, Agent Mulder.  So we are very pleased to meet you, and happy to see Melanie is looking after you. “

 “But a little sad that you started without us. ” she smiled sweetly, and kneeling by Mulder’s knees she took his cock from Melanie and lowered her head over it, her warm lips engulfing him, and pushed down until her face pressed against his pelvis, his cock right down her throat.  She held it there for an impossibly long time before releasing it swiftly all the way out, and taking a long gasping breath.

Meanwhile her three daughters were crowding round Mulder.  Mayu, the eldest, knelt on the couch beside him, taking Terry’s place, offering a nipple for Mulder to suck, her hand between her own legs, stroking herself the way Greg had taught her to arouse her boyfriend.  It also worked on Mulder.  Karina was kissing Melanie, and squeezing her breasts.  Mika had found the vibrator, removed it from Melanie’s pussy, turned the dial to maximum, and was considering where to apply it first.  Terry had gone to the kitchen to bring refreshments.

They continued to reminisce about Greg as they sat, knelt or lay all around Mulder.  “Remember that sleepover? ” said Terry.  “Yeah ” said Karina,  “I was still a virgin.  And Greg went and fucked that fat cunt Mimi.  And then he fucked the fake-blonde, Sharon, was it? ”  “Shannon “, corrected Melanie.

 “Right ” confirmed Karina.   “Yeah ” added Melanie,  “and then he went off to sleep with Mom “.  

 “I was really hoping he was going to do me that night ” said Karina.  “Me too ” added Melanie.

 “He didn’t actually sleep all that much ” commented Terry, with a smug grin.  “He must have made me cum a dozen times that night “.  “I know, Mom, I could hear you ” said Melanie.  “God, I’m wet just thinking about it ” said Terry, sliding a finger into her slit and examining the result.

 “But he did fuck you ” said Mayu to Karina.  “Not that time. I was still a virgin then. ”

 “I remember when he did you, Karina. In my bed. ” said Melanie.  “He got you round here ’cos he knew Mom was cool. I was so frustrated he didn’t let me watch.  He’d done Priscilla in front of Marisa and me, so I thought he’d let me stay, but he didn’t, he sent me off to Priscilla’s so he could have you all to himself. “

 “Still, ” Melanie added dreamily,  “Priscilla made it up to me.  We talked about Greg, and how he’d been the first for both of us. Priscilla reminded me, the time Greg popped my cherry, he didn’t invite anyone to watch. He’d got her to make out with Marisa while he sucked my pussy and made me cum with his fingers, but then he took me upstairs to fuck, and left them to it. She’d never played with a girl before, but they were both so horny and wet watching Greg eating me, they just had to get each other off.  Then she showed me how. She made me cum so many times, just with her tongue.  So, Karina, while you were getting your first fuck, I was getting my first orgasms from a girl. “

 “He got your blood on the sheets ” added Terry.  “I had to change them before Melanie came home. “

 “He never got round to fucking me ” said Mayu, a little mournfully.  “He did fuck me in the mouth, that first time he drugged the lot of us, I don’t think he knows I remember. ”

 “I remember ” said Rika, coming up for air.  “He had us all completely spaced out and blissful, and he got us all naked, and that was cool, I was all mellow and thinking how nice it was to be all naked together, and what a sexy young man he was, and then I could hardly believe it, he just dropped his pants and stuck his cock in your mouth. Kept at it till he’d cum all over your face.  In front of us all, including his girlfriend. ”  

Karina commented  “Oh, Marisa was well used to Greg by then. She said he was always like that. “

 “I wish he was still here.  He could take my virginity right now ” said Mika, the youngest.  She’d kept the vibrator, and was slowly working the tip of it between her virgin pussylips.   “He just kept wanting to fuck Mom ” said Mayu.  “And me ” added Karina.  

 “Mom ” said Karina,  “remember that time he came home with me and Mayu, and he was all over you with us watching “. Mika joined in:  “Was that the day I came home and he was fucking you, Mom? And he started kissing me while he just kept on fucking you? ”   “Yes dear ” said her mother.  “And then he taught me how to suck his cock the way he liked it ” continued Mika.  “When he sucked my pussy, I really wanted him to fuck me ” said Mika.  “He fucked me instead ” said Karina.  “Yes ” added her mother,  “while I made dinner. And after, when he took you upstairs. I could still hear you, you were noisy for hours. ”  “I saw them ” said Mika, proudly,   “I was still hoping he’d fuck me too. ”   “You and me both, kiddo ” added Mayu.

Rika broke off from sucking Mulder’s cock to smile at her daughters.  “Maybe Agent Mulder can help. ”   “Hey, get in line ” said Melanie, curled up beside Mulder, who was idly stroking her pussy,  “I saw him first “.

 “Play nice, girls ” said Rika.  And to Mulder:  “maybe it’s time to tell the girls how good they are.  Before they start fighting over your cock “.  Mulder shook his head.  “I’m not sure it will work on your girls yet. Depends what Greg told you. ”  “Try ” suggested Rika. So, he tried.  “Mayu, come here. Kiss me. ” She did, willingly, leaning over so her little titties hung free.  Mulder gently tweaked a nipple as her lips found his.  He broke off just enough to whisper  “I don’t know why Greg never fucked you, you’re so sexy, and such a Good girl Mayu “, and then she was in his arms and the kiss was deep, wet and long. He ran his hand down her thigh, and pushed her knees apart.  She understood, and opened her legs wide so he could slide his hand to her pussy, and inside, three fingers, while his thumb strummed her clitoris, and his pinkie explored the cleft of her butt, coming to rest against her tiny puckered hole.  She was slick with her own juices.

 “Was that an orgasm, Mayu? ” asked Mulder.  “Not yet, don’t stop ” she breathed, and holding his wrist, she moved his hand in and out of her pussy, thrusting her hips in counterpoint.  Mulder gave her his full attention then, fingerfucking her rapidly, and getting the tip of his pinkie inside the ring of her anus, and she hit her climax with gasps and moans, and cheers of encouragement from friends and family.  She slumped then, and Mulder gently helped her straddle him, and lower her soaking pussy onto his dick.  She settled in astride him, hugging his neck, her head resting on his shoulder.  Mulder looked out over her shoulder.  Melanie was still curled up beside him, Mika was sitting crosslegged on the floor staring at him, and fingering her clit, the vibrator abandoned beside her. Rika and Terry were standing now, side by side, holding hands, each touching her own clit with her free hand, Karina was kneeling on the floor, eyes wide, watching.

 “There’s something I need to say to you ” announced Mulder, over Mayu’s shoulder.  “Need to know, Just we three, For now ” he intoned.

 “Good girl Mika ” – Mika gave a yelp, fell over backwards, her legs spread wide, and frantically rubbed her pussy as she groaned and gasped out her orgasm.

 “I see it’s working now ” said Mulder.  “Come here, Rika, kiss me. ” and as Rika’s lips closed on his, he whispered to her:  “Good girl, Rika “. Her mouth fell slackly open, her eyes widened, and she squeezed her legs together as Mulder’s tongue found hers, and she stood, bent over, with waves of tremors running the length of her body.  Terry rubbed her back.  Mayu ground her pelvis on Mulder, as if to say: I’m here too. Mulder stroked her back.   “Soon, Mayu, soon “. Rika stood, shakily, and Terry embraced her, led her to the opposite couch and sat with her, arms around her, Rika’s head on Terry’s shoulder.   “Terry, kiss Rika for me, there’s a good girl ” said Mulder, and the two mothers embraced with passion.   “Come here Karina, come close. ”  Karina knelt on the couch beside Mulder, where he could suck her little titties and run his fingers between her legs, feeling the wetness seeping from her pussy.  Mayu continued to grind Mulder’s cock, then started to bounce on it.  Mulder would blow soon, if he didn’t do something.  And he had things he wanted to do with Karina and Melanie. So:  “Good girl Mayu! “, and she erupted, bucking hard on him and warming his balls with a sudden flood of her juices.  Good, another squirter, thought Mulder.

He helped her off him, and she lay down in Melanie’s spot, as Mulder summoned Melanie to join Karina.  He sat them side by side and knelt between Karina’s knees, for a taste of her teenage pussy.   Mulder directed her to kiss Melanie if she liked, while he slid one hand up Melanie’s thigh and inserted his fingers into her already juicy slit, while his lips and tongue explored the corresponding region of Karina.  His dick was aching for a real fuck now, so he pushed Karina over onto her back on the couch, and told Melanie to straddle her face.   “Karina, I’m going to fuck you now, while you suck on Melanie’s pussy “.  “Oh, yesss Karina, stick your tongue right inside, yes like that yesss. God. Fuck. Yeah ” Melanie directed Karina with enthusiasm.

A long period of exercise followed, with Mulder thrusting hard into Karina while Melanie ground her  pussy on Karina’s mouth, and leaned forward so she could share wet tongue kisses with Mulder, until he felt he could hold it no longer, and sent them all off into near simultaneous orgasms:

 “Melanie, are you ready for another one? ”  “Of course, Agent Mulder, I thought you’d forgotten me “.   “I’ll never forget you Melanie. Good girl Melanie, and – fuck I’m cumming – good girl Karina FUUUUCK!!! ” and he pumped his load into the depths of Karina’s 16 year old cunt, while her mother watched from across the room, cradled in the arms of Melanie’s mother, who was gently stroking one of her nipples with one hand, and her clit with the other.   “And good girl Rika, Mika, Terry, Mayu ” Mulder threw in for good measure, sending all the pussies in the room into spasms of pleasure.

The bathroom was crowded as they all set busily to washing each other using the over-bath shower.  The triangular spa bath wasn’t really big enough for all 7 of them, but they squeezed in anyway, standing room only for all but one at a time. Mulder had only to stand in the middle as 6 different mouths took it in turn to suck and lick his dick clean of all traces of semen and pussy juice.   He slowed proceedings by announcing  “Good girl ” over and over to whoever was at that moment enjoying his cock.  

They got him hard again, and then Rika and Terry held little Mika in front of Mulder so he could slide his cock between her butt cheeks, and gently between the lips of her pussy.  He stopped against the blockage of her hymen.   “Ready ” asked Rika?   “Yes mama, do it, I want to feel it inside me, all the way in “, and with her two older sisters pushing Mulder’s buttocks, and her mother and Terry holding her pelvis, they thrust them together. Mulder found the obstruction give way, Mika gasped, and Mulder’s dick went all the way into her.   “Oooooh mama, mama it hurts. It’s filling me right up.  Oooh Agent Mulder, move it, yess, fuck me, fuck me like you fucked my sisters, yess… ” and she was bucking now of her own volition, and Mulder needed no assistance from the older sisters, though it was nice to feel that finger – whoever’s it was – just entering his anus on each back stroke, until he found himself once more on the brink, and another load of cum pulsed up his pipe into the cute little 14 year old Japanese schoolgirl whose virginity he had just had the joy of terminating. The final  “Good girl Mika ” was hardly necessary, as she clung to her mother, arms round her neck, and Mulder withdrew his blood streaked meat stick from her newly initiated love tunnel, and blobs of red stained cum dripped by his toes.

As the women dried themselves and the girls squabbled over towels, Mulder phoned Scully:   “They’re ready to go to the plane. Send the limo. “
Back at the hotel, Mulder scrolled thru his notes,  considering his options for Sunday evening.  

The Christian and Japanese families were gone, as were Terry and Melanie.  He could ring a few more of Greg’s slaves, get them to his hotel, but that might be a bit risky.  Out of town adult male stranger has a posse of teenage schoolgirls visiting his hotel room. No, best not.  He could go back to the Odom family, the chatty Colleen and her two lovely daughters. Was there another choice?  Yes, as it turned out.  

Geri King, the cheerleader, the one he’d fucked on his first day at the school. She lived with her solo mum Annie and little sister Debi, and all were on the list of the Enslaved.  Annie was 45 and  “a total MILF ” according to Greg, who had fucked her almost the instant he met her. Debi was 14 and on the pill, though still a virgin.

So, the King residence would do nicely as venue for his next operation. As well as the squad of pussies he’d just sent, he needed to prepare some more stimulation to help Greg maintain his semen production.  Some personalised pornography should fit the bill. He phoned Geri, who was delighted to hear from him, invited himself over, and gave her a list of girls to invite for the evening.  Then he gathered the equipment that Scully had delivered on the last flight, and set out.    

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