The Buiders – Dirty Sex Tales

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The five bedroom house on the edge of town had just undergone a major refurbishment, the builders had completed all the works and left the site sixteen year old Steve had been given the job of removing all unused building materials and other rubbish his job was to give the house a good clean ready for the new owners to move in, Steve was a thug, he was racist homophobic and violent, his girlfriend Dawn who was also sixteen had a reputation that was as bad as Steve’s was, Steve was not happy that the owners of the house was a Bengali family but needed the money which was good so accepted the job and early afternoon on a Friday was stood outside the house ready to start work, he knew he had the weekend to complete the clean up, Mr Khan the owner of the house had just gave Steve the keys to the house and was driving away, Steve watched him go then went into the house and looked around, he saw the locked room that he had been told he was not to enter. Steve went into the room that was set aside for the use of the workers and started to change into his overalls not knowing that in the locked room upstairs twelve year old Pao and her best friend Pao were watching the screens being fed by the hidden cameras that had been installed in the house, the girls watched as Steve took his tee shirt and jeans off and smiled at the sight of the white thug in just his underwear and when Steve took them off and stood naked the girls gasped at the sight of his seven inch hairy dick and were disappointed when he put a pair of overalls on and started working, the girls continued watching Steve on the screens after twenty minutes Steve’s brother Colin who was two years younger than Steve turned up and after speaking to Steve looked round the house finding the magazines of naked girls in one of the rooms and was soon looking through them and after a few minutes closed the door and undid his trousers letting his seven inch erection spring out, the two girls sat watching as Colin started to stroke his dick unaware tat the girls were watching him and after ten minutes the girls smiled even more as Colin squirted his cum in three spurts. Dawn was just arriving at the house as Colin was leaving and went to where Steve was and embraced him the pair started to snog and after a few minutes Steve had managed to get Dawn’s blouse and bra off and was sucking her nipples which were fully erect as he did Dawn was undoing her skirt letting it drop to the floor after a couples of minutes Steve stopped Dawn.s nipples and while she slid her panties down and off Steve removed his overalls the pair stood naked snogging with the Bengali girls admiring Steve’s solid nine inch erection, and after a couple of minutes Steve lay Dawn down on the floor then slid his solid erection into her love tube and started to thrust in and out Dawn was soon moaning in pleasure and the girls were watching eyes wide open, Steve was thrusting in and out of Dawn’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could making Dawn groan deeply and after ten minutes Steve pulled his dick out of Dawns love tube and squirted his cum in four spurts over the floor before laying down beside Dawn, the two girls were watching closely and when Steve had squirted his cum Pao had said ” yes very nice” after a few minutes Dawn got up and dressed and ten minutes later was leaving the house after saying bye to the still naked Steve who after a few minutes put his overalls back on, the next day Mr Khan sat in the locked room with his daughter saying the footage of the boy wanking is a bonus it was a good idea of yours to leave the magazines in that room, we now have two films that will bring in a lot of money, he then said this could be interesting pointing at the screen, Steve had just arrived at the house with Dawn and his best mate Martin who had his girlfriend Sara with him. Mr Khan smiled and thought more filming which means more money for us I hope.

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