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The Carnival – Dirty Sex Tales

The small English country town was normally a very quiet town, it had a very low crime rate and nearly everybody was very friendly there were never many people out on the streets during the evening but over the last week things had changed the annual carnival was due to be held and the residents of the town were busy getting ready for the main parade, bunting was being strung up across the roads fairy lights were going up, the towns fire engine and ambulance had moved to temporary stations, a fairground had been set up and floats were being decorated, Doris who was ninety eight years of age was asking her normal question of Have I won the beauty contest do I need to get my two piece bikini out or do I go topless, The fairground was open with plenty of people enjoying the rides, sixteen year old Sara her twin brother Steve and sister Amy who was four years younger were in the fairground, the trio were known trouble makers from a neighbouring town and were being watched ready for action to be taken if they started to cause any trouble and it was not long before the trio started bad mouthing the hypnotist calling him a fake, the hypnotist just stood and looked at the three mouthy kids when Sara threw a can the security quickly moved in and escorted the three troublemakers out of the fairground, the buses had been suspended so the trouble making three started to walk at the edge of the town the kids decided to go into the derelict factory, sixteen year old Martin who had been talking to the hypnotist had contacted some of his mates and they had all followed the trio, inside the derelict factory Martin whistled a high note the three trouble makers stood still, Martin spoke in a soft voice and said ” Amy show us your bum” and when Amy lowered her joggers showing her bare bum Tony her classmate said ” nice” Martin then said ” all three of you strip naked” and after a few minutes all three were naked, Martin looked at Sara’s ample boobs and love tube while his sister June who was four years younger than he was stared at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick, June walked forward and stood behind  and was looking at his bum she then noticed that Martin and his four mates and Tony all had their dicks out and all were erect, June thought nice this is a bonus, Martin told the trio to lay on the floor and after they had done so Martin stood over Sara and started to jerk his seven inch erection June stood watching her step brother and smiled when he squirted his cum all over the naked Sara June then watched as each of his mates did the same and by the time the last boy had squirted his cum June was feeling very horny after watching five sixteen year old boys jerk off, Martin and the other boys all left, June undone her jeans lowered them and said to Steve lick my cunt and soon Steve was doing so June stood enjoying what was happening and after five minutes gushed over Steve’s face and not long after ran and caught up with the others, back in the derelict factory the trio were still laying naked on the floor but Martin and two of his mates rang their phones at the same time they all snapped out of the trances they were in, neither of them could remember how they got in that state but quickly dressed. At the fairground mentioned to June that she seemed to know the hypnotist and June told them that he was her true dad. Later that night June was in her bedroom when she called Martin who was in the shower Martin went to June’s room and once he was there June coughed three times then told Martin to remove his towel and one he had June started to stroke his dick and once it was erect she started jerking him and smiled when her squirted his cum in four spurts, June told him to go back to the shower and once he was there June clicked the little clicker her dad had given her and Martin came out of his trance and carried on with his shower, June thought thanks dad, the hypnotist was preforming his last act of the show and thinking I wonder if June likes the little package I have put together for her. A couple of days later Sara was laying on the ground in the woods totally naked while one of Martin’s mates thrust in and out of her love tube while Amy was kneeling naked sucking Martin’s dick and June stood stroking a naked Steve’s nine inch dick, June was thinking now I can get any one of five cocks whenever I want and when Steve squirted his cum in four spurts June smiled thinking this is the best.

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