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The Chico Tales Ch3 – Chico’s choices

Michelle was lying on her bed dressed in just her light blue panties, reflecting on the day before and wondering how to use the information she had gained. “My mom is a dog fucker,” she whispered under her breath, feeling the tingle between her legs and sliding a hand under the waistband of her panties. She began touching herself idly as she recalled the vision of her mother under Chico, the family black lab mix. She didn’t need to load the video off the flash drive that Julie had given her, to remember the scene of Chico fucking her mom in the hall, while her dad came in her mother’s face.

The thought of her father’s fat, heavy cock increased Michelle desire, as she slipped a finger inside herself, and feeling her wetness, pushed the finger deeper. It was at that point that she remembered the hidden cameras her neighbour Julie had planted, and hoping she had the angle right, pulled her panties to her ankles and opened her legs. The thought that Julie was watching her wanton display made her finger herself faster. As she rubbed, she mentally photoshopped the image, where is was now herself sucking her father’s cock, as Chico licked her, and Julie watched, which sent her over the top in a thundering orgasm.

Biting back a scream of pleasure, she heard her father shout up the stairs, “Mitchie get up, your mom and I have something to discuss with you,” at the same time her secret phone buzzed, showing a new message with attachment.

“I’ll be right down Dad, just getting dressed,” Michelle shouted and added under her breath, “unless you want to come and help me,” then giggled as she tapped the flashing icon and opened the message.

It was from her neighbour Julie and read ‘nice show! this may be of interest.’

Michelle blushed and squirmed knowing that Julie had just seen her orgasm on the cameras she had set up previously. She clicked play on the audio file attachment, and had to keep the sound low, but clearly heard it was her Mum and Dad discussing the previous events, where they had come in and found Michelle with Chico.

“Guess we only have ourselves to blame,” said Sarah, Michelle’s mom, “after all Chico is used to having a bitch ready for him all times.”

“True.” said John, Michelle’s dad, ” guess Chico was doing what came naturally and Mitchie was just following family traditions.”

“So’” said Michelle’s mom, “I think it would be best for Chico if I ………….”

Before Michelle could hear the rest of the message, she heard her bedroom door opening, and quickly rolled onto her tummy, as she clicked off the file and stuffed the phone under herself. She heard her dad draw in his breath sharply, as he surveyed Michelle’s naked back and ass, and Michelle wondered if her father was getting hard in his chinos. It took every drop of her willpower not to turn over and let him feast his eyes on the rest of her young body. Just as she almost plucked up the nerve to do, so she heard the bedroom door close again.

“Mitchie!” shouted her father from the other side of the door, “how long are you going to be, or do I have to come in there and drag you out?”

“Just coming dad,” Mitchie yelled back, as she leapt up, and gave herself one last quick rub, while lewdly thrusting her hips in the direction of the door. She pulled up her panties, and while reaching for her bra, she giggled softly and decided to leave it off. She pulled on a tight tee shirt, which moulded itself to her pert, young breasts, her nipples straining against the thin material. Finally she shimmied into a pair of denim shorts, which were frayed at the bottom, and barely covered her firm ass cheeks.

While pulling her hair into a ponytail, she flung open the door quickly, and stared at her father, who was standing curiously close to the doorway. There was no doubt that her father was hard, as Michelle could clearly see the bulge forming a tent in his pants. Resisting the urge to reach out and caress it, Michelle instead smiled at her dad teasingly, turned sideways, and squeezed past him, making sure her ass brushed against his trouser front.

Michelle’s happy mood came to an abrupt halt though, as she entered the kitchen and saw her mom’s stern face, and her heart sank when her mom said, “It’s about Chico and going back to America.”

Michelle couldn’t decide whether to beg her parents to allow him to stay, or to throw the flash drive on the table and threaten them if they didn’t let her keep her beloved pet, and new lover. As she bit her lip and trembled, she recalled Julie’s words as she had pressed the flash drive into Michelle’s hand the night before, “always play your cards last, and only play the ones you have to.”

Her mother went on, “Your father and I have decided that Chico should stay here, and perhaps it would be best if I moved over here for the rest of the summer, so we can be together as a family.” The rest of her words blurred into nothing, as all Michelle could think of was, “Chico is staying! Chico is staying!”

Her mother snapped her fingers in front of Michelle’s face, “wake up dear,” before continuing, “so as I said, I will need to go back home for four weeks, after which I will be attached to our London office, so I can work from here until we can all return to America as a family at the end of the summer.”


Two days later, things had returned to a semi-normal status in the Lynch household. Michelle’s mom had returned to America, but her dad still watched her like a hawk, not letting her and Chico be alone together, but not saying anything. To make matters worse, he had begun working from home, which curbed Michelle’s freedom even more.

Julie was nowhere to be seen, though clearly was around, as evidenced by the calls and messages sent to the phone she secretly snuck to Michelle. The women had not spoken face to face since the night of her parent’s show, and the frustration of being separated from Julie was driving Michelle mad. In revenge, Michelle mind began plotting ways to tease her father mercilessly, and see just how far she could push him.

“Daddy, “Michelle cooed, “could I take Chico for a walk this afternoon?”

“No!” said her father sternly, without even looking up from his laptop, “the very kind Mrs Smith next door takes him running with her every morning, and I am confident she makes sure he gets plenty of the right kind of exercise.”

“I bet she fucking does,” muttered Michelle under her breath, before smiling sweetly at her father, “in that case daddy, I think I will sunbathe, would you put some lotion on my back for me?”

Michelle’s father looked up from his laptop to see his daughter discarding her top casually, and arching her back, so her breasts poked out towards him. He could feel his cock stiffen in his pants, and tried to think of other things, but the vision stuck in his mind was that of his daughter on all fours, with Chico’s cum dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy.

John Lynch walked out to the back patio to find his daughter lying on her tummy. Michelle yelped as the cold gel hit her back, and then she felt her father’s strong hands kneading her muscles and working the lotion into her fair skin.

She had chosen her outfit with care this morning, as the bikini bottoms were no more than a small fabric patch held together by two pieces of string, which left her ass cheeks totally bare. As her father’s hands moved lower down her back, Michelle said over her shoulder, without moving her head, “can you do my bottom too please, daddy, so it doesn’t get burnt.”

Michelle could sense her father’s internal conflict, as his hands tensed and paused for a long moment, and then moved to the firm globes of her alabaster ass, and continued to rub the lotion into her.

Just as she was about to turn over, and let him see her stiff nipples, she felt him give her a playful slap on her ass and say. “OK kiddo…you can do your own front…I need to go and have a shower.”

Michelle spun over quickly, only to see the back of her father as he scurried into the house, and hurried up the stairs to his room.

“I wonder?” Michelle thought to herself, with a mischievous grin, and slid from her bag the secret phone that Julie had supplied. She quickly entered the passcode and tapped the app Julie had downloaded for her, that gave her access to all the cameras in the house via their Wi-Fi network. She swiped on each room in turn until she found her father’s bedroom, and she saw the image of him on the screen.

He was lying on his back on the bed, totally naked, and was slowly fisting his large cock that was standing up like a steel rod. Michelle couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but from the speed he had gone upstairs, Michelle had little doubt it was about her. She watched him work the large mushroom cap head of his uncut cock, and Michelle imagined what it would taste like, and how it would feel in her mouth, if she ever had the chance to suck him.

Rolling onto her belly, she placed the phone on the ground next to her lounge chair, and shifted so both her hands were under her body and between her legs. She could still see the picture of her father working his cock, as she pulled the brief string aside with one hand, and started to rub herself at the same pace as her father was working his cock on screen, with the other. She heard her father moan and Michelle thrust two fingers deep into herself. Her fingering worked faster, as her father’s pace increased, and when she heard him groan, “Mitchieeeee,” she orgasmed onto her fingers. Thrusting her hips fast and frantically on her fingers, she quickly came for a second time, as her father spurted thick jets of cum into the air, and onto his belly. Michelle licked her lips, wanting to taste his seed, and arched her ass higher into the air, allowing herself easier access to her soaking pussy.

It was at that exact moment that Chico rounded the corner and spied his young mistress in such a welcoming position. He took one sniff of the wonderfully heady aroma in the air and knew instinctively what was required of him. His bitch was in heat and needed covering. Chico ran to the sunbed and leapt onto Michelle’s back, his cock already semi hard, which caused her to collapse with a whoosh, pinning her arms under her body.

“Oh my god Chico, NO!’” she screamed, but Chico was deaf to any of her pleadings and continued to jab at her mostly exposed bottom, trying to find his mark. Pushing herself up against the combined weight of Chico’s and her own, Michelle lifted her ass higher into the air. This provided Chico the opportunity he needed, and his cock pushed the flimsy string aside as he slammed home deep within her slippery opening. Gripping his young mistress by the hips, he started to drive in and out, loving the tightness of her wet pussy on his throbbing dog cock.

Michelle knew she should push Chico off of her, but at the same time, the pleasure rushing through her body sent any real effort in that direction flying away. Instead, she braced herself with her hands, and pushed back to meet his thrusts, groaning as he drove his angry red cock in and out of her pink vagina.

“Oh fuck Chico…that feels so good,” she moaned, as Chico relentlessly fucked her in her own back garden, and like the bitch in heat that she was, Michelle loved every minute of it. Michelle was lost in the intense pleasure and near constant state of orgasm that Chico was providing, and she didn’t take any notice of anything outside of the small, tiny focus bubble on which her brain was now fixated.

Fresh from his shower, now dressed in cargo shorts and a polo shirt, John watched through the open patio door, as his daughter bucked and writhed under Chico, moaning like his wife did when, Chico fucked her. He could see Chico’s large cock sliding in and out, coated in Michelle’s juices, her long brown hair whipping from side to side, as an endless series of orgasms shot through her.

Despite the hand job he had given himself earlier, John felt his cock get hard again in his shorts, and he succumbed to his inner desires. Unzipping himself, he started working his cock back to full hardness, as he watched Chico fuck his daughter again. Chico showed no signs of slowing down, and John could see the knot banging against his daughter’s pussy lips, demanding entry. The moans of pleasure coming from his sweet daughter’s mouth left no doubt that she was in seventh heaven, courtesy of the relentless dog cock banging away at her young cunt.

She noticed a reflection from the kitchen, as the sunlight caught the polished silver of her father’s wristwatch through the open back door, as his hand swiftly moved up and down his throbbing cock. Michelle closed her eyes as she wished her father would have the courage to join her on the patio, as she would have willingly sucked his thick cock, and let him cum on her face, like she had witnessed him do to her mother, just a few nights ago.

Michelle was in a world of her own, as her teeth felt like they were rattling in her skull, and her vision blurred as Chico drove in and out of her. She knew the knot was coming, and there was little she could do to stop it, even if she wanted to, so there was no shame inside her when she growled, “give me your knot Chico … fill my fucking cunt.” Chico seemed to understand her wanton plea, and slamming forward, drove his knot into Michelle’s willing pussy. Michelle opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, as a tacit invitation, imagining how much sluttier it would be to catch some of her father’s cum on her tongue, as the first jets of Chico spurted deep inside her womb causing her to scream loudly, her eyes flew open, as another intense orgasm washed over her.

At that exact same point her father had moved to in front of her and as she opened her eyes she was greeted by the sight of his purple cock head being worked by his hand, then the slit flared and great jets of cum spurted into her face. Michelle opened her mouth and caught some her father’s cum on her tongue and John couldn’t resist and stepped forward and thrust his hard cock into his daughter’s mouth. Michelle sucked like a woman possessed tasting her Father’s cum in her throat and reaching between her legs massaged her own clit causing yet another orgasm to rush through her body onto Chico’s pulsing knot deep inside.

Coming down to earth John looked down at his daughter’s mouth wrapped round his cock and wondered if he had down the right thing, as with a forceful tug, Chico extricated his cock free from Michelle’s pussy, and a copious amount of their combined cum hit the patio tile with a splash. John saw the look of sheer bliss on his daughter’s beautiful face, and he knew he had done the right thing.


Julie smiled from her office, complimenting herself for putting in the extra effort to install the outside camera along with the internal ones, as the video frame on her monitor perfectly captured the masturbating father in the background, as their loyal Chico ravaged his willing bitch.

Picking up the phone, Julie dialled a number from memory. “Hi it’s me,” she said, then paused while the person at the other end spoke, before adding, “Yes exactly as we thought would happen, I have encrypted the first file and uploaded it, I think there will be others to follow.”


“So come on then,” Julie laughed, “did daddy make a move on you afterwards?”

Michelle blushed deeply as she sat at the kitchen table having just recounted the tale of the day before to Julie. She squirmed on the seat as she remembered how good her father’s cock felt inside her; still sloppy from Chico’s cum as she remembered riding up and down on his large cock as her father chewed on her pert nipples. Michelle had to clamp her thighs together to stop herself orgasming as the memory of Chico licking her ass as she rode her father popped into her head.

Then she looked at Julie with a quizzical look and said, “hang on…you would know if he did…you have the house wired.”

“Of course I know the truth, silly,” Julie said, smiling smugly to herself at making her young friend recount every detail that was already captured on video, “it made for a darn good show, well, at least that’s what your mother said.”

“WHAT??!!” Michelle exclaimed, “My Mom knows Chico fucked me again? And how daddy feels about me?”

Julie just smiled and slid a picture across the table. Michelle turned it over and saw two women naked with their asses in the air, their heads on their hands, concealing their faces. In the foreground was her Chico, though he looked a little younger than he did now, looking eagerly at the two asses. Whoever took the picture had stood behind Chico, who stared at the choice presented before him.

“Is that?” Michelle’s voice trailed away, as she recognised the bedroom furniture from their home back in America, and realised the woman kneeling on the right could well have been her mother. Then with a gasp, Michelle pointed to the picture and said,, “and the other one looks like …”

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