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The Chico Tales Ch5 – Once upon a time in Mexico

Julie smiled, “after all, I promised Mitchie here a story and a story she shall have.” Sarah blushed deeply down to her roots, while her daughter wiggled in delight, as Julie began to tell the story, “Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a land called Mexico, there were these two fair maidens…”


Sarah tried to shield her eyes against the strong Mexican sun as she walked down the steps at Mexico City airport, wondering if this was such a good idea. Here she was, a few months into the swinging nineties, and just a few weeks before she was due to get married to the man of her dreams, in the middle of a foreign city, all at the whim of someone she hadn’t seen in four years. ‘I must be mad’ she thought to herself, as she remembered how the conversation had gone with Julie a few weeks earlier.


“Oh my god it’s you!” Sarah shrieked down the phone, as she answered the call from Julie, a close friend she hadn’t spoken to in over four years.

“Of course it’s me, in the flesh and naked, and thinking of you,” Julie purred in response, “and I hear you are finally getting hitched. See you are going to manage it before your 30th birthday as well.” Julie paused before she went on, “and to a man as well, now there’s a surprise for an old dyke like you.”

Sarah blushed at Julie’s words and could feel herself getting wet, as Julie could always push her buttons, and her sexy voice seemed to permeate Sarah’s soul. Sarah was ecstatic to hear from her old friend, who had vanished out of her life four years earlier, despite Sarah’s best attempts at staying in touch.

“Ain’t gonna be able to make the big day short stuff,” Julie said bluntly, causing Sarah’s heart to sink, “buuuuuut,” Julie added dramatically, “surely you must be having a hen party somewhere, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Yes,” replied Sarah happily, “the bridal party, including my mother and aunts, are all flying down to Acapulco in Mexico on the 26th for a few days of partying and sunshine.” Then, remembering who she was talking to, Sarah added, “and please be discrete, no one knows about our past, and I would like to keep it that way. They all think I am respectable.”

“Awww, no pussy licking then, or trading tequila shots for blow jobs in some dodgy bar?” Julie giggled while teasing Sarah with some of their past antics, before offering, “Tell you what… why don’t we have a private party before we join that lot of bores? You can fly to Mexico City on the 23rd and I will get you down to Acapulco for the 26th. Send your stuff on ahead as I have a little surprise treat in mind for you, so you won’t need more than a spare pair of knickers, in fact you probably won’t even need those… but kisses… gotta run.”

“But, but, but, the cost, the details, the times…” Sarah stammered into the disconnected phone, as Julie had hung up and disappeared, as quickly and abruptly as she had four years ago.

The next day a courier arrived at Sarah’s house with an envelope containing a first class ticket to Mexico City, with a hand written note that said, ‘Short Stuff – My Treat. Your Pleasure. – J’

Sarah hemmed and hawed over the decision, while gently sniffing the note that carried the aroma of Julie’s perfume, causing a dampening of Sarah’s knickers. After a great deal of careful and delicate discussions with her parents, and her fiancé, Sarah had finally managed to convince everyone that she would be fine on her own with her old friend from London, and that she would meet them all in Acapulco as planned.


Sarah stood outside the airport trying to wave away the jabbering Mexicans who were crowding around the diminutive American tourist, while tugging at her arm. Already nervous about this liaison, the gaggle of locals had Sarah on the verge of tears, when suddenly a tall woman clad in a leather jacket and a short skirt that barely covered her ass, moved forward and wrapped one fingerless gloved hand round Sarah’s shoulders, as she shooed the men away, chastising them in fluent Spanish.

“Julie!” Sarah exclaimed in relief, as she felt her 5’1″ frame being protected by her younger but taller friend, who crushed her to her breast is a warm and powerful embrace.

“Hey Short Stuff,” Julie quipped in response, while lifting the dark, wrap-around sunglasses from her sparkly blue eyes and shaking out her bun, letting her long auburn hair flow freely down her back.

Before Sarah could reply, Julie bent and kissed her warmly on the mouth, forcing her tongue into Sarah’s mouth, bringing memories of their past flooding back. Memories weren’t the only thing that was flooding, as Sarah felt a sudden dampness and a heat between her legs, a familiar and usual reaction when Julie was near.

Remembering that she was to be married in a few weeks, Sarah broke the kiss, but still held her body close to Julie’s. “What did you say to them,” Sarah asked, as she nodded toward the group of sweaty men, who were drifting away and muttering to themselves.

“Oh, I told them that you were a lesbian trainee here for pussy munching lessons, and then you were to be sold as a sex slave to Amazonian Lesbians in South America.” Julie said with a straight face, looking down at her shorter friend’s wide brown eyes.

“Oh my God!” gasped Sarah while blushing deeply, “you didn’t… did you?”

Julie threw her head back and roared with laughter at the look of concern on Sarah face. “No, I didn’t, you daft ninny,” Julie said still laughing, “I told them to go away or I would cut their balls off and make a necklace out of them.”

The two women walked towards the car park in the bright sunshine, cutting a most unlikely pair. Julie moved like a panther, her long legs clad in fishnet tights, ankle boots with stubby low heels, and her wrists covered in numerous bangles that jingled as she walked. At 26, Julie looked in prime condition, and although Sarah was approaching 30, she also kept her small frame in terrific shape. In fact, it was their shared penchant for working out which lead them to meet in a London gym four years before, when Sarah was doing a year’s attachment to the London branch of her American law firm.

“So, Short Stuff, are you ready for some fun?” Julie drawled, as she stopped in front of a large Harley Davidson motorcycle that sat gleaming in the car park. Julie fished in her pockets for some lollipops and a few dollars to give to the kids standing guard around the bike, thanking them in Spanish for their bravery in making sure no harm came to her beautiful machine.

The less adventurous Sarah just stared at the bike, open-mouthed, and stammered, “you want ME to get on THAT?” then added, “how far is it?”

Julie put her wrap-around shades back on, and tied her hair back into a loose ponytail, using one of the scrunchies from around her wrist, as she barked over the thundering engine, “It’s only 400 click and I know a great place to stop along the way. Now get on.”

Sarah looked at her light cotton print dress, and though she wasn’t dressed for the occasion, she knew she had no better choice. Lifting the dress high around her thighs, she straddled the bike, wrapping her arms tightly round Julie’s waist, and feeling somewhat relieved, as Julie was showing as much exposed thigh as she was.

As the bike rumbled through the streets, Sarah could feel the vibrations running through her body, sending a tingling sensation into her pussy. Leaning her head against Julie’s back, she breathed in the fresh scent of Julie’s hair, as she remembered how the two of them originally met.


It was 1986 and Madonna was blasting from the video screens that were everywhere in the Covent Garden Gym in the heart of London. The gym was considered by some to be intimidating, as the walls were covered in mirrors, providing no hiding place for any extra pounds or inches. Sarah didn’t really care, as she was addicted to the gym, coming here whenever she could. With sweat dripping from her body, she pounded the track on the treadmill, having already covered 5km, but she still pushed on at a steady pace.

Glancing at the girl running on the treadmill next to her, she smiled to herself, thinking the 20-something year old looked like a large cat as she glided along gracefully. Sarah could see that she had already covered 10km, but she had barely broken a sweat, only a small dampening under her arms as evidence that she was exercising.

The girl returned her smile, and then pressed the button to raise the platform to a steep incline, and Sarah was amazed and admired the way the she just gritted her teeth and drove herself onwards, not breaking the pace for several minutes, until she finally moved the platform back to the level and stepped off the machine.

As they cooled down and stretched in the same general area, Sarah turned and smiled at the woman and introduced herself, “Hi! I’m Sarah. That was some punishment you gave yourself on that run.”

The girl looked at Sarah with a wary look on her face, studying her intently before saying, “You are American.”

“Wow! They breed them bright over here,” Sarah laughed, humour and sarcasm her natural defence mechanism when feeling challenged, “What gave it away the accent or THIS?” thrusting out her chest dramatically, displaying the tee shirt emblazoned with the stars & stripes.

The girl laughed then said, “Sorry, love, I’m Julie. It’s just that I am always a bit wary when someone tries to pick me up.”

Taken aback by her assumption, Sarah stammered, “Pick you up?” then added, ” I’m straight, um not that I have anything against lesbians, they are nice as I am sure you are nice, even if you are a lesbian, I mean …” Her voice trailed off as her cheeks reddened, and she realised she was digging herself a large hole.

“How do you know you aren’t?” Julie laughed, “have you ever tried?” then roared as she watched Sarah blush, “c’mon let me lust over you in the shower then you can buy me a drink and see if you can charm me into bed.”

Sarah followed her into the changing room thinking it would be strange to undress and shower with a woman who she knew would be looking at her as a sex object, but in reality, she felt totally natural and at ease. They chattered about various mundane matters like the cost of the gym, the price of a decent meal and the state of the transport system, while washing away the effects of the workout under the warm spray of the club shower.

Already their friendship had started to grow and since Sarah didn’t really know anyone in London, she accepted the offer of a drink. She found herself drawn to this crazy English girl who, once dressed, looked like a cross between Joan Jett and Madonna, and who had the most wicked and outrageous sense of humour. She would continually insinuate that it was Sarah who was the lesbian and she was the innocent one being pursued, and the more Sarah tried to deny it, the more Julie would persist, causing Sarah to blush deeply.

To Sarah’s shock, at one point in the evening Julie actually leaned over to a couple of guys who had been trying to gain their attention and said to them with a perfectly straight face, “my lesbian lover here,” nodding to Sarah over her shoulder, “wants to take me away and ravish me in a Sapphic sex orgy, do you think I should tell my Mum where I am going?” The two men nearly choked on their beer and as they shuffled away and Sarah couldn’t help giggling at her newfound friend’s outrageous behaviour.

At the end of the night it seemed to Sarah the most natural thing in the world to go back to Julie’s for a night cap, and from there to go to bed with her, not that they did that much sleeping. That night was the first time for Sarah with another woman and she learned things about her body she would never forget.

Nights turned into days, and days into weeks, and the two women grew to be more than just friends and lovers, they became soul mates. Then one day Sarah came home and …


A tear was forming in Sarah’s eye, as she was just remembering the sadness of their parting to many years ago, when the bike rumbled to a stop and she was jerked back to reality.

“Come on sleepy head we are here,” said Julie poking her in the ribs to get her off the bike.

Sarah stretched and yawned and watched a little old Mexican man hobble up to Julie and hand her a key as he muttered something in Spanish. Sarah hardly noticed him as she was captivated by the castle that sat in isolated splendour, framed against the hills behind it. Unlocking the imposing wooden doors, Julie rode the bike inside and parked it, then dismounted and threw her arms out wide and said joyfully as she spun round, “so what do you think, is it fit for my princess?”

“It’s wonderful,” Sarah said drinking in the beauty, “Is this my surprise treat?”

Julie laughed as she locked the wooden doors with the massive iron key, securing their isolated privacy behind the heavy walls, “This is only part of it,” she said nodding to the dogs that came padding over and started to sniff at the two women, “that’s the other part.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah said in a slightly confused voice, as she was starting to put two and two together in the back of her head.

“Well,” said Julie in an amused voice, “you always said you wondered what it would be like when we talked about when I did it before, so now is your chance to find out.” She then added wryly, “You did say seven was your lucky number didn’t you?”

Sarah recalled the conversation in the early hours of the morning, as they were cuddling after an intense lovemaking session, when Julie confided in her about her canine lover, King. As Julie recounted the detail of the story at the time, Sarah found herself getting more and more excited, and she opened her legs to Julie’s fingers. She thought the image of a woman and a male dog should disgust her, but instead, she exploded in a thundering orgasm on Julie’s fingers, listening to how King’s knot locked inside Julie, and he filled her with his hot seed.

“If I was you, I would strip,” Julie said while holding out a wicker basket for Sarah’s clothes, “this is a chance for you to have a couple of days of complete sexual freedom, before you get married and paint yourself in society’s tidy little box.”

Sarah stripped quickly mesmerized by the dogs, and found herself getting wetter and wetter between her legs, just like she did when Julie had told her about her times with King.

Somewhat in a daze, she folded her clothes neatly in a pile and placed them in the basket, unable to drag her attention away from the growing dog’s cocks in front of her.

“Where?” Sarah croaked, her mouth dry from the excitement of what was about to happen.

“I think here is fine,” said Julie waving her hand at a stone bench that sat on it’s own in the middle of the enclosed stone flagged courtyard like an ancient altar.

Laying face down along the length on the stone bench, Sarah could feel the warmth from the stone that had been heated by sun that was now setting and the last warm rays of the day gently caressed her ass. Julie stepped forward like a punk version of an ancient druid with a sacrifice lying prone before her, and ran her hand along Sarah’s pussy lips collecting the juices that were copiously flowing from her petite friend.

“My, my, my, aren’t we excited?” Julie laughed as she felt the wetness coating her fingers.

Sarah blushed as she recalled the number of times she had masturbated to fantasies of submitting to a dog, and as she gripped the warm, smooth stone, she remembered how she had actually described this very scene to Julie one night, after having a dream of being taken by a pack of wild dogs.

Sarah watched as Julie carefully held her juice covered hand to each of the dogs, as they sniffed and licked them, allowing them to get familiar with the fragrance and taste of their newest bitch to be. Laying naked and exposed on the bench, Sarah followed Julie with her eyes, as she glided back to the table and picked up a glass of wine and sipped it thoughtfully, drinking in the scene before her like a director on a film set.

Sarah’s gasped in surprise as the alpha dog mounted her, and with his years of experience immediately found her willing hole with one mighty thrust. In an instant, Sarah’s dog virginity was gone forever, fulfilling a longstanding fantasy, and starting her canine journey.

The large dog grabbed Sarah firmly around her waist and drove himself in and out rapidly with the sole intention of claiming this bitch as his before the rest of the pack. Sarah had never been fucked this brutally before, and she could feel her very soul rattle, as the dog pounded her exactly in the way Julie had described it would feel. When his knot started banging against her, Sarah found herself begging for it, screaming with pleasure as the dog forced his knot insider her, and then pumped her full of his seed, while growling at the other dogs to stay away.

Sarah was delirious with pleasure and squealed at the flash of pain as the first dog pulled his knot out of her. She emitted another shriek of surprise when her pussy was almost immediately refilled by another dog who slammed himself insider her with what seemed like even more vigour, as if he was trying to drive away the previous dog’s seed.

Another wave of pleasure coursed through Sarah as she was filled for a second time with hot dog seed and as the second dog pulled away, she lifted her head to see Julie watching intently while holding a small black box. Sarah’s focus was bought back to her pussy as the third dog mounted her and after a few trial jabs found her sticky, cum-filled pussy. It felt like this dog wasn’t as big as the first two, but he was certainly more enthusiastic as he thrust himself energetically in out, and soon she was filled with a third load of hot, dog cum.

Sarah’s mouth was dry and parched as the forth dog mounted and started to fuck her with an intensity and speed that made Sarah groan loudly. As that dog finished, Julie stepped forward and held a straw to Sarah’s lips, allowing her to drink and wet her mouth but before she had finished the glass of water the fifth dog mounted her and drove the air from her body with a loud gasp of breath. Sarah could feel her body being battered as the fifth dog mercilessly fucked her to yet another mind-blowing orgasm.

Sarah was in such a post-orgasmic bliss that she hardly noticed when the sixth dog slipped inside her. As another orgasm crashed through her small frame from the pounding she was getting, she yelled out. Concerned for her friend’s wellbeing, Julie’s crouched before her and asked,” Do you want me to tell them to stop?”

“You do and I will hate you for ever!” Sarah gasped in between moans, before screaming loudly, “Yes, yes, Mr. Dog… fuck my slutty cunt, and use me, fuck me, fill me with your doggy seed.”

Gone was the prim and proper lawyer, what lay over this stone bench was an addicted dog fucker, with dog cum not dripping, but pouring from her battered pussy.

“You did say seven didn’t you;” Julie laughed as a big St Bernard took his place in the queue.

Sarah could only nod weakly as she felt the dog rise and his massive cock jab and leave trails of cum across her ass. Julie reached under and guided the big dog into Sarah’s pussy, which was now relaxed and open enough to take the massive dog. Her tiny frame was pinned under huge dog and she mewed like a puppy as the dog slowly fucked her with longer and slower strokes due its weight. Before it could force its orange sized knot into her pussy, Sarah virtually passed out from the number of orgasms she had enjoyed but she woke with a yelp as the knot entered her and she climaxed in a way she had never experienced before, including the time when Julie had fisted her after one particularly energetic lovemaking session.

The next few hours passed in a daze. Sarah vaguely remembered the last dog dismounting and the sound of the splash of cum on the flagstone. She remembered Julie’s strong arms lifting her and placing her gently in a warm bath and then delicately sponging her bruised and battered flesh. She remembered Julie cuddling her to her naked breast and soothing her hair as she drifted off to an exhausted but sated sleep.

The following morning Sarah awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and pastries on a tray beside her and she eased her aching body to an upright position, bolstered by the huge fluffy pillows on the massive bed. “You OK short stuff?” Julie asked as she sat on the window ledge of the large shuttered window, totally naked and without a care in the world.

“Very much so,” Sarah smiled, “now come to bed so I can thank you properly and taste your wonderful pussy.“ As Julie crawled onto the bed, Sarah added, “I have missed so much, and after we make love, I want to take my time with the dogs again, and I want you to enjoy them with me.”

“Good,” laughed Julie, “as she put the camcorder down on the dressing table, “we can make a sequel to the video I recorded yesterday.”

“VIDEO? You are joking, aren’t you?” Sarah laughed nervously, before pulling her best friend into a warm embrace.


“Well Mitchie,” Julie said smiling down at the young girl who sat at her feet on the veranda, “what do you think of Mexico, bet that gives you another view of your Mother doesn’t it?”

Michelle sat there open mouthed until her mother broke the silence with laughter, “and you never did have any film in that camera, you tease.”

“Wouldn’t have known how to work the stupid thing if I had,” Julie laughed, before turning to see where Michelle had gone.

The Mexico story clearly had a profound effect on Michelle, as without a word, she has gotten onto all fours and invited Chico to mount her, and was again in the throws of ecstasy. Julie turned back to the screen and said, “Seems like she is following in her mother’s footsteps, maybe she is ready for the final step to join the club,” and closed the Skype conversation, before turning back to watch Michelle enjoying herself with her family dog.

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