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The Christmas Dance – Dirty Sex Tales

The schools had just broken up for the three week Christmas holidays, many of the schools were having the traditional Christmas dance which many of the students were looking forward to the dance for some it would be there last school dance before leaving school but for other students it was going to be their first school dance and for them it was extra exciting, Mr Khan was the school caretaker who at sixty five years old was retiring after thirty years service at the school, he knew there would be extra cleaning to do aft r the dance but he was not worried as his sixteen year old son Palash was going to help him if he was not busy with his girlfriend Pao. On the night of the dance there was security checking for students taking alcohol into the dance and confiscating any alcohol found but some alcohol still got past the checks, sixteen year old Tina who was the school racist bully was one of the students who had managed to get  a supply of booze past the checks thanks to the help of her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Tina was. The dance was in full swing and had been going for a couple of hours, Mr Khan was sat in his office in the basement when he heard voices and saw sixteen year old Sara who was Tina’s best friend and who would be leaving school in the summer, Mr Khan saw that Sara was wearing a body hugging ball gown and her boyfriend Mark was stool behind her, he was about to go tell the pair that the basement was out of bounds when he saw Sara’s gown slide off he shoulders and down to her hips exposing her very well developed naked boobs that had erect nipples as Mr Khan admired Sara’s boobs he saw her gown slide right down to the floor and her step out of it leaving her naked, Mr Khan smiled at the sight pf the mouthy racist girl’s boobs and smooth love tube and when she turned giving Mr Khan a view of her naked bum Mr Khan thought I hope my heart will take this pressure after a couple of minutes snogging her boyfriend Sara lay on the floor parting her legs, Mr Khan saw that Mark had his trousers open with his eight inch erection out  and watched as Mark knelt between Sara’s leg and after a couple of minutes watched as he saw Marks naked bum rising and falling as he thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube and after a few minutes Mr Khan saw Mark squirt his cum over Sara’s body and after a further twenty minutes Mr Khan saw the pair leaving as the pair left Mr Khan checked the footage on his phone thinking they will like this at the café tomorrow. Tina was standing on the top floor of the school after squeezing through the barriers erected to stop people going up the stairs, Tina was feeling a bit worse for wear after drinking quite a bit of vodka and despite leaning against the wall was unsteady on her feet, Pao saw Tina stood leaning against the floor and as she passed her she bumped into her causing Tina to fall to the floor and the back of her skirt rise showing her naked bum, Pao was a bi sexual girl and loved the sight of the racist thug girls bum, Tina started to get up, Pao said ” sorry let me hep” and grabbed Tina’s wrist and pulled her to her feet, Tina said with very slurred speech ” thank you” Pao realised that Tina was to drunk to know what she was doing and rubbed her hands over Tina’s boobs and when she got no rejection lifted Tina’s jumper letting her naked boobs fall free, Pao thought cool and started to run them and after a couple of minutes slid a hand under Tina’s skirt and started to rub her love tube then after a couple of minutes unzipped Tina’s skirt and let it fall to the floor then pulled Tina’s jumper over her head and off then stood back and admired Tina’s naked body, then started licking her nipples and rubbing her love tube at the same time before sliding her fingers inside Tina’s love tube and started to masturbate her while sucking her nipples and after five minutes felt her cum, Pao removed her fingers thinking cool then lay Tina on the floor and after parting her legs left her, as she went down the stairs Pao saw Amy laying on the floor with a half empty vodka bottle beside her and after getting no response when kicking her ankles Pao thought two in one night and sisters grabbed Amy by the ankles and dragged into a room and with in a couple of minutes Amy was naked with Pao licking her developing boobs and rubbing her love tube and after a couple of minutes Pao slid her fingers inside Amy’s love tube and after masturbating her for ten minutes felt her cum and after removing her fingers from Amy’s love tube turned and saw Sara stood by the door, Sara said to Pao ” so your a lesbian are you” Pao stood still thinking shit, then to her surprise Sara’s surprise Sara’s ball gown fell to the floor and Sara stepped out of it saying now it is my turn then walked over to Pao raised her jumper and after pulling her bra open started to lick her nipples then after a couple of minutes Sara pulled Pao’s jeans down knelt and started to lick her love tube, Pao could hardly believe what was happening and five minutes later gushed, Sara continued licking Pao’s love tube for a few minutes before standing up walking over to Amy and started to lick her love tube, after ten minutes Sara stood up put her gown on and said at least Tina came when I did it to her and left the room after adjusting her clothes Pao left the room and went in search of Palash. The next day Pao was alone in her house after her parents had gone away for the weekend when there was a knock on the door and after opening it saw Sara stood there, Sara just pushed Pao inside saying ” get your fucking clothes of bitch I am going to lick your cunt” three hours later a naked Pao was laying on her bed beside a naked Sara thinking what a dance that was last night best  one I have ever been to and it is even better now.

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