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The Circus – Dirty Sex Tales

Little Mark was not happy his grand mother who was staying with the family had made him eat all his greens and had not backed down when Mark had one of his temper tantrums, as Mark left the dinner table he stamped his foot and in a loud voice announced that he was going to run away from home and join the circus and when his older sister Kim who was 16 years old had asked if she could have his jelly and ice cream Mark announced that he would run away tomorrow instead and sat back down to eat his jelly and ice cream. A hour or so after tea Kim’s boyfriend John called round the house to take Kim to the circus that was in town. Kim’s mum and dad were not to keen on Kim dating John because he was a bit of a tear away,  On the way to the circus Kim and John met up with Amy and Pete friends of John. At the circus Amy who was a loud mouthed out spoken girl voiced her objections to the animal act and was thrown out along with her friends, Outside the circus the four friends decided to go to the fair which was also in town, at the fair ground Kim was pleased when she won a cuddly bear on the skittle stall before going to the hypnotist tent, the tent had lots of youngsters in there, after watching the act for a few minutes Amy loudly said it was a fake and was supported by her friends who all made comments along the lines of the hypnotist being fake. When the show was over the hypnotist called the four friends to one side and started to speak to them after a short time the friends were starting to feel light headed. the hypnotist looked at Amy and told her to kiss John which Amy did. The four friends left the hypnotist in a trance like state and walked round the fair ground looking at different attractions they then went back to the circus and were let in and when asked if they would help with the animals they agreed, the girls were taken to a tent and told they would need to change, the boys with the girls were a few years younger than the girls and told them to take their tops off the girls obeyed and were soon standing topless their ample naked boobs on full show after being told to remove the rest of their clothes the girls stood naked, in another tent both John and Pete were standing naked, In the big top the audience of youngsters was getting restless, the ringmaster announced the act and a naked Amy walked out leading a horse into the ring, the audience fell silent, Stewart who was Amy’s next door neighbour said ” fucking hell that’s Amy look at those tits and her cunt” and when Pete walked out as naked as Amy was Stewart’s girlfriend said ” oh fuck his cock is massive it must be 7 inches” soon Kim walked out followed by John both naked comments were made by the audience as the four 16 year olds walked around   completely naked with the animals in front of the 30 youngsters who were all younger some not having reached their teens, the ring master asked Stewart to help Amy on the horse Stewart went down helped Amy up letting his hands slide over her bum and between her legs he was the asked to help Kim up and again slid his hands over Kim’s inviting body, Stewart’s girlfriend Sue was asked to help both John and Pete onto their horses and as she did rubbed the bums and dicks of both boys after riding around for 20 minutes the four teens dismounted and went out the big top into a smaller tent. Stewart and Sue were called down by the ring master who invited them back stage the rest of the audience left talking about what they had just seen. Stewart and Sue were stood looking at the 4 naked older teens, Sue was staring wide eyed at Pete’s dick which was now standing up fully erect at 9 inches while John had a 8 inch erection both Amy and Kim had fully erect nipples, the ring master looked at Sue and asked her to help the boys get rid of the erections, Sue said ” you mean wank them off” the ring master nodded Sue started stroking the boys erect dicks, Stewart was invited to relieve Kim’s erect nipples and was soon pushing his fingers in and out of Kim’s wet love tube making her groan, Sue smiled when John squirted his cum in 3 spurts and smiled even broader when Pete squirted in 5 spurts, Stewart felt Kim gush and smiled. John Pete and Kim got dressed and went out, the ring master looked at Stewart and said ” do what ever you want with her” Stewart looked at Sue who said ” go on fuck her” Amy lay on the ground parting her legs Stewart undid his jeans letting his 7 inch erection spring free Sue smiled she had never seen Stewart’s dick before and when started to pound into Amy Sue undid her jeans slid her hand inside and started rubbing her wet love tube and when Stewart pulled his dick out of Amy and squirted his cum over Amy’s body Sue said ” nice” later that night the four teens sat talking not remember anything of what had happened.

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