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The consequences – Dirty Sex Tales

Martin was feeling very nervous because he had been caught flashing at Karen his neighbour’s twelve year old daughter, he was scared what would happen to him he thought because he was sixteen years of age he would be called a pedo as well as other names and get badly beaten up, when he got home he found a note from his mum telling him she had gone to see her mum who was very ill and that the new girl had arrived, Martin’s mum was a foster carer looking after troublesome kids for short periods of time, Martin went to his room on the way he saw July the girl his mum was looking after he knew that she was fourteen and caused trouble, she looked at Martin and said “I hear you flash your cock” Martin did not reply just went to his room, after a few minutes July walked into his room Martin was surprised to see that she was naked he looked at her well developing boobs and hairless love tube and was even more surprised when July said “do you get to fuck any of the girls you flash” Martin just smiled and as July turned to leave Martin admired her cute bum, Martin heard July say “he is shy come in” and guessed she had been on her phone, after a few minutes Martin heard footsteps on the stairs the after ten minutes his door opened and to his utter surprise Karen walked in fully naked, Martin could not believe his eyes as he looked at her developing boobs and smooth love tube, Karen did not say anything just turned and left with Martin admiring her bum as she did, Martin stripped naked and went to July’s room when he walked in both girls said “nice look at the size of it” as they stared at his eight inch erection, July said “come and fuck me” they lay back on the bed, Martin was soon kneeling between July’s leg rubbing her boobs the after a minute was sliding his dick into July’s moist love tube as he pounded away Karen started to rub his bum saying go on fuck her as he did, Martin saw that Karen had large erect nipples and reached down and rubbed her love tube feeling it was moist, Martin carried on humping July hearing her groan as he did then after a few minutes July cried out yes yes yes as she climaxed, Martin stopped humping pulled his dick from her love tube and lay on the bed Karen smiled reached out took hold of his dick and started to jerk it, Martin lay back enjoying it and after five minutes squirted cum in three spurts, July then bent forward and licked the cum from Martin’s body, twenty minutes later Karen had dressed and left the house while July went for a shower, Martin was in his room thinking I was wrong about things and smiled broadly when he got a text from Karen which said fuck me next.

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