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The Cricket Tour – Part One

The school in England had a very good sporting reputation and history, a lot of the students there had gone on to become famous sport personalities with some winning high awards in the sports field, Cricket was the main sport of the school and some former students went on to play for England, The school was trying to promote sports for women and increase the amount of females in sports, so when an invite came for female students to travel to India to play cricket the school jumped at the chance and eighteen girls aged sixteen years old were now on a plan just landing in India after formal greetings which there were lots of press people present taking photos the girls travelled by coach to a very big school and after the thirty minute drive there were more photos taken and a welcome tea after which the girls were shown round the school and to their sleeping quarters, most of the girls were tired after the long flight and coach journey and went straight to their beds, Tina decided to have a shower and went to the shower rooms and was soon standing naked under the warm water unaware that there were small spy holes in the wall and that four twelve year old Indian boys were watching her as she showered they were enjoying the sight of the naked white girl’s ample boobs and love tube they notice that Tina had erect nipples and when she started to rub her love tube they loved it and loved it even more when she started to push her fingers in and out of her love tube, after her shower Tina went to bed totally unaware that the young Indian boys had watched her masturbate while she was naked, in the morning when all the girls had a shower every spy hole had a twelve year old Indian boy looking through it admiring the naked white girls, during the afternoon the girls put on a cricket display and while they played cricket more holes were drilled in the adjoining shower wall, Sara got hit hard on the top of her leg by a ball and crumpled to the ground in pain. a stretcher was quickly taken onto the pitch and four girls carried Sara to the school medical centre, Sara lay on the medical centre bed she was given a drink to ease the pain, Sara was wearing a one piece overall type cricket suit and because of the heat was wearing no bra or panties and one of the girls started to undo the suit Sara tried to stop her the girl said” to make leg better” Sara thought it is all girls should be ok and was soon laying naked, the four girls who had carried the stretcher were all admiring her body, Sara was given another drink then one of the girls started to rub Sara’s leg where the ball had hit, Sara was starting to feel very relaxed and a bit aroused and started to think of her boyfriend back in England wishing he was there, the Indian girls noticed Sara now had erect nipples, one girl said ” you are very tense we massage” the four girls started to massage Sara’s body and she found it very relaxing and did not notice the girls were massaging her boobs and rubbing her love tube when fingers slid inside her love tube Sara suddenly became alert and tried to sit but could not because of the girls massaging her Sara started to feel very relaxed and realised the girls were lesbians but was enjoying what was happening to much to care Sara started to breathe heavy and when girls started to lick and suck her nipples her breathing became heavier and after five minutes groaned loudly as she climaxed,. The cricket display had finished and the girls were in the shower and once again every spy hole had a twelve year old boy with his eye stuck to it, In the headmasters office, the headmaster was getting a report of the cricket, the deputy head master said, ” the boys have seen all the girls naked in the shower and watched one masturbate while four of the girls have enjoyed making one girl climax, the head smiled and said ” their parents are paying well for the fun their youngsters are having it should be interesting at the school dance tomorrow evening” the deputy head master replied saying very interesting” and when the head master asked if the cameras were all working well the deputy head said ” very well indeed” at dinner that evening  Cindy the head girl said ” all the students are young how old are they” and was told that they were all Twelve years old but at the next school on the trip they were all sixteen years old, Sara was keeping it quiet about the events in the medical centre and when one of her class mates said ” they all look innocent and are well behaved” Sara chocked on her drink and thought they are not all well behaved and innocent I can certainly vouch for that.

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