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The Disciplined Husband – Dirty Sex Tales

I’ve always enjoyed dom play, my wife and I have done some pretty interesting things. But I like to be the bottom, the one being dominated and humiliated used for her pleasure. I guess that’s because during the week at work I’m the boss and have to be the “top ” around there and I get really tired of that. We’ve tried different kinds of games but the one we keep settling on is mild ball torture and not so mild [email protected] discipline. There was always the old standard of myself nude, her fully dressed and barefoot, and some gentle kicking in my balls – which didn’t feel so gentle from my side! But this kind of thing gets old soon, and with her performance bonus at work this year we bought our first piece of dungeon equipment which we put in the basement. It’s a red vinyl table long enough for me to stretch out on, but it’s curved low at both ends so when I lay on my back, my hips – and genitals – are higher than my head and feet. There are wide leather and Velcro straps one around my ankles (they are tight together) and another across the legs just below my knees. My balls are lifted up between my thighs before we put my legs tight together. There’s another strap that goes across the upper body at the elbows so I’m pinned down and cannot move. She’s developed all kinds of deliciously painful and humiliating things to do to me in this position! And to make it worse – or better I think – her little sister who’s also into this kind of play has started coming over to help her torment me! I think it’s just so erotic to be nude in front of her little sister like this, who I always had a secret crush on before my wife and I were married. I love being displayed before her vulnerable and helpless like that! The two girls delight in lowering the lights and putting on Pink Floyd and other mellow, dark music, and then disciplining my genitals. Now naturally my wife would never allow anything done which would damage me, but that doesn’t mean she can’t dole out incredible amounts of pain after my endorphins begin flowing, and the pain becomes the pleasure! One of them – I never really know which because I can’t see what they’re doing – will gently and tenderly work me to full erection, and then begin whipping it with a small fringed leather flail she bought online. It’s enough to raise welts on my penis if she hits me hard enough, and certainly will turn the entire shaft pink and angry from the delicious abuse! Especially when she pays attention to the delicate sensitive head with the foreskin pulled all the way back. Which sometimes she pulls all the way back with too much force so that hurts in itself! Also with the little leather flail she will work over my balls, whipping the sack first on one side and then the other – this not only stings and burns on the skin but the impact of the whipping hurts my balls and can make me whimper. We don’t use a ball gag to keep me quiet, instead it’s basically a mouthpiece like on a swimming snorkel which I bite between my teeth and a plastic tube so I can breathe. I can also moan through it, and whimper unintelligibly, but anything like screaming or talking or begging is stopped by the very nature of it. To keep it in place there’s a nylon and Velcro strap under the chin and across the top of my head to hold my jaw shut. In this manner I’m completely at their mercy! I learned how very effective simple wooden clothespins are as nipple clamps, the pain is exquisite especially after a few minutes when they remove the clamps and immediately suck on my nipples. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me whimper again through the plastic tube. She and her sister take turns bringing me close to orgasm, and then hitting me with the whip or just ignoring the erection until it fades and then repeating the process. After 10 or 12 times of this the frustration is agony! Not only do I suffer through the physical pain but I have the sexual frustration of my body crying out for release which it is denied. With a larger whip she will punish the soles and tops of my feet, my belly, and my chest – the nipples already sore from their clamping and abuse. The discipline will go on until she thinks I’ve had enough, and can tell that she’s reached my limit by the fact that I fall silent and stop even whimpering through the tube. At this point they leave me alone for a few minutes, and then I will feel a set of lips and the pure heaven of a beautiful young mouth sucking me, until I ejaculate down their throat in an indescribably intense wave of delicious pleasure and relief. I can actually feel my prostate convulsing as it happens! After this is over and I have been sucked clean, my wife will released the straps over my arms and chest as her sister releases my knees and ankles, and I never will be allowed to know which one of them it was that sucked me off. I am such a lucky man to have such a perfect wife and marriage!

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