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The Extra Bit – Dirty Sex Tales

The small village shop was empty, sixteen year old Sara was working in there on her own and was getting ready to lock up when Steve went in, Sara saw him and knew he was the local flasher but was not worried about him, Sara knew that he was two years younger than what she was, Sara went out side and pulled the security shutters down locking them after she had, when she went back in she turned the open sign to closed and pulled the security shutter on the door down almost to the floor then cashed up, when she had finished she looked at Steve and said to him ” I know you your the one that gets his cock out and shows it to the girls why do you do it” Steve looked at her and said nothing, Sara then said ” what are you hoping for hope we are going to show you our tits” Steve again made no reply, Sara then added ” or are you hoping we will show you our cunt and let you shove your cock up there and let you fuck us while you suck our tits, you hoping we are going to strip naked in front of you and suck your cock and swallow your spunk then let you fuck our bums and ram your cock up our cunt and let you fuck us till your satisfied, Steve was shocked by the way Sara was talking and when she started to push her boobs about and said ” you hoping your going to get to suck my nipples and play with my tits and then rubbed between her legs saying you want my cunt do you, Sara went to the door and pushed the security shutter right down turned round went to Steve and said to him ” I will fucking teach you to get your cock out, grabbed hold of his joggers and pulled them down then lowered him onto the floor and pulled his joggers right off, Steve was scared, to Steve’s surprise Sara then lifted her jumper up and over her head revealing her naked ample boobs that had erect nipples, Steve’s dick shot up solid standing up at seven inches, Sara looked at it and said ” thought so” bent forward and started to suck it, Steve lay still enjoying the unexpected blow job and after five minutes groaned loudly as he squirted his cum into Sara’s mouth, Sara swallowed the cum then stood up she then stood up saying I knew that was wanted us to do you pervert, she then undid her jeans Steve looked at her love tube, Sara said ” you show your cock to anymore girls and your in real trouble then adjusted her clothes, Steve got dressed and after Sara had opened the door he walked off down the road. When he got to the bus stop he saw Sara’s sister Amy who was in his class at school and lowered the front of his joggers, Amy looked at Steve’s dick that was erect again and said you dirty fucking pervert I am going to tell my sister that you showed me your fucking cock and she will deal with you, Steve thought I hope so I hope she punishes me good I need to be punished, Amy said don’t start to fucking wank because I don’t want to see your spunk and don’t even think about playing with these or sticking your cock up my cunt and fucking me she then said the road is to busy anyhow and don’t take me in the woods and stripping me naked and fucking me, Steve smiled went to Amy got hold of her wrist and took her into the woods then stripped her naked without her trying to stop him, Steve lowered Amy onto the ground knelt down and started to suck her boobs then slowly pushed his throbbing dick into her wet love tube and started to thrust in and out and after twenty minutes had felt her cum three times, Steve squirted his cum onto the ground then stood and went back to the bus stop and after a few minutes Amy came out fully dressed as she did one of her friends turned up who looked at Steve then asked Amy if he had flashed, Amy said ” no he has not done anything he has been ok” that night in bed Steve thought cant wait for tomorrow night to come and was soon fast asleep.

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