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The Fire – Dirty Sex Tales

Residents of the run down council housing estate were watching as the fire brigade tackled the roof fire of one of the houses on the estate 16 year old Cindy was with her mum and sister Amy who was a couple of years younger than Cindy comforting Joel who lived in the house where the fire was, Joel’s mum had been taken to hospital after the fire fighters had rescued her from the burning house, the ambulance crew had told Joel that his mum would be o.k but needed to go to hospital for a full check up and might be kept in for observation, Cindy and Amy’s mum had said that Joel could stay with them till things were sorted out, social services were happy with the arrangements. In their house after having a drink Amy’s mum told Joel he would be sleeping in the same room as the girls. After watching the telly for awhile everybody went up stairs to bed, Amy led Joel into the bedroom where Joel saw a big mattress on the floor when he asked where he would be sleeping, Amy told him they all sleep in there pointing at the mattress, Amy walked over the mattress looked at Joel and asked him if was a shy boy, Joel told her he was not, after hearing this Amy said ” ok that is good” and undid the cord on her dressing gown and took it off, Joel went wide eyed when he saw Amy was naked under the gown, he looked in awe at Amy’s naked body admiring the nice shaped boobs of his classmate, Amy got under the duvet just as Cindy walked into the room, Joel looked at her in disbelief like her younger sister Cindy was naked, Cindy got under the duvet looked at Joel said” you going to stand there night with your mouth wide open or are you getting into bed” she looked at Amy and told her to give Joel a helping hand, Amy got out of bed as she did Joel saw her nipples were erect, Joel took his jeans off then his tee shirt, Amy looked at the bulge in Joel’s pants and told Cindy that it looked as if Joel has a hard on and pulled Joel’s pants down, Joel’s 8 inch erection sprung up, Amy smiled said ” he has got a hard on” and back under the duvet telling Joel he was in the middle, Joel got under the duvet, Cindy passed Joel a drink of orange juice which he drank in one go, Amy went under the duvet and started to suck Joel’s throbbing dick, Cindy smiled said to Joel  ” excuse her she has never had a black cock” then lent over Joel to get the empty glass as she did her boobs rested on Joel’s chest, Joel was enjoying his first blow job from a white girl and was close to cumming and said so, seconds later he was squirting into Amy’s mouth, after a minute Amy re-appeared from under the duvet, and when Cindy asked if he had made a mess on the cover Amy said ” no chance I swallowed it all” Joel looked at Cindy saw her nipples were erect and smiled, his dick was still erect, Cindy reached under the duvet and held it said ” yes he still got a hard on” Joel reached down and pinched Cindy’s nipples the started sucking on them, after a few minutes Joel sat up pushing the duvet back looked at Cindy who parted her legs, Joel climbed between them and pushed his erect dick into Cindy’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could making Cindy moan, he started to thrust in and out getting harder with each thrust Cindy was soon moaning and breathing very heavy, Joel felt Cindy gush with her saying oh yes as she did, Joel looked at Amy who was laying there rubbing between her open legs, Joel pulled his dick out of Cindy moved over to Amy and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube, after 5 minutes Amy climaxed, Joel looked at Cindy who was smiling, Joel was soon back in Cindy’s love tube thrusting away after a hour Joel had made both girls Climax three times and his dick was still solid,  Cindy asked Amy how many Viagra she had put in the orange when Amy told her 5, Cindy said ” he will be fucking us all night” Amy was laying on her stomach Joel left Cindy rubbed Amy’s bum then slowly pushed his dick right up Amy’s bum making her moan out and say ” he is fucking my bum” Cindy smiled and rolled onto her stomach saying ” oh good”

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