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The first touch – Dirty Sex Tales

It’s amazing to get to know yourself. It was for me at least. All my life I had been the good girl who stayed away from boys and trouble but in that second, I forgot all of that and it was as if I automatically placed his hands over my jeans, right above my pussy and as he pressed gently, I moaned very slowly so that others in the theatre don’t listen. But it does not begin in the theatre.

It begins with me joining my first job. He was my manager and I was a young girl ready to prove that I was just as good as any other. The zeal I believe was there in part due to the failures I had seen recently at securing a job. I was the studious one, the spectacled girl who focussed on getting better marks and I normally did. But once I had skipped the pre-placement season in college because of Typhoid, I had to go look for a job. It was then that I realised that getting a job was not that easy, especially for a fresher outside the college.

Anyways, after some failures and a lot of desperation to start earning, I started working at the new job. Mr. Manager (I’d call him ‘M’) was not particularly hot and sexy. He was not very well behaved either. He was someone who would get angry and shout if he found anyone slacking at work. He was harsh and strict when it came to work but otherwise was a pleasant person. It was strange in a way but I did not mind.

I don’t mind!

After sometime I noticed that he was kind of soft-behaved towards me, and especially towards me. I started liking him. One day when I was sitting near him showing him what I had worked on, and asking him how to fix mistakes, my bosoms touched his elbow. I thought it was the desk that touched my bosom but after about a minute or so he moved his hand away and I realised that my boobs were touching his elbow, not the desk.

I had never talked to anyone about these things. I had only thought about them and ignored them thinking about my career. But here I was, working and progressing for a career and I was perhaps the only girl among my friends who neither had any sexual experience, nor a BF. I never tried pressing my boobs, or touching my pussy. I had only seen some porn pictures and I had felt disgusted at beginning and horny later.

The touch of his elbow on my bosoms aroused something in me – I started thinking about it. I wanted to know something – whether it was his mistake or was he doing it on purpose. And what was the way to know? Obviously sitting close again. Next day, I, once again went to him asking him how to solve a problem, sat close and leaned a bit making sure my boobs were touching his elbow. I kept them like that. I noticed him and he was aware that my boobs and his hand were in contact. He did not move his hand. I was confused. It had taken me the entire world’s courage to do it and there was no result!?

In the evening, he asked if he could walk with me till the metro station as he wanted to talk to me. I said okay. During the walk he said that he was sorry if he offended me in anyway because his hands were touching me. I made a poker face and said “its ok sir. I don’t mind.”. He returned back and then I realised that I had committed a mistake, maybe. Maybe he would try to get more of me now.

Hands don’t lie

His elbow touch and my subconscious response created questions in my mind – more about myself than him. What did I really want? Why did I enjoy his touch? Am I like other girls in my college and want to kiss him, get myself touched by him? I started imagining him touching me or kissing me with guilt. But imagining such things made me excited.

He did not try to touch me by his hand or elbow but at times, I did make my bosoms touch his elbow. It was a guilty pleasure. I was not sure I should do it or not but I enjoyed it. During the same time, I started watching porn online. It was strange that I had started imagining him. I knew I needed to talk to someone.

Thankfully, I had a cousin who I knew would help me out. She was married, loved me and was open to discussing anything. I dialled her up and after some chitchat, I told her that I needed her help. I detailed her everything. She heard me and then said in a serious tone “listen to me and don’t get hyper”. I replied “ok, say”.

cousin: you know about sex, right?

me: yes why?

cousin: it’s time you do it.

me: what? are you sure? why?

cousin: yes. If you are mentally ready then you should do it. Your body is asking for it, you are imagining him and I am sure you get wet when you touch yourself when thinking about your boss.

me: I don’t touch myself but sometimes I get wet

cousin: how? If you are not touching your pussy then?

me: when I think too much about him, I automatically get wet

cousin: oh my god. Really? Just by imagining him you get wet? You want it badly, lady. If I were in your place, I wouldn’t have waited.

me: really? I mean I have not thought about it.

cousin (in a funny tone): Pooja, just go get fucked. You need it.

I knew I needed him. But How? I couldn’t go to him and ask him to fuck me. I didn’t know but I knew my mind was imagining him and and my body wanted him. I had to make some plan and I had no idea. I had always been the good girl and none of my friends were the kind who would be able to help me. I did not dare ask my cousin about how I should progress.

A couple of days later I went to him asking for a doubt. I was horny as hell. If it were possible, I would have had undressed for him. That day too all I did was touching my bosoms to his elbow and arm. I was amazed to feel that even that much was enough to get my vagina moist and I felt the blood pulsating there. I needed it.

The same day after I came out of his office, he asked if I wanted to come for a coffee after work. I said yes. We went for a coffee. I went back home and when I reached home, he asked if it was okay to come for a movie. I said yes.

During the movie next day, we sat side by side. I was on the right-most seat of the row. He was one the left side. While there was a funny scene, he laughed and then placed his hand on the arm rest between us, his hand hanging on my side, his fingers touching my thigh over my jeans. I could sense it and was getting aroused. About a minute later, his hands were touching my thighs properly. He started making circles with his fingers on my left thigh. I wanted this and I wanted it badly. My face went stern. He thought I was getting irritated by his touch and stopped touching. I did not want that. I wanted him to continue.

I gently took his hand in mine and placed it above my pussy. He turned his head towards me. I was still looking towards the screen. I was still holding his hand. He gently moved his hands in a position where his middle finger would be right above my clitoris. And then he pressed. My body got loose and I left out a relaxing moan just enough that no one else would have heard it. He smirked. I smiled gently. I wasn’t going to stay virgin for long.

A lot has happened since then. And I will tell them in time. In the meantime, let me know how you liked my beginnings at [email protected]

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