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The Flasher v The Peeper

The small English town was a quiet town nothing much exciting ever happened there, the town was situated out in the country side and was a few miles away from the next nearest town, on the edge of the town there was a large wooded area that very few people went to, Asif was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who went to the woods quite often he liked going there because it was quiet and he felt safe there as there was nobody to bother him. Asif did not have any friends in the town he was greatly disliked and not trusted because he was a peeping tom, he often got lots of verbal abuse from other residents of the town, even his own family gave him abuse but he carried on with his peeping hoping to see somebody nude but never had any luck. Asif had been in the woods for just over a hour and had not seen anybody as he walked he suddenly heard somebody shout ” gang way ” he turned and saw Amy on her bike, Asif moved out the way as Amy zoomed past on her bike, Asif new that Amy was four years younger than what he was and was well liked at school, he also knew that Amy had a reputation for being foul mouthed, Amy was one of the few people who did not give Asif any hassle, as Asif went round a bend in the track he saw Amy laying on the ground beside her bike and realised that she had fallen off, as he got closer Asif got a pleasant surprise Amy’s skirt was up and he could see her bare love tube, Asif walked up to Amy asking her if she was O.K. When he got to her, Amy responded by saying ” do not just stand there looking at my cunt give me a hand up ” Asif reached down got Amy’s hand and pulled her up, after saying thanks Amy said ” your lucky day you got to see my cunt ” Asif just smiled, Amy got back on her bike and rode away, when he got further up the track Asif saw Amy on her bike doing jumps on her bike over fallen tree trunks he noticed that when Amy jumped a log her skirt flipped up giving him a view of her naked bum, Amy looked up at Asif then got of her bike and went into the bushes, Asif wondered what she was doing and when Amy reappeared completely naked Asif could not believe his eyes, Amy stood looking at Asif and did a twirl, then said ” you like peeping I like flashing, Asif stared at Amy in disbelieve who started rubbing her love tube, Asif undid his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out, Amy walked over to Asif and took hold of his erect dick and started to stroke it, Asif slid his hand between Amy’s legs and started to rub her love tube, Amy let go of Asif’s dick knelt down and started to lick Asif’s dick then after a couple of minutes took it into her mouth and started to suck it, Asif could not believe what was happening but stood enjoying the blow job and after five minutes was close to cumming and said ” I am going to cum ” Amy carried on sucking and when Asif squirted his cum into Amy’s mouth she swallowed it all, after a few minutes Amy stood up then after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand said ” do not tell anyone or you will never get anything from me again, then after dressing Amy rode got on her bike and rode off. Asif thought I can not wait to meet up with her again.

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