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The Garage Apartment part 1 by Ready Rover

I just celebrated my 66th year and anyone who thinks men my age have ceased to be interested in sex, forget it. Oh yes sex is still important. One thing we old men have is wonderful memories of experiences from our past. Memories of times when things were a lot different. Women weren’t as liberal as today’s ladies, When oral sex was something mostly everyone thought of as disgusting and even if one enjoyed it you’d never admit to it. This is a story about something which happened to me over 40 years ago and it’s as fresh in my mind as thought it happened yesterday. Of course I’ve changed the names although it probably doesn’t matter.

1603 Anaheim Street was an impressive 2-story stucco house on a corner lot. I was here following a phone call in response to a newspaper ad. Which read. Apartment for Rent Nice, clean furnished garage apartment FREE if you take care of our yard work Ph. — —-

I had called a little more than an hour ago. After giving the lady I talked too a summary of myself: age, employment, a little personnel background and a couple of references, she asked me when I’d like to come over and look at it. I told her I could come right over if that was O.K.

The lady who answered the door was about 45 years old and considering that she was 20+ years my senior she looked real good. Her body nicely filled out the 2-piece sun suit she was wearing. She had a nice tan, a shapely body with great tits, short hair and a smile that made me feel welcome.

I introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Tom Donaldson and I called about your garage apartment.”

“Come in! Come in!” She responded. Closing the door after me she continued, “I’m Marcie Peetsman. Come with me please, I’ll show you the apartment first.”

She led me through the house and out the back door, talking as she led the way. “The Doctor would like you to see the apartment before he sees you. I think he’s satisfied with your particulars and wants you to decide weather or not you’re interested.”

The apartment was more then I had hopped it would be. Built over a four car garage it was bright and airy, had a balcony, a kitchen/dining area, a big queen sized bed and a full bathroom. I was thrilled with it and told Mrs. Peetsman so.

“Oh, good.” she said. “Let’s go talk to the Doctor.”

She started for the door and then turned to me saying, “Before you meet him I’d like to tell you something about him. At one time he was one of the best surgeons in the state. A car accident paralyzed him and now he needs help with the simplest basic functions. When you meet him you must realize that although he looks like hell his mind is as sharp as a tack and he doesn’t want sympathy.”

She was right. He was confined to a wheelchair and needed help just drinking some water and he looked like hell. Mrs. Peetsman hovered over him helping him whenever he needed her and I could see she still loved him a lot. He seemed pleased with my back ground and current status, explained my duties and the apartment was mine.

I moved in the next day and for the next week worked every evening getting the neglected yard in good shape. They had a rather small front yard but the back yard was large and completely enclosed with an 8′ high wood fence. I decided that about 3 or 4 hours work every week would keep it looking good. Every evening Mrs. Peetsman would come out with a cool drink for me and we would spend some time talking and getting to know one another. She was a very friendly lady and in no time had me addressing her as Marcie. The next week the weather turned exceptionally hot and to avoid the heat my boss had us start work at 4:00 A.M. and we would have our day in by noon. On Monday when I got home and entered the back yard, I stopped dead in my tracks. Marcie was lying on the grass sunning herself and she was wearing the tiniest swim suit that I had ever seen. Her feet were toward me and her legs were spread allowing me to gaze at her gorgeous ass. With the suit pulled up into her ass crack it was buried between the lips of her pussy making her appear nude. I stood there looking at her for quite some time before my hard cock told me I’d better get to my apartment before she noticed I was there. I quietly closed the gate and was almost to the top of the stairs, which ran up the outside of the garage, when her voice stopped me.

“You’re home early aren’t you Tom?”

I stopped, turned my head towards her and answered, “We started at 4 this morning to get our work done before it got too hot.”

“It sure is hot, isn’t it.”

“We’re working out on the desert and it’s almost unbearable. “I’ll see you later, Marcie. I need a nice cold shower.”

I continued to my apartment, stripping my clothes off as soon as the door closed behind me. The cold shower felt wonderful and I let the water cool me down for a long time. I thought of Marcie and could picture her lying there, almost nude. I rubbed my cock and pictured her stroking me and licking my balls. My cock was hard as a rock as I turned off the shower. I dried myself and with the towel over my head, drying my hair, opened the bathroom door and stepped into the other room. I was in the middle of the room when I pulled the towel from my head.

“Oh my god.” I blurted out. Marcie was sitting on one of my kitchen chairs watching me. She had a big smile on her face.

“Very impressive.” she said.

I quickly covered myself with the towel, which did nothing to hide the tent my hard cock made in it. “Marcie!! I Uh You.. Uh I didn’t expect to see you . What are you doing here?”

“I made some lemonade earlier and thought you might like something nice and cool. Now I think you need just the opposite.”

“Uh . Marcie. Uh I I .”

She held out a big glass of lemonade. Try this Tom, I make it myself.”

When I hesitated she went on, ” Tom, don’t act silly, Do you think I never saw a nude man before?”

I took the glass from her, tipped it to my lips and took a large drink.

“I must say I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for anything.” Marcie said as she reached under the towel and took my cock in her hand. “Has anyone ever told you that you are Shall I say Hung quite well. Get this towel out of the way and let me see you better.”

She pulled the towel away with her other hand and let it drop. Pulling on my cock she said. “Come closer to me.”

When I was close enough that our legs were touching she continued. “You’re really worked up aren’t you? I can feel your excitement, Tom. What ever caused you to be so excited? And at mid-day at that. Shit, I really don’t care. Marcie’s going to take advantage of your condition.”

She leaned forward and slipped her lips around my cock head, sucked softly and licked the underside of my head. I could do nothing but stand there and moan as she sucked me deeper into her oral cavity. It didn’t take long for me to start fucking my cock into her mouth as she licked and sucked it. It felt so good and I soon felt myself preparing to cum. “I’m going to Cum, Marcie.” I panted and tried to pull her off my throbbing meat.

This only caused her to suck harder and pull me deeper into her mouth.

My cock erupted. “Oh.. Oh.. Oh Oh Oh , Yessssss.”

She sucked me and held me in her mouth till My cock stopped pounding. “Yumm Hon. That was quite a mouthful.” She said licking her lips.

She stood up and pressed her body against mine. Our lips touched and her tongue probed between mine. I met her tongue with my own and as we kissed. I could taste my cum in her mouth, it was rather pleasant. When we parted she turned from me and sat on the bed. Removing her bra and thong she moved to the center and said, “Come lie with me Tom.”

I lay down beside her and couldn’t resist taking one of her nipples between my lips and sucking gently. It immediately firmed up and I moved to the other with the same result. I moved from one nipple to the other licking and sucking them while rubbing the other one and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. With my other hand I was caressing her tummy slowly moving closer to her pussy. As my hand passed over her mons I noted that she had no hair and realized she must have shaved her pussy. When the palm of my hand covered her clit I pressed down lightly and began moving it in a small circle. This brought a breathy “Yes.” from her. I pressed down with my finger on her slit. She was wet and I circled the entrance to her vagina and then slipped my finger up to find her clit firm and very sensitive. I flicked my finger lightly over it.

“Oh yes baby. Yes Yes Uh Uh Uh .”

Moving down once again to her vagina my finger entered easily into her. Two fingers followed and soon I was finger fucking her rapidly. I left her side and lay between her legs and easing my fingers out of her I spread her pussy lips and licked around the opening to her vagina.

“Oh Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ohhhhh Yes.”

The juices were flowing out of her cunt like a river as I licked wildly sinking my tongue deeper and deeper into her hot hole. Pushing my tongue as deep as I could I moved my head up dragging it from her cunt hole to find her firm clit. I whipped her clit from side to side then sucked it between my lips where I held it firmly while my tongue flipped it to and fro.

“Eh.. Eh.. Eh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Oh Tommmmmm. Stopppppp. I’m . I . I’mmmmmm. I’mmm. Goooinnnggg Oh Pleasssssse. YESSSSS.

Her body was trashing around and then she arched her back driving her cunt up at me. When she climaxed her body went limp and she exhaled with a breathy moan. I moved up between her legs and lightly nibbled on her nipples. My cock, now hard as a rock, pressed against her pussy. I entered her cunt and started fucking her with slow, short strokes She was very wet but she still felt tight. I drove into her till our bellies were touching and my balls slapped against her ass. I paused then, my hard ten inch cock pulsing with passion. I could feel the climatic quivering of her cunt as she slowly cooled down. She was looking directly into my eyes and she was breathing hard. “Oh god Tom, that was nice. Did you enjoy that too?”

I smiled at her and replied, “I enjoy it all especially where I am now.”

“And where is that?”

‘I am now balls deep in a very tight pussy and it feels great.”

I started fucking her. Slowly I pulled out of her till just the head of my cock was inside her hot hole. Reversing directions I slowly entered her till I was once again ‘balls deep’.

‘Oh Yes. God that feels good. You’re so big Tom. I feel stuffed, so wonderfully stuffed. Fuck me Tom, Fuck me and fill me with your juices.”

I fucked her then using short 3 inch strokes, pulling back slowly and then driving into her hard. After a few strokes she was arching her back, pushing up to meet my thrusts. Changing my pattern I withdrew till just the head of my cock was in her and drove in about 4 inches. Every fifth or sixth stroke I would Drive deeply into her, pause for a breath or two and start all over. She was breathing hard and grunting.

Her arms were around my body and I could feel her fingernails digging furrows in my back. Everything felt so good. Her pussy was squeezing my cock so hard that It almost hurt. I lost control of my actions and began fucking her with long hard strokes. My cock felt like it had doubled in size and I was nearing climax. My cum shot out of my cock as thought fired from a cannon. Three.. Four .. Five blasts erupted from me I relaxed as though exhausted and felt Marcie lying beneath me gasping for breath, her body twitching in pleasure. I lifted my weight off her and laying beside her cupped a breast in my hand kneading it softly.

She moaned softly, “Hummmmmmmm I love that. I feel so free, sooooo.. Sooooo.. Well fucked. I’m not dreaming, am I?”

I turned toward her, slid my hand between her legs and said, “Pretty wet dream if it was a dream. I guess I had the same one though.”

We lay there for awhile and she took my hand from her pussy and lay it on the bed. “Don’t get me started again. I have to go. The Doctor will be waking soon and I’ll have to attend to him.”


The next day Marcie was once again lying in the yard when I returned home from work. This time however she was completely nude and lying on her back. I walked over to her and stood beside her feasting my eyes on her great body.

“Do I pass your inspection?” she asked.

“Five star rating. “I replied.

“Then how about a ‘five star fucking’, Right now!”

It took me about thirty seconds to rip off my clothes and she talked as I disrobed. “Just stick that big cock in me and fuck me hard. No kissing or petting hon. All I want to feel is that hard cock.”

I knelt between her legs and she raised her legs and brought her knees up to her tits. My cock was throbbing as it touched her wet pussy and with one lunge I drove into her. She groaned loudly and met my thrust with her own. She spasmed wildly as her first climax hit her about ten strokes later and a second time when my cum flooded her uterus. ______________________

The following day when I got home from work I sort of expected a repeat performance but after showering decided I was wrong. I went out to do some shopping, had dinner at a local restaurant and returned home at about 9:00 PM. When I entered my apartment Marcie was lying face down on my bed fast asleep. She was nude and her legs were spread far enough apart to open her lips. I quickly disrobed and eased onto the bed beside her, trying not to awaken her. I gently rubbed her ass and thighs and then ever so gently stroked her pussy circling her vagina. She was wet and sighed softly as I eased my finger into her. Although she didn’t wake up she spread her legs wider and pushed her ass up slightly. I licked her ass cheeks and then as I slowly fucked her with my finger I spread her ass cheeks and circled her anus with my tongue. With a sharp intake of air she pushed her ass up higher and taking advantage of her position I applied my tongue to her tiny puckered hole and licked wildly.

“Ohhhhhh, Yessss. Ohhhh, I love it.” she mumbled in her sleep.

I swirled my index finger around her vagina getting it nice and wet with her juices. With my fucking finger In her cunt I circled her anus with it and slowly eased my index finger into her tightly puckered ass. Marcie was sighing softly as I penetrated her and wiggled my finger around inside her. When I began fucking her ass and cunt her sighs turned to low pitched grunts. Sliding my other hand over her tummy and over her clit I began pressing down and massaging her clit.

With that Marcie awoke from her slumber, “Ohhhh god Tom that feels sooooo good. I . I . Ohhhhhhh Yessssss. Make me cum like this. Faster Harder .”

I plunged my fingers deeply into her and she began pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts. Then as I plunged into her she flung her body forward. Flat on her tummy a tremor shook her and she lay still. She lay there calmly With my fingers buried in her I could feel her muscles contracting with the intensity of her climax. After several minutes I withdrew from her and moving her legs further apart I knelt between them. Gripping her waist I raised her to a kneeling position. My cock, which was hard as a rock, easily slipped into her well lubricated cunt. She responded with tiny mummers of pleasure as I slowly fucked her. My cock dripped with her juices as I withdrew from her. Guiding it with my hand I circled her anus and eased in into her. With just my cockhead inserted she tried to pull away but I was prepared for this and held her firmly in place.

“No Tom! Don’t It’s too big ” she panted.

I held her firmly and pressed onward feeling the resistance of her sphincter muscle as I started to force my cock through it.

“Aggghhhhh, Stop . Stop Tom. Please Tom .. Stop.. It’s too big.. It hurts Tom.”

“Just relax Marcie.” I told her as I backed off a bit. “Think about relaxing your ass hon. You’ll love it if you do. It will only hurt for a little while, then you’ll love it. Trust me Marcie.”

I waited for a little while and then pushed forward. My cock met resistance and then broke through. I stopped my advance about four inches into her.

She yelled in pain as I entered her and tried to break away but I held her tightly and soon she stopped struggling but her body was quite tense. She was breathing hard and I could hear her sobs as she buried her face in a pillow. We must have held that position for ten or fifteen minutes before I felt her relax and when I did I eased back a little and then pressed further into her tight ass. She remained silent as I slowly fucked her till I had entered her completely. After pausing I began fucking her slowly using almost the full length of my cock. She was making sounds which I couldn’t understand or decipher as pain or pleasure. I was so excited that fucking her slowly was almost becoming torture but I didn’t want to fuck her hard and fast till she was ready.

Then she spoke up clear and demanding, “Stop teasing me Tom! Fuck me hard Fuck me fast Come on baby faster,,, harder.” __________________

She wanted me to eat dinners with the Doctor and her but I kept refusing.

“Tom I don’t understand why you won’t eat meals with us.” she said to me one day. “You eat this crummy canned food or spend your hard earned money in a restaurant when we would both be happy to have you eat with us.”

“Come on Marcie.” I replied. “Just think about what you’re asking me. How could I sit at the Doctor’s table and eat his food knowing that I’m fucking his wife.”

Marcie started laughing then turned serious and said. “Oh Tom! That’s what I love about you, You’re so naïve. The Doctor knows about us and believe it or not he’s glad that I’ve found someone. He knows I’m a hot -blooded woman and that I need sex. He doesn’t want to watch us or talk to you about it but he’s happy that I have someone to take care of me. So don’t feel guilty about our relationship.”

It didn’t take too long for me to realize that ‘Marcie really enjoyed sex’. There weren’t many facets of sex that she didn’t like and she liked a lot of sex. We had sexual encounters four or five nights a week and sometimes she wanted to ‘role play’ or try different positions. This led me to trying to come up with different scenarios. It also led to my raping of her little sister. But, that’s another story.

-To be continued…-

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