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The Gym – Dirty Sex Tales

Brains was a 14 year old Indian girl, who had been nick named Brains by her granddad because she studied a lot knew a lot and was very brainy. Tonight she was in the office of the family owned gym she liked going there and watching the white boys as they lifted weights, boxed and did other activities, she liked seeing the out line of their dicks in their shorts and wished she could see more but was allowed any where near the changing rooms where the showers were. Steve was a 16 year old local boy who was very racist, he used the gym most nights because he had a free life time pass despite being racist he had acted very quickly one night a pulled an Indian baby out of a car that had caught fire scorching  his arms as he did, Steve hated to see kids being hurt no matter who they were, local people had given him gifts for his brave actions including the pass to the gym, his arms had fully healed. As he went in the gym Steve noticed it was empty and that the office lights were not on so he knew he had the place to him self. Brains was sitting in the office in the dark because she had a slight headache and saw Steve enter. Steve went and changed returned and started his weight lifting routine after a short while Steve removed his tee shirt flung it to one side then carried on with his routine, after 20 minutes Steve was feeling the heat, it was a very hot day, Steve tested the heating it was off but he was still very hot so he slid his shorts off. Brains looked at Steve who was now in just a pair of tight fitting trunks noticing the large bulge in the front and some pubic hair over the top. after a short while longer Steve went and pushed the bolt on the door across returned to the weights pulled a towel out off his bag and wiped his body down put the towel away took an energy drink then put his thumbs in the waist band of his trunks slid them down stepped out of them wiped his crutch with a cloth then carried on his routine while still naked. Brains was watching mouth wide open looking in awe at the massive white dick that was hanging down in front of Steve she liked how it swung and judged it to be about 7 inches, Steve lifted weights for a further 20 minutes then felt his dick start to stiffen but as he was alone was not worried, Steve soon had a full 9 inch erection. Brains was smiling and could not take her eyes of the naked white boy who had an erection, Steve put the weights down sat on the bench and slowly started to stroke his solid dick getting faster after a few minutes he squirted his cum in five long spurts, after a minute he wiped the bench down got his bag and went in the shower room. Brains was sat hardly believing she had just watched a white boy have a wank and seen all his cum. Steve came out the changing room just as Brains dad arrived Steve unbolted the door let him in Steve told him he had bolted the door as he was on his own, When Brains dad told Steve that Brains was in the office in the dark because of a headache Steve looked at the office saw Brains just coming out he realised she had probably seen him wank, Brains walked over her dad went to the office to set the alarms Brains smiled at Steve, enjoy your wank I loved watching you got a big cock. Steve went bright red, Brains dad returned  as they left Brains said to Steve you coming tomorrow night smiling as she did.

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