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The Holiday – Part 1

It was mid summer and the families were getting ready to go on holiday to Spain for two weeks, each year families from the street clubbed together and hired a villa in Spain for two weeks. it was cheaper the different families to club together and stay as one big family than go as separate families, this year there was five families going including the owners of the local corner shop Mr. and Mrs. Khan and their 16 year old son Asif. On arrival in Spain the families who had adopted the collective name of Smith boarded their hire coach and travelled for a hour to the villa that over looked the sea. After the coach had left the villa the gates were locked and the families went to their rooms to change, when Abdul entered his room he found 16 year old Cindy there and told her he thought it was his room and started to leave till Cindy told him they were sharing a room, then explained that for the two weeks they all lived as one, a few minutes later Cindy’s sister June who was a couple of years younger than what Cindy was entered the room, Abdul was surprised to see she was topless her firm boobs showing, June told Cindy that the bathroom in their room had been refurbished since last year and left again, Cindy looked at Abdul told him that in the next two years he would see a lot of nudity and started to unpack her bag, Abdul went to get a drink as he left the room he saw June walking towards him with her mate Sandy, Abdul smiled  when he saw both girls were naked, their boobs and clits on full show as they past him Abdul looked back at them admiring their cute bare bums, Abdul went got his drink and as he returned he saw 17 year old Steve walking towards him naked with a full erection, Abdul thought to himself this is going to a fun holiday and went back to his room and got a bigger surprise there was Cindy standing completely naked her lovely boobs which he wanted to see for ages on full view along with her shave clit, Cindy smiled and told Abdul tea was being served, after a few minutes Abdul went out of the room looked over the balcony and saw all the families including his parents in the central yard and all were naked all the males had erections, Abdul went back to his room undressed and joined the others, as he was eating Sandy brushed past him Abdul felt her arm brush over his dick, she smiled at him as she passed. After tea Abdul was in his room when Cindy entered, Cindy told Abdul that Sandy had told her about brushing his dick and his reaction she then asked him if he had ever seen a naked white girl before and when Abdul told her no, Cindy said ” and now you are seeing a few of us” Abdul smiled Cindy then added ” I suppose you have never fucked a white girl” and after Abdul admitted he had not he thought he was dreaming when Cindy grabbed his arm pulled him towards her and said” let’s put that right straight away” and pushed him on to the bed before getting on top of him then sliding down his body, Abdul’s eyes went wide as he felt his dick slide into Cindy’s love tube and start to bounce up and down then leaning forward and pushing her boob into his mouth, Abdul rolled so that he was now on top of Cindy and started thrusting in and out making Cindy breathe heavy and after a few minutes he felt her cum, after climbing off Cindy Abdul smiled then felt his bum being rubbed turned and saw Sandy standing there her nipples very erect she smiled at him and said my turn now.

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