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The hot bitch mom and hard fucker son

Hello dear readers this is your Jalle Jammeell with my mother’s most sexually aroused story. I have told you how happened to think sexually about my mom and how I had fucked her with my house maid’s help in my previous story titled My housemaid, now this is the story how strong sexy horny lady she is.

All the sex I had with my mother was something like hide and seek. Now this one is where we set aside our relationship and enjoyed sex like a real husband and wife. Not wasting your time let me come to the story.

Once my housemaid was on leave for one week as my father was in Dubai Me and mother had the house for ourselves. I was feeling nervous not Knowing how to behave with my fuck buddy mom. After dinner I went to my room switching off the light I lay on bed. After about 30 minutes my mom came into my room.

She was stark naked coming in she switched on the light, I pretended fast asleep she coming to the bed held my cock and said come on don’t act I know you are not sleeping.

I opened my eyes she told me to stand when I stood she hugged me and kissed me told me you seeing my thighs in dim light, forgot our relationship of mom son and ended up fucking each other.

Now we are going to fuck each other like the the sex hungry boy and girl. You are my lover I am a cheating housewife who cheats her husband for a younger stronger and big dicked boy she said.

Saying so she started rubbing her pussy on my face and mouth shouting lick my pussy suck my clitoris you
Bloody mother fucker. Slowly I too raised to the occasion yes you cheating wife you are cheating your husband I will fuck you till you beg me to stop.

Then I started to lick her pussy and suck her clitoris she turned out to be a loud moaner ooohhhhhyaaaa you hot boy eat my pussy

Now I’m tounge fucking her at the same time finger fucking her ass, now one finger in her asshole two finger in pussy and thumb at her clitoris.

Now she goes to the bed lying on the bed she widened her legs called me like a horny wife calling her hus to fuck her.

Now when I took my fuck tool to her fuck hole and entered her she hugged me so tight and kissing me on my lips pushed her tounge into my mouth I sucked it, as I was not moving my cock she shouts at me fuck me you mother fucker and I can feel her pussy lips and pussy wall Sucking my cock, suddenly she arched her hip and held me tightly and her thighs held me so tight I thought my balls will be crushed. Yes she had a mind shuttering orgasm and me too had mine. After that we came on each other 69 and sucked clean each other.

This finished
I fucked her asshole so hard she begs to slow down.

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