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The house had stood empty at the end of the street for just over two years, the previous owners had fallen into big rent arrears and were evicted, nobody else wanted to live in the house so it stood empty, residents of the street where the house was kept an eye on the house to make sure that squatters did not get into it but they did not see people who were sneaking in through the door at the back, the house was getting used by local youngsters as a drinking den where they knew there was less chance of being caught by the police or their parents. It was a Saturday evening and Sally went to the house looking for her brother as she climbed over the fence she saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what she was, Sally saw that Steve was having a wee and smiled when she got a clear view of his six inch hairy dick and watched him till he was finished and had gone back in the house, Sally went down to the house went in through the open door and found Steve was the only one there and asked him where her brother was and got told he was not about, Sally then told Steve that she had seen his dick when he had a pee outside, Steve looked at her and said ” big deal I don’t give a fuck” Sally looked at him Steve then said ” you want to have another look do you” and started to undo his joggers, Sally watched him and when Steve pushed his joggers down Sally looked at his dick then saw it twitch and watched in awe as it started to thicken and grew to a full eight inch erection, Steve said ” how is that a full hard on for you to see” Sally stood staring at it and when Steve said ” you want to watch me have a wank do you” Sara did not say anything just stood looking at Steve’s erect dick, and when Steve took it in his hand and started jerking Sally smiled, Steve jerked his dick while Sally stood smiling and watching and after ten minutes when Steve squirted four long spurts of cum Sally said “wow” as Steve put his dick away Sally left the house and went off looking for her brother. Two nights later Sally watched again as Steve jerked off and thought that it was cool then one day Sally bunked school and went to the house and saw Steve on his own again, Steve pulled his dick out looked at Sally and said to her ” come on you come do it for me Sally smiled went over to where Steve was sat knelt down and took his eight inch dick in her hand and started to jerk it and when Steve squirted his cum Sally said cool and as she stood up and turned she saw Steve’s best Gary stood with his seven inch erect dick out of his trousers and when he said my turn Sally smiled went over to him and started to jerk him making him cum in three spurts, after ten minutes Sally left the house but went back many times and would often jerk Steve and Gary but then the house got sold but Sally still met the boys in the woods and jerked them off some times with the help of her of her best friend Amy or another of her friends and soon the girls were giving others a helping hand.

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